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The trigger
Posted:Sep 16, 2019 9:59 am
Last Updated:Sep 16, 2019 12:00 pm

I was sitting here
In the place where
We sat together
Countless times
Looking around
Of how we used to be
It’s funny how
I dont think about you
But when im sitting here
All alone
hurt comes back
Just a little
I dont miss how us used to be
Its just the traces we left
Still there
Triggered the memories
I buried deep inside
Even the restaurant owner
Asked me about you
And i said fine.
7 months passed
So quickly
Nothing changed from
This place
But everything changed
In my life
Im so glad im still here
Still looking around
Yeah im feeling it
Feeling the pain
Brush it away
Ordered my fave food
And start to eat
Unfinished business
Posted:Sep 11, 2019 10:14 pm
Last Updated:Sep 14, 2019 1:31 pm

Ok, i seriously dont know what to him lol. It’s a very very interesting events with this guy. Ok lets him mr quickie (not because he cant last long ... but because so far what we’re doing was only quickie.. you know what i mean lol)

The first time time we met, we went for a drink.. great night. He was young, tall, muscly and pretty hairy here and there. So handsome. the talked then lead to sex, what we like and dislike in bed. So turns we both love having sex in public. We were laughing thinking about it. Then we kinda started to plan it. It was really late at night and in front of our bar there’s a very dark pathway to go to the beach. We looked at each other.. was it doable? It should be quickie then? So we decide, lets just walk it and see the situation.

We laughed and crossed the street and headed to that dark pathway.. it was really dark and long! No one passed that pathway as well. So we arrived at the beach... it was empty. Ok lets do this.. you gotta cum fast. He said he will.

So we walked back. In the middle of it, i opened my underwear and he started to kiss me. His hands in my boobs and i started to open his pants. Oh damn he’s so hard. He pushed me down so i can blow him for a minute or two.. its dark so i couldnt see clearly. He pushed his cock to my mouth and gag me.. damn he was really thick lol. I blow him and stroke him at the time. Then he pulled me up, bent me over, he rub his hard cock back and forth from my clit to my pussy and make it all wet then he pushed it inside. Oh fuck.. that first thrust really crazy. Im pretty sure i had the big one before but when he entered me.. it was so full. A little bit of pain then pleasure. He didnt wait. He fucked me hard and fast. We both trying not to make noise. That naughty feeling mix with his thick cock and rough fuck made me cum instantly. Then he grabbed my body and hold it tight when he pushed his cock so deep and cum! Its all happen so fast ..Not more than mins. He pulled his cock and we trying to catch our breath. Fix our clothes and walked back while still trying to catch our breath. We looked at each other and laughed.

We talked for days.. unable to meet up again because we both busy with work. Just teased each other with words and pics. It’s like we have unfinished business cuz we havent actually take our time to enjoy each other in bed for a much longer time and we both want that. It made us crazy.

Then finally one night he was free. But im not. He was really near from me. I said i really cant. But he done everything to lure me. When i saw his cock pic then i just leave what im doing and headed there. We just cant help it anymore. The problem was ...again, i had a very short time. He said thats fine, come, ill fuck you hard and you can go back to what you’re doing. And again i said.. you gotta cum fast.. no foreplay lol. He said fine. Im thinking fuck, i want to enjoy him for a long time but instead its gonna be another quickie.

Arrived in his place, door was open, i went inside, locked it, then he showed up naked. I approach him saying this is really crazy and undress myself at the time. Knell down and put his cock inside my mouth.
He grabbed a fist of my hair and started to fuck my mouth hard. Then he squeeze my boobs and keep going down and started to rub my pussy and we kissed at the time.

Then he pulled me up, pushed me and bent me over to bed and pushed his cock to my wet pussy. I was so wet yet the first sentence that came of my mouth was: fuck you’re big. He laughed and asked me back .. am i? Yes. He said: i didnt realise. I laughed as he grabbed my hair and started to fuck me hard.

