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My First Dildo
Posted:Dec 7, 2018 10:13 pm
Last Updated:Dec 8, 2018 8:09 pm
It's been 3 months since my ex and I broke up. 3 months since I've had sex. 3 months since I've been penetrated. And to be honest, it's kinda starting to bother me.

During this dry spell I've masturbated plenty of times and I don't have a problem getting off that way. Believe it or not, I've never used toys. I read that you can desensitize yourself to the real thing by using them too much and I worried that once I started I wouldn't stop. But I caved in the other day.

I went to Superb Video with a few friends mostly as a joke. Well, one of them wanted to buy a bong, but obviously we checked out all the sex toys and laughed our asses off. I mean, how can you not?

I could never buy one of these things in front of my friends, but I went back later that night alone and got a basic 6-inch white dick about the same size as my ex. My mom is super pure and crazy, so I have to hide it. I cut it open and buried the plastic in the trash so she won't see. My first impression: This thing smells like shit!

i took it in the bathroom and washed it in the bathtub with lots of soap. It still smelled like bad rubber, a little like condoms actually, but it wasn't as strong. I thought that holding a dick again would turn me on, but this toy wasn't doing anything for me. I had to pull my phone out and look at some sexy guys on to get my interest back.

I got naked and suction cupped the dildo to the bottom of the bathtub as I got ready to mount it. I squatted over it and angled the head against my pussy and slowly pushed down on it.

Owww! Fuck that hurts! I know I've been out of the game for a little bit but I didn't expect it to feel just as bad as when I lost my virginity. I slid off it and rubbed my clit for a minute, looking at more sexy pics before trying again. It still hurt and I stopped and just finished myself off with my tried and true fingers. I cleaned the dildo again and wrapped it in an shirt and buried it in my closet.

I spent a little time reading some articles about how sex can be painful if you haven't had it in a while. feeling emotionally ready for sex and hoping to have it for real again soon, so I wanted to keep trying and work past this so I can have nothing but pleasure with a real man soon.

The next night, I brought the toy to bed with me thinking maybe it would be better laying down. I worked it in and out of me slowly for a few minutes and it still hurt, but not as bad. I felt like I was getting used to the feeling of having something hard penetrate my pussy.

On night 3, I tried riding it again in the bathroom. This time I was able to get past everything. I rode it for about 5 minutes before cumming all over it. It felt so good and I felt accomplished that I had worked past the pain and was ready for pleasure again.

That was a few nights ago. I haven't used it again since, but I might pull it out again soon. Like I said before, I don't want to get too used to something fake because I wanna be able to enjoy the real thing. But it's fun to have my own personal dick to ride whenever so turned on that I more than just my fingers.
I wish I had bigger boobs
Posted:Nov 23, 2018 8:39 am
Last Updated:Dec 10, 2018 1:07 am
It's bothered me for a while now that my boobs aren't bigger. 32b isn't flat, but I've been called that at least a dozen times by girls and guys. There've been at least a few times where a boy I like has gone for a girl with big boobs over me, but my biggest hangup is that both of my serious ex-boyfriends cheated on me, and both were with girls who were c or d cups.

I think I'd like to be 32c. not tall and bigger than that would probably make me look way out of proportion. But then I'd have enough cleavage to compete at parties for the attention of guys are more turned on by boobs than butts if that makes sense. I love my butt, I've got that junk just fine.

I once looked up ways to make your boobs bigger and went on a diet eating all kinds of crazy stuff. Like I was eating flax seeds straight up and it didn't do anything. I also switched to soy milk because I read that can make them grow. Nope lol.

Don't get me wrong, I love my boobs. I love rubbing them when aroused. I love when men lick and suck and rub on them too. just saying I feel like my small bust holds me back a little bit. Like I barely have enough to titty fuck and that is such a hot alternative to penetration. But hey, I guess it has forced me to become more skilled with my mouth and hands than other girls are. So there's that.

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