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Posted:Jul 24, 2019 9:11 am
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2019 12:32 am

Let us allow perpetual motion
To seduce us with breathless sighs
Using only our bare bodies as cover
Untamed desires we should never deny

Every pounding beat of my heart in rhythm
With the aphrodisiac your permissive voice supplies
Harped lyrics bringing promises of infinite affection
Notes churning to chords causing the manhood to arise

Thirsting for a single solitary drop or sip
On hands and knees I crawl into your patient eyes
No defenses or counterbalances can stop me now
From taking your lips as my imprisoned prize

Surrounding me with your silken flesh
The weight of whispered words makes me believe
While your voice fades, you claim I am a man in the making
After tonight your violet garden a place I will never leave

Music takes over my physical being
Highlighting each and every sexy move
Becoming a groupie to your bodies beat
This injection of love a slow sensual groove

A commitment of two now unbreakable
My lips devour your salted neck covered in sweat
Reaching for me you bring my lips to yours
Our tongues begging for the soft feel of wet

Knots build within each and every muscle
My unbroken heart sees the longing within your eyes
The soft grip of your hand pulls my passion forth
Into your delectable sugarland it now guides

Etched up and down the small of my back
Feeling the liquid burns of your fingernail crawls
Breathing in fear that sometime you may stop
Digging deep as my you salaciously

Laboring to find my own breath
In between your velvet thighs passion glides
You beg of me not to close my eyes
As fire raging orgasms violently collide

Orchestral sounds of pants and moans
Now overtaken by soft sighs and flirtatious coos
Until my last breath I long to taste of your kisses
My body and mind freely yours to forever seduce

Vibrant hearts and aura's aglow
We shape our bodies together as spoons
Staring together through the bay window this night
Molding our flesh together under a bright silvery moon

Each wondering why it is we waited so long
Although gut feelings had us together long ago in haste
Acknowledging we now make each other believe in love
Forever returning to each other,
Longing for the seduction of our lover's taste

Posted:Jul 24, 2019 9:06 am
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2019 12:32 am

Strolling along
Feeling extra smooth
Headset blaring
A funky 70's groove
Free to decide
Pure genius abounds
Life is a beautiful cage
Second chances all around

Today I love everybody
There can be no regrets
Earth Wind and Fire blaring in my ear
Setting free my mental debt

Filled with this spirit
Soaking in the sunshine spray
Tearing through my own weakness
No cloud cover bringing gray
This moment is mine
September swings my way
What a breath of fresh air
I wore no underwear today
Black Silk Stockings
Posted:Jul 23, 2019 10:55 am
Last Updated:Jul 26, 2019 7:07 pm

There can be no hiding
Arousal emoting from her eyes
A night on the town his promise
Her repayment, no disguise

Black silk stalking rolls slowly
Over the calf, up the thigh
Sensing his glare from across the room
Seeing a sparkle from his eye

This summer dress intoxicating
Showing off her figure
Each luscious curve
Snugly surrounding her body
His treasure this night to observe

Her smile cries out she is hungry
Not for the food for which they wait
Her aura an erotic mood
All dressed up for the evening
For dinner they may be late

Hormones in a brood
Dinner reservations ticking away
Her sweet perfume fills the air
He succumbs to its sweet bouquet

Sauntering over slowly
Turning the lights down soft and low
She gently whispers, “I want you”
He shivers from head to toe
Black silk stocking rolls smoothly
Down her thigh and to the floor
Just the thought of an evening away
Brought arousal
Ambient amore
Lacey Seduction
Posted:Jul 23, 2019 10:54 am
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2019 12:32 am

An old blanket covers our bodies
Cable television flickers rerun hell
Using my body as your pillow
Your eyes have under your spell

A utopian perfect proposal
Sensing my flesh is craving your burn
Covering with small tastes of cherry glossed lips
Sauntering playfully with those sexy shaped hips
I watch your seduction walk take you into the bedroom

Adrenaline rushing from the erotic blue beat
Bad Company screams to from inside your room
The lyrics are the epitome of sexy as you sing with a scream
You Feel Like Making Love this rainy afternoon

Entering your domain absent of mind, devoid of all fear
The expression of your passionate madness catches me unaware
With silken whispers of "I want you" melting my confidence away
You gently touch yourself, stroking your scandalously sexy underwear

Embracing your erotic template
Eyes affixed to what covers your sweetest spot
The sugared scent of your lust now filling the room
Parts of my body start twitching, those panties are so damned hott