He made me cum so fast. I was getting so wet and while still fucking me hard, i could feel he pushed his thumb into my ass.
That made him crazy. He finger fuck my ass really hard, as hard as he fucked my pussy.. he moaned and again he grabbed my body so hard when he pushed his cock so deep and cum.

Gosh that was pretty wild. We tried to catch our breath while his cock was still deep inside of me. He whispered to me... did you enjoyed it.. i looked at him and smile and said.. so much!.

He dragged me to bathroom and we cleaned up. Im ran out of time, wore my clothes, gave him a hug and running back to what im doing before.

So yeah.. our unfinished business remain unfinished since both our meeting were a quickie. Both A very quickie but i really really want to feel that thick cock sooo much longer in my pussy. I still want to lick and suck it til it cum in my mouth. I would love to know how rough he can be. I would love to feel his cock from all position possible Inside my pussy..

Im writing this and rubbing my clit at the time. Im sooo horny for him!!
About Thatgirl's ass ;)
Posted:Sep 8, 2019 5:44 pm
Last Updated:Sep 11, 2019 11:41 pm
Ass is not fave part in body..I have small ass haha. and I'm not a fan of anal as well. I done it before..couple of times long time back. it's uncomfortable for me. but lately, I kinda have desire explore more again about part. slowly of course. so I started read from the net or asked around about how do it properly.

so I was thinking...the perfect place ask for tips and tricks should be here lol. so please... if you experienced in anal, share with what or how the proper way do it. I mean I know all the basics like lube up and stuff... but I wonder if there's something I might miss...

ass is the least pic I've ever taken..but one guy happened love ass a lot eager take pics of mine...and be honest, he done a pretty good job haha. it's a pretty decent pic I think.

The spitter :)
Posted:Sep 7, 2019 10:12 am
Last Updated:Sep 8, 2019 7:53 am

My work timing still shit at the moment..and ive been talking with this one handsome guy for days. He kept invite me but i just cant make it.
So finally he gave up and agreed to meet me after i finished work which was 4am. From the pics he was handsome with tats dotted around, beard, and tall.

So when i arrived, im just about to put my bag in the floor and opened my socks and he started to come behind me quite fast and kissed me. But he was so tall so he kinda pushed me too hard to wall and i bang my head. I was like ouchhh whyyy.. he laughed and said sorry. Took a minute to recover, he carried me to sofa and started to kiss me and undress me. He was standing in front of me with his hard cock in front of my face. I knell down in floor and started to suck him eagerly but he remind me not to make him cum lol.

This guy loveeeee eating pussy or ass or eveything down there. He was down there for a long long time spitting to my pussy and play with the clit and pushed his tongue inside. He stimulate my ass as well.. made it all wet and put a finger in and started to fuck my ass. To my surprise, it felt not bad.

And he still down there.. i told him already i cant cum from licking but he still down there. Now i love oral... But for me licking me was a foreplay. Unless if he fingered me until i cum. But he didnt. Thats the longest time for a guy to lick me i think haha and no I didnt cum .

I was so happy when finally he reached for condom lol. He told me dont move, he didnt want to cum quickly. He put me in doggie position but pushed me all the way down in bed so my ass was in the air and he started to fuck me .
His cock was quite unique.. it was like a long fat mushroom haha.. i swear.. the head was so big.. loved it!

Smacked my ass And fucked me hard. I started to move but he told me to stay still again. Arghh i really need orgasm. He fucked me hard and he spit on my ass and put a finger in. So he fucked both hole at the same time. Finally i cum so hard. He stopped so he could lick my pussy again... then he started to fuck me again.

He whisper to me... im gonna make you cum one more time and im gonna cum ok? I said yes. Still doggie , he let me move now, pulled my hair so i was knelling in bed and kissing him behind me. He didnt stop when i cum once more.. he fucked harder.. and i could feel he grabbed my hips so hard when he cum.

