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Having my brother s baby
Posted:Jul 5, 2019 9:29 am
Last Updated:Aug 