Meeting Robert Downey Jr  

SupaDave99us 41M  
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9/11/2019 8:08 pm
Meeting Robert Downey Jr

To type this all out would take forever...
So I will leave a link to a Facebook video that I recorded right afterwards.

But first, I give you the background. In February of 2017 I was on Facebook, and I was scrolling down my wall and I saw a post by this company OMAZE. The post had a picture of Robert Downey Jr and said " Win a chance to meet Robert Downey Jr on the set of Avengers. Now at the time, they did not have a title for the movie yet, just that it was going to be the second part to Infinity War. I myself had not been a big Avengers fan. However, I was a Robert Downey Jr fan, otherwise I would of never given the post a second glance. It had mention to LIKE, SHARE ETC.. And I figured, "What the hell..."
Why not, It costs nothing, probably a fake.. god knows how many of those I've seen..
So I liked, commented with thumbs up or something, and shared... that night I imagined how exciting it would be, thought of all possibilities and everything that could come true... within 48 hours it was completely dissolved in my mind. Evaporated and forgotten.

About 2 months later...
I get an email from OMAZE.
It's a miracle I even opened it... I was sure it was an spam.
But it was very informal and personal. It explained that I was being considered among a few others as the winner. And they requested a skype call. I believe my literal response was " sure why not"

The skype call was being recorded and it was a short interview. most of the questions were about what I thought of RDJ as an actor. I talked about a range of his movies, however later they edited it to make it sound like I was talking more about avengers movies. It was clever.

After the skype call, I had a repeat of the night I entered the contest. Not sooner forgotten this time. However, after a week or so... forgotten again. Until I get another email.... Requesting another skype Call.. This time though, they tell me that I have been selected. Now, I have never won anything, ever in my life. This really didn't compute to me. I was in fact in disbelief. They said I could bring one guest with me.
I decide to bring my mother. Mainly because if I brought anyone else, there might have been some resentment among the group.. Needless to say there was some paperwork to be filed before all this could take place. Background checks, etc.

We were flown down to Atlanta, for 2 nights at the Oasis Downtown. The second day we picked up and taken to Marvel Studios, about 90 minutes outside of Atlanta.

Now I wasn't sure what was going to take place exactly..
I figured an hour or two, maybe a tour of the set, a handshake, and if lucky an autograph.

The rest is on this vid I made right after what turned out to be a 6 hour experience that I will never even come close to again.

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9/11/2019 9:13 pm


dogslife2live01 67M
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9/12/2019 3:27 am

i am deeply moved

there is a world of difference between insanity and stupidity

gr8tb8t 35M/39F  
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9/13/2019 10:29 am

Hello.. That was 2 years ago. Whats the point?

SupaDave99us replies on 9/14/2019 8:12 am:
no point, just a memory I felt like posting on.
just sharing the experience.

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