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My Cock is not too Big...Just Open your mind and use MORE LUBE
Posted:May 16, 2019 5:36 pm
Last Updated:May 30, 2019 5:32 pm
Over the years I have had numerous comments about my penis most of them in a negative positive way. I have had adjectives like, circus freak elephant dick, baseball bat,, the list goes on but you get the idea. When I first got them I thought it was kind of amusing. After repetition I started to wonder if it was me.
I know I've always been somewhat different I still am . You can always pick me out in the crowd. Good or bad I stand out.
I marched to a different beat of a drum and I always wrote my own music. There were a few natural dance partners along the way ....I did not mind teaching the rest.
I don't know where my cock size came from other than I did a lot of masturbation from the age of eight on. And I don't mean masturbation I mean cock training exercises, in Marathon Fashion.
I wasted enough cum as a youth I could have impregnated China
I used oil, I used paint thinner ,,I used anything I could think of as lubrication, my favorite ended to be bengay. I use it for lube along with sandpaper and stroke it smooth. Believe me,, I have Jacked my cock off as many ways as you can think of and stuck it in anything I could fit in
About 3 months ago I bought a 5 horsepower Shop-Vac for the sole purpose of sucking my cock. it works great it has a lot of power and it'll make my cock grow another inch and a half easily. The only problem is it gets stuck in the hose. Have you ever had your cock stuck in a vacuum cleaner hose and have your wife walk in the door. I told her I got a new job with Hoover.
I put in a lot of effort it in developing my cock. It was not work it was fun and my penis responded I do have a big cock now and people make fun of it.
Its ok Im a big and I have extra hard skin on big cock so it bounces off.
Over the years I have learned what foods to eat to promote cock health what exercises work to grow the penis in length and girth.
I m putting together a field guide for personal use available
Free to anyone interested in it. You can have all of my knowledge of penis performance over the last 50 years in 1 Easy-to-Read guide
I have had three blow jobs in my life, 3!!! The one I gave myself was the best, but I will never do it again, my cock tasted like a banana split and I love banana splits and not going to be sucking my dick everyday to taste banana split.
I offered a $500 blowjob challenge 1 hour if you can make cumm it's yours
All these ladies out here in Colorado and not one took on offer ...I guess there's really no cocksuckers out here.

I don't know what else to say except: the next person who tells me I have a beautiful cock can I have all she wants... If you tell ... nice cock.... I m going to have a Homer Simpson moment and go... duh,...
show me you care show you have some intelligence follow nice cock ...with.... nice cock may I suck it.... nice cock fuck me....

Thank you everybody for putting up with me .... And please remember.... BIG COCK LIVES MATTER!!!!!!

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Where did it all begin for you?
Posted:May 16, 2019 9:44 am
Last Updated:May 30, 2019 5:37 pm
I remember well the first time I was introduced to a sexual feeling. It was in the womb I was there resting comfortably in a fetal position one night, when this big cock head came traveling through my mother's vagina and pounded me.
That started it all. My dad had a big dick I got his big dick too. I laid there in the womb thinking about sex and on my travels out I got a taste of clitoris. I was busted by the head nurse. We all knew right then and there I was born to eat pussy. I have kept it up and I am very good at eating pussy after all these years.
I'm curious about others and their first time knowing sex was going to be hot. It came to me in the 6th grade in gym class there I was on the rope struggling with every muscle in my body. Thighs wrapped around that rope, arms pulling, crotch tugging, cock rubbing up against rope. It didn't take long for that boner to appear. Then what ?stuck on a rope with a cock sticking out what do you do?screw down that fucking rope, and climb it again. I was born under the monkey sign in the Chinese years now I know why. If it wasn't a rope it was a clothesline pole in the backyard but there was always something between my legs and I was pulling up on it with every ounce of energy I had a 12 years old.
After that it wasn't long before I found out about the neighbor girls playing spin the bottle in the garage. That's where I reintroduce myself to eating pussy. Somehow the word got out and the girl's mother came to see me, not about eating her 's pussy, about eating hers.

I stayed busy in the neighborhood I pushed the lawn mower around did odd jobs got to know every widow divorcee and lonely wife out there. I had a nickname as the hefty handy . Someday I'd grow up to be a man.

When I was I took on a job at a pizza shop they sent me on a delivery one night to a high-rise apartment in downtown Denver. I knocked on the door with a large pepperoni, it was answered buy an older lady beautiful lady dressed in a white sheer negligee that I will never forget. She took me by the pepperoni and tossed the pizza aside, she fucked me long and hard all the next day and for many years after until I went to the Marine corps. This wonderful woman taught me the beauty of sex and how simple it should be. That's why now I'm spoiled. I prefer to meet a woman naked in bed her thighs open waiting for pleasure simple as that.
It forms a unique bond between two humans unlike any other.
I'm bold and I am direct about my preference I don't mean to be overbearing and if I seem to be I think you should open your mind just a little more.
I have been on this site Local Shemale Hookups since 1999 I have had more profile names than even I can remember, I have shaking my big stick at more pussy than I can count I've never had a cup of coffee yet but I've drank a lot of squirt and I want to thank you ladies for all of your sexual contributions.
You notice I am married and I have not talked about my wife there's a reason for that she makes me limp so that is just not part of my desires.
unless you are a clinical psychologist or a fledging author wanting ideas for a new book on terrible marriage please don't bring it up.
I'd like to hear from all of you horny creative souls on how you got started where you're at and what you got planned next

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