Oh wow thats pretty intense sex with a long foreplay. Loveee his cock. Then i went home and had a nice sleep...
That night when you came.. to the hotel ;)
Posted:Sep 4, 2019 9:16 am
Last Updated:Sep 5, 2019 8:29 pm

You came to my hotel
That night
I didnt think im gonna meet you
But you make it happen
When i looked at you
I was admiring
Just a short and tshirt
Tall and slim
Naughty but a bit shy look
Short blond hair
Very nice eyes
I approached you for a kiss
It started slow.. feel your lips in mine
And your tongue playing in my mouth
And you bite my lower lips
You carried me to bed
You are so strong
I am a swim coach, you said
Then i opened his shorts and
Put his hard cock in my mouth
I love it.. play and suck it
But he wont let me play too long
Undressed me and started to lick
Me everywhere
I pulled him so i can kissed him
We kissed with his hand in my boobs
Then i can feel his hard cock
Started to push in
He didnt pushed it all in
Just the head.. while still kissing me
I teasing
Fuck me
His lips still in mine
When he pushed his cock
Real slow... like i could feel
How hard it was when it slide in
Going all the way in..
i stop kissing him and enjoying
The pleasure thats spreading
He gave me a lick to my neck
And my boobs
Then there’s no slow anymore
Put my legs up in his shoulders
And going deeper even more
Made me crazy...
He asked do you like it
I can only nod
He could see it from my face
When i told him im about to cum..
He stopped and pulled his cock
I laughed and said heyyy, why?
He said later...
Lets do 69, i want to taste you..
I was so wet down there
Put my legs between his head and
He licked me while i sucked his cock
Drove me crazy when he fingered me
Then he pushed me to lay down
And jumped on top of me
And slide his cock again
This time he didnt stop
Oh i love to feel it coming
Looking his hard cock sliding
Inside me.. building up
Then i could feel it’s
Explode and spreading
The pleasure.. from my pussy
It travels to every part of
My body to my brain
The best feeling ever...
I could feel he fucked me
Faster then he cum all over me
It was so intense he sprayed some
To my face as well...
what a nice taste..
he knell on top of me
His cock in front of my face
I licked it clean
After the massage, part 3
Posted:Sep 1, 2019 6:44 pm
Last Updated:Sep 4, 2019 5:16 am

So we relaxing in bed... still naked. But typical of ... when i looked at his cock.. i couldnt help myself. So when i asked him, he said i can do whatever i want. So i started with it. Oh i love put soft cock in mouth. Cuz i could feel and see it getting bigger slowly. I could hear his soft moan.. it’s hard and ready so i stop sucking it. Just licked it all Over or played with his balls. When it become a bit softer then ill started to suck it again. That day i gave him blow job so many times and for so long til i had cramp in jaw for the rest of the day lol.

Then he whispered .. let fuck you again. Oh please. He doggie this time, he was standing with me on the edge of the bed. He fucked me hard and slapped ass.. grabbed boobs.. it was forever ... he made cum once and after some time he said sorry he couldnt cum, his cock started sore. I said dont say sorry.. thats fine.. lets have another rest.

So we have rest again and he said, you can with it if you want. I laughed.. i thought you said its feeling sore. but not if in the mouth haha. So i with it again.. lick and suck it.. it was so nice. Almost soothing. I didnt think that we will had sex again. But then he said.. let fuck you. I said... you said its sore, he said not anymore but im gonna fuck you fast. he slide into .. fuck hard and fast.. oh so intense.. he wanted cum so bad.. kissed and hugged and we kept moving non stop. Everytime i told him that im about to cum, he become sooo eager to fuck me harder and kept looking at me til i cum.

He finally cum.. all over body but his cum was sooo little. We laughed and He said his balls so empty he wont be able cum for of days haha i said just ate something and it will reload tonight. We cuddled with our sweaty body.. love the sex smell

It’s 5.30pm, man, i wish i can get this kinda sex like every single day. We were changing and getting ready. And we headed . He put his arm around and gave a peck in the head.