My confession of arousal part of surrender
As I relinquish all my clothing to the floor
How can I keep from singing song
Your eyes are screaming it is time to explore

My lips now feel your hips tremble
As my kisses cover each and every curve
Time to remove those sexy lacey undies
Feeding your man the dessert he deserves

This Moment
Posted:Jul 23, 2019 10:53 am
Last Updated:Aug 6, 2019 9:00 am

Let us hold a sacred ceremony
Within the flickering of candle light
Becoming one with our inner beasts
Taste of the taboo with candied delight

For these brief moments shared together
We shall not be enslaved to life's bitterness
In these moments of silence let us observe
The mind seduction of a passionate kiss

When the mundane of day to day existence
Leaves innocence marred with a large black eye
These moments together in perfect harmony
Cause screaming heartbeats to euphorically revive

Tomorrow we may face the executioner
Slice our souls on the employment guillotine
But these moments we have now together
coats the sour of the daily routine

Sitting before you the mind clears all turmoil
Washing away everything said we did not mean
As we hold each others quivering flesh in enshrinement
This shuddering passion wipes yesterday's slate clean

Humiliations transcend into divine dignities
As we crawl into the elysian fields of each others arms
Knowing this touching washes away all the ugliness inside
For this moment, together, nothing can do us any harm

Posted:Jul 23, 2019 10:52 am
Last Updated:Jul 24, 2019 9:32 am

The savory taste of your lips so divine…
Feasting delicately upon your delectable skin
One nibble from the neck may always suffice
Or should a sample from the curve of the hips
Develop goose bumps and chills to entice
…is all the communion this man needs

Tears of joy forever cheeks tracts…
Wading through life sun baked and alone
Aqueducts of feelings constantly ran dry
Then you arrived to fill my dust-covered cup
Easily quenching all long desired thirsts
Replenishing even the empty ducts within my eyes
…our lake of passion shall never recede

Resiliency thrives within walls of devotion…
Safety from the maddening world around
Home is a place full of romance and cheer
Evil winds shall never seep through the cracks
Lies shall never be spoken in here
Tormented not the heat of the sun
Even winter winds shall stay at bay
Recharged between these walls and your arms, each and every day
…sweet castaways safe from life's storms

Finding the perfect spot between love and fire…
Lively palpitations jump from my chest
Only when into your eyes I do stare
Vertigo appears contagious in your presence
Entering willingly into our inseparable lover's lair
… paradisaic balance keeping us warm

Dinner for Two with a View
Posted:Jul 22, 2019 1:05 pm
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2019 12:32 am

A lone candle flickers between us
On this table built just for two
Coltrane blows a sultry melody
In a building filled with so many
All that matters to me is you

Such a lovely face
Framed by your hair of silk
Cherry lips not in need of paint
A dress of silk
Hugs your every curve
Sparkling wine not controlling restraint

As you rise for a moment
To stroll over to friend
For a brief chat to say hello
I notice your full round breasts
Taught nipples staring at me
I feel a fire stir down below

Walking away
Your hips move with an electric shake
I sense you are feeling at ease
You bend over their table
Delicate secrets revealed
You are donning no panties you tease

As you saunter back to me
Grinning from ear to ear
I am wishing dinner were done
Yet you sit back down
Order dessert
Then whisper we are about to have fun

Licking icing from your spoon
I hear your shoe drop
Your foot slowly moves my way
Playfully you smile
Caressing my hardness
Leaving my thoughts in total disarray

You for the check
No time for relief
You drag me full mast to the cab
Handing the driver large bills
You say drive us around
We have lusts and desire to fulfill

Bodies moved in harmony
There is no difference in you and me
Lifting your skirt
I cradle your velvet cave to my mouth
Making your warm essence my dessert

I cannot lick you gently
Your hands push further within
Shamelessly you use me
Crying out in decadent sin

Pulling my hair wildly
Turning me quickly about
Your tear through buttons and zippers
Grabbing my manliness firm and stout

Hiking your skirt
You straddle
My hands firmly clasped to your ass
We rock
We moan
Thrusting in time with the stereo
Our only essence our primitive selves

The erotica hypnotica of our motion
The rhythmic grinding of our hips
Leaves the driver stopped in traffic
Licking her ruby red lips

I concentrate
Closing my eyes
Feeling you tighten your grip on my spear
We shiver
Earth quakes in sensaround
As we both come you scream in my ear

Breathing slowing
Cab comes to a halt
You leave me with a warm embrace
Slyly you wink
Asking for another date
Next week, time, place

The Power of Mango
Posted:Jul 22, 2019 1:04 pm
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2019 12:32 am