I looked at him and smile.. .. I definitely owe him another massage!
The Massage, part 2
Posted:Aug 30, 2019 4:50 pm
Last Updated:Sep 3, 2019 6:20 am

So after our long sweaty wild sex session... we got rest and cuddled in bed. We waited til we didnt sweaty anymore before i massage him. So i told him to lay down on his belly and i got my oil. It was sage and cedar-wood oil. Relaxing!

For massage i focused on his back first, then his arms and his legs and back to his back again. He kept saying.. you said your massage is ok.. but this is really good! Lol. So the last part of the massage was head massage. My fave. I sat in bed with pillow in my lap and he lay down in his back with his head in my lap. Then i massage not only his head but his face as well. From the forehead, to the eyebrow, cheeks, chin and his eyeballs (when he closed his eyes for sure). if you know how, eyeball massage will make you so fresh.

Then around 5mins i started the head massage, he fall asleep hahaha... and i kept massaging his face and head and he didnt wake up. Then he started snoring lol... sooo cute. So here i am, havent slept at all from yesterday and sat here with a cute guy fall asleep in my lap for a good 20mins lol... yea 20mins cuz theres a big clock in front of me. I didnt want to wake him up anyway. For a second looking at him sleeping in my lap suddenly made me feel that caring feeling that i thought i already lost after my break up. Im surprise though.. but im happy its there.

So after 20 mins he woke up looked at me and i laughed and said welcome back. He was quite embarrased and cant believe hes sleeping. When i told him that he’s snoring, he said No way im snoring he said hahaha you did. I still playing with his head but i started rubbing his front body as well. And at the same time he pulled me to kiss him.

Thats the first time i actually have an upside down kiss. I loved it and its so hot. Im wet instantly. So we kept kissing while my hands tried to reach his cock and play with it. Then when he couldnt stand it anymore he turned me around so hes on top and started to fuck me. He was so hot.. i love when he’s fucking me and he had one of his hand on my throat and we looked at each other and its like hes about to kiss me but he just touched his lips so little in mine.and bite my lips now and then. And i cant move cuz he wouldnt let me move. Argh that made me cum instantly. And just writing about it made me wet.

He will look at me and he will slow down and he will get faster.. drove me crazy. Again we were so sweaty. Room was cold but he was dripping wet. I like it though. He moaned and cum all over me again after made me cum twice.

We collapsed in bed and i said.. i just made you relax lol.. you must be tired again. He said not really. I had a nap right haha then hugged me. It was 4pm. So we played for quite some time hmm loved it. We planned to go out but still so hot at that time. We had some coffee in the living room.

Then he pulled me back to bedroom. Lets relax in bed ?
About that massage deal, part 1
Posted:Aug 27, 2019 5:45 pm
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2019 1:43 pm

I can't talk about this guy in one blog. way too long, would love to remember him as details as I can haha.

Some people love to get massaged and some people like me love giving massage. I don’t know why but I love pampering other people. So this cute guy I’ve been talking for couple of days asked if I can do massage. I said.. not the best but I can. He said he would love a massage. I said’s not free though, need to me with some orgasms. He laughed and said..that’s not a problem. We talked for days about what we like and what we dislike in bed so I think it's gonna be interesting.

work kinda hectic at the moment so I work nights for hours from pm till am in the morning. He had time that day so I said fine…I can sleep later. So after finished work at am, I got home and got some oils and got ready and arrived in his place around pm. I would love him Mr. Massage.. lol…
he was sooo cute…with earring in both his ears.. thick beard (I’m such a sucker for a beard), slim, and topless. It couldn’t get any better lol. as soon as I got inside, he spread his arms to hug me...I throw myself to him and we just kissed so passionately. gosh…good kisses was such my weakness. it’s like we tried to eat each other…it was so ..he took me bedroom while still kissing on the way.

I sat by the bed and opened his shorts…looked at his yummy cock..and put it inside my mouth…I blow him while he hold my head and fuck my mouth hard, made me gag couple of times. Then he pushed me to bed, jumped on top of and licked my boobs while one of his hand started to finger me. and he's going down so he licked my pussy and finger me at the time. He didn’t fucked me right away…he still playing down there and kept fingering me till I cum. Looked me straight in the eyes and he didn’t stop. It was so crazy…he was so damn good at fingering and he didn’t want to stop.

So I was laying there spreading legs moaning loud by myself while he was kneeling with his finger in my pussy and he kept going. And I felt it again…that I’m about cum..he was so eager…I kept saying don’t stop..and then I cum again. He still didn’t stop. I don’t think I can cum again right away..but I was feeling it again. was so good…I was soaking wet down there and he kept rubbing inside my pussy… by this time he was sweating like crazy til his sweat drops to my body.

When I cum for the third time he was playing with my wetness down there then he pushed his hard cock to my pussy….hugged me and whisper to me , is it enough cum for a massage…I laughed and said yes. He started to fuck me hard…he knew I love that. He hold me still by the throat and made me looked at his eyes when he fucked me . We were sweating like crazy…like having sex in the shower. We didn’t stop, kept moving til he made me cum more time with his cock and he cum all over body.

Damn, I know I can cum multiple times, But continuously…it was crazy, never met a guy that kept looking at me making sure that I cum and he tried again and again till I cum again. good priority lol… he collapsed on top of me...all wet…he gave me big wet kisses…we tried catch our breath..took some time. got some towels and cleaned up and we got to talk. I love after sex talk. And I love that he’s a talker lol…we got into talk about where we grew up, what we do, and discuss about our sex lol. It was fun.

we were relaxing till we're not sweating anymore... then he got excited when I asked him lay down on his belly for a massage
Ice cream..... not again!!!!!!!!
Posted:Aug 24, 2019 4:27 pm
Last Updated:Aug 27, 2019 9:24 am

So i was invited for a dinner by this cute guy that sprayed me with chocolate syrup. Lets called him mr chef. He is a chef lol. I said ok with one condition.. no more chocolate everywhere. He said deal! And i candlelight dinner, just dinner in front of tv. Hes laughing and said ok. So he cooked some pasta and we watched netflix. Loved it.

after we done, we cleaned up and he said that he had ice cream. He knew i love strawberry ice cream. So he came back to sofa with one bowl to share. Before i realise what he’s gonna do, he just poured all the ice cream to my chest, all over my top, everywhere. I said fuck so loud.. started to get pissed. I said loudly.. what the fuck with you and food. We had a deal. He said yes.. no chocolate. Gosh... its cold and sticky... all over in his sofa as well. Good its leather. He undress me and undress himself. Im still feeling a bit pissed. Didnt want move because it’s too sticky.

He tried to cheer me up then he lift me up and carry me to bed. Naked. We started to make out .. licked each other, he cleaned the ice cream from my boobs. He knell in bed and im about to give him blow job then suddenly he sprayed his cock with whipped cream. I looked at him.. i cant angry anymore and started to laugh. I asked him from where the fuck he reached that whipped cream ?

He laughed and pulled my head to suck him. What im thinking in my mind was fuck, ill get fat with all this whipped cream.. and its so sweet as well. When he started to moan then im back on being horny... and getting eager to lick and suck him. He still knell on the bed.. and im on my four now. He still held my head and fuck my mouth while rubbing my sticky body all over. I could feel his cock throbbing and he said... are you ready baby...then he held my head still and cum inside mouth... couldnt taste the cum.. still whipped cream taste.