Across the frozen candle
Held still by the breeze that did not blow
Your silhouette the embodiment of sweet divinity
Skin glistening of stardust and fresh fallen snow

Your hair is filled with peony and lotus
Emitting your ambient purity and beauty renewed
Within your extended hand, a single buttercup blossoms
A promise of your body's riches, soon to be grasped
Telling me liquids of passion will be spewed

Gliding into light and knowledge
My thoughts pursy as is my breath
Not sensing this nights bitter chill
Anticipating our passion eclipse

There is no dance of doubt or fear
My skin set ablaze from your telescope eyes
Heartbeat paralyzed by your salacious appearance
My rapture of lust to be your claimed prize

You motion me close
Touching my arm
Galvanic bumps arise upon my skin
Into my ear a whisper from you
Sibilant as to your desires
Kiss me you ask, you are contagious
Feverous with sexual fires

Grabbing a fruit from the table
A mango juicy and ripe
You take one bite
Sweet flows down your chin
Your grin of sexual delight

Crazed by your flesh
I crawl into you
Surrender your only command
Your primitive nature liberates my beast
As sweat pours and throbbing expands

Feeling the power of your dark divine
Luxuria consumes both our bodies and minds
Begging me to stroke your velvet
Until our bodily fluids become intertwined

Gravity takes control
Bodies limp from our physical spree
Nefarious thoughts
Knowing seconds soon will occur
As we sip on a nice dry Chablis

Sweet Tooth Admissions
Posted:Jul 22, 2019 1:02 pm
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2019 12:32 am

We strolled along a crystal lake
An extremely brisk day for early June
Like old school lovers our fingers intertwined
Handing you a carmine rose from a bush in bloom

It was then the clouds bunched together
A tempest of a wind rearing its ugly head
Leaving us running through a shower of rain
Back to the cabin with soaked clothing to shed

One might ask why this day comes to mind
Just simply walking romantically with my lady in peace
It was this day you allowed me to shed my own skin
Telling you of my obsession, my silly fetish
Manimal instinct in dire need of release

You stood there disrobed, but for stockings of black silk
Ending so deliciously around mid-thigh
You sensed my arousal, my hungry eyes
The dichotomy of my lustful growling sighs

Handing me a sparkling glass of liquid courage
Pulling me to the bed with your hands clutching my behind
Sitting me down, delicate fingers begin stroking my neck
You ask me to tell you finally what has been on my mind

Stating you have heard my whispered mutterings
One too many mornings as I thought you asleep
Other times while I was vividly dreaming loud
Knowing there was a deep dark secret within my keep

Taken as a slave to my own shivers
It was time my salacious sins be revealed
If only I could just spit the words
Mind on fire wondering if to my needs you will yield

Testosterone rushing through with a charge
Sprinting to the kitchen, returning arms full
Gently laying you upon your left side
Leaving your uncovered right hip in my view
My darkest desires I finally confide

Explaining that your body is not a one-line drawing
It is voluptuous, full of marvelous, exquisite curves
Stating the shape of your hips became my pure narcotic
Wanting to love them, yet never growing the nerve

One moment of brief silence complete
Then sharing with me a sly erotic grin
Whispering there are no boundaries to your sensual grace
Panting for me to please let this love making begin

Giving me this gift, the map to your treasure
My fingers begin to slowly tickle your inner thigh
Using your hip as my sweet tooth canvas
Delicious sundries I delicately begin to apply

Giggling softly as you feel the melted chocolate
Kissing my future portrait to get the skin warm
Swirling around the sweetened dark background with my tongue
Licking your lips in wonder, as your flesh begins to transform

This delicate scene in need of pillow soft clouds
Whipped cream now being added to this work
Covering the top of your wonderful curve
Giving you a slight taste from my lips as a little perk

Two gingerbread cookies now perfectly aligned
Below the clouds, appearing to be holding hands
Knowing this first attempt looks more like a Picasso
Yet your cooing tells me that you fully understand

Your eyes now demand first
My fevered lips do fully agree
It is now time for me to devour
The masterpiece lying in front of me

Hearing you sigh, let softened moans
I move in for the my final brush strokes
One hand slides towards your wetness,
The other clutches your ass to provoke

My lips and tongue wipe the canvas clean
Lingering, to give just one extra gentle kiss
Then moving towards you, asking for help
You lick the excess from my face and lips

This side of me no longer incognito
My painted lady you have now become
You know state you think it is going to rain today
Come on inside my artist; let's have some fun


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