He gave me long kisses while his hand squeezed and played with my boobs.. i knew im so wet already. He got hard on again. From my boobs his hands played with my pussy.. feel the wetness. He wanted to fuck me but i said no with all this food all over us.. he groaned saying are you kidding. I said no.. im not letting whipped cream tasted cock enter my strawberry taste pussy lol. Then suddenly he carried me to the bathroom.. pushed me the wall and under his rain shower.. he cleaned his cock and he cleaned my pussy then from behind he spread my legs and whispered .. clean enough? I said yes. Then he slide his cock and fucked there and then.
Bail out.
Posted:Aug 22, 2019 6:05 pm
Last Updated:Aug 24, 2019 4:18 pm

i’ve been reading quite a lot of blogs or status updates from guys wondering if most women in this site were real or not...because they planned or arranged to meet but they never shows or they just never heard from her anymore.

Being bailed …. it happens to A LOT!!

I mean really, it's not a big just for sex but it will be nice if they will let me know least...hey, my situation changed sorry I can't meet you or hey, I kinda meet someone else or just get new gf so I can't meet. then done. I don't think anyone will turn into psycho bitch and keep chasing them right?
fyi, the only time I will become psycho bitch only when in relationship haha.

for example, couple months ago, this guy been talking to for weeks...and suddenly one morning he's just disappear.
or this guy I've been talking and planning to meet on certain date... he just suddenly never reply. For me, veryyy rare to guys first. . and if he didn't reply once then I won't bother to him again and again. onto the next guys lol. so I was like...weird... made feel like we were still a .

I dont really give second chance. if they gone and showed up again, which was happen too, then I won't respond anymore. I mean come on, we're all adult here and it's kinda a basic can or can't..let me know. so simple.

I bailed many times as well... if I don't feel confidence, or when my guts tell me don't go, or I met someone new...ill just apologised to him and move on. everything can changed in a matter of I do believe in 'sorry I can't' , as long as they let me know then it's all cool!

so yeah....every guys that reading this, you are not the only one. girls also experience being bailed lol...or maybe just haha.
but really...even though it's just a fling, just nsa, fuck buddy, ons....whatever it was you are planning matter how small that things are...or no meaning...let's not be an asshole to each other.

Being eaten...
Posted:Aug 20, 2019 3:57 pm
Last Updated:Aug 23, 2019 2:08 pm

he dragged me to the room
undressed me at the same time
he bent me over in the sofa
give a bite to my ass
told me to stay still
I can tell he's getting undressed
then he knell down and
started to lick me...
he started from my ass
gave it a little smack.
then spread it and spit on it...
rub it all over with his finger
then I could feel his tongue around it
my ass hole...
warm and wet...
I could feel he pushed his tongue slowly
and licked it and pushed it...
he spread my ass wider...
so he could licked my wet pussy
pushed his tongue inside too
I closed my eyes...couldnt stand it
the pleasure thats spreading in my body
when he gave a long lick from my pussy
to my clit...
I moaned...he just can't get enough...
buried his face between my legs...
his tongue was everywhere...
then he slide his finger into my pussy
and another finger in my ass
while he still licking me...
licking my clit...
he took his time
drove me crazy...
felt like I'm gonna explode..
I kept saying fuck me now...
he was ignoring me..
kept fingering me and licking me
told me to let him know when I'm
about to cum
I started losing my mind
the pleasure from his tongue
his finger..
oh I know I'm about cum
I knew it's coming
I told him don't stop..
you gonna cum?
I said yes, yes, now...
just couple of seconds before I cum,
he pulled his finger so fast, stop licking me
and pushed his hard cock inside my pussy
started to fuck me
while I had an orgasm
I cum all over his cock...
it was crazy feeling...
it felt amazing...
he kept fucking me
he didn't stop
til I got another ..
I lust you, Mr. Lust
Posted:Aug 17, 2019 11:05 am
Last Updated:Sep 7, 2019 9:29 am

When i saw your pics
For the first time
You have everything
Ive ever wanted in a man
To fuck me
I feel lust all
Of a sudden
Those naughty eyes
Dark blonde hair and
Thick beard
With tongue piercing
You are so damn hot
Then i message you
And we got to talk
Oh i love your voice
I want to hear you whisper
In my ear
When you fucking me
We seduced each other
Pics and vids
Your body is so hot
I wanna climb it
Sexy back and abs
Muscly arms
Darker hair going down
To your cock
I wanna lick you all over
I love when you showed me
How to play with it
Your big hard cock
I love when you said
You’ll be my sex slave
And do whatever i want
Im thrilled to know that
We both mad about sex
Like thats the best thing in the world
I want to know everything
How to please you
How to satisfy you
I want to feel you
Inside of me
I want to feel it in my mouth
Between my tits
I want to feel all of you
In me..
Oh yeah it just a start
We might be a match
We might be not
So lets gamble
And see where it takes us
Step one done
Took us nearer
lets call you Mr.Lust
And taste each other soon
Chocolate flavoured sex
Posted:Aug 12, 2019 9:39 am
Last Updated:Aug 19, 2019 9:36 am

when I arrived, I was amazed with those grey eyes. So tempting with naughty smile as soon as he saw me. Very slim, tall, topless showing off his colourful tattoo, blonde hair, with thick beard. he was hot.
As soon as I entered, he held me by the door kissing me…and undress me at the time. He slide down his hands to my panties and laughed and whispered to me. You’re wet. I said I know.
my hands opened his pants…he kissed me so hard like he couldn’t wait, he opened his pants faster and turned me around still by the door and entered his hard cock right away.
we fucked there and then. I was so horny, I cum so fast...and he cums as well. looked at each other and laughed. at least the sex tension was gone for a moment.

He dragged me the room. Pushed me to bed and he jumped on top of me. I asked him do you wanna rest a bit. He said he’s resting now.
We both naked in bed with him on top me suddenly he took a bottle from bed side table and started spraying my body with that bottle…what the fuck!!!! It was a chocolate syrup. shit….it was so sticky. I said whyyy??? He’s laughing at me…pour some chocolate his mouth…and he started kiss me. and he started to clean me inch by inch of most of body he sprayed me with. Oh it was so damn good. His tongue was everywhere…and always come back to mouth to kiss me. All I can taste is chocolate. i love chocolate but not that much chocolate lol. Turned me on though.

he was rubbing himself to me so we both covered with chocolate. And he always adding some more and rubbed it again all over…I could see his cock was getting hard. I’m stroking it but my hands full with chocolate…so I tried lick and suck it off from his cock so he could fuck me. I’m so wet…and he loved it when I clean his cock slowly… he was so hard when he pushed me lay down then he entered me the second time.
he fucked me hard on top and put my legs in his shoulders. I could see we both covered with chocolate. The stickiness kinda bothered me a little bit but not when he’s inside of me. Fuck me and keep licking me like a candy.
it was pretty hot.

He cum all over my body. So it was now chocolate mix with cum lol. We both laughing to see how dirty we were. He said there’s even chocolate in my clit. He bent down and clean it. Oh he’s so good with his tongue. He was cleaning down there for a long time then when he got up to kiss me again his cock was hard…didn’t say anything he just slide into me again. It was so good. He just didn’t care his cum was still all over me.he fucked me hard on top licking and sucking on boobs…I could feel I’m about to cum again…we both being dirty all over turned me on. Finally I cum one more time and he kissed me and said ..good girl. He didn’t cum anymore…just lay on top of me for some time kissing me.

It was so messy…he took me to bathroom…and we shower together. Damn the chocolate was sooo damn sticky. I’m not a fan of sticky thing. I love something slippery. We cleaned each other from head to toe haha..been long time since someone bathe me. I could feel his hands put shampoo on my head, and then rub my body with soaps, he took some time rubbing my boobs with soaps. I could see he got hard a little bit. he even cleaned and rub pussy gently. Oh so nice. I'm being spoiled. and It turned me on. I told him …he looked at me with his naughty look and laughed…and he said..fine!!!! And I kneel down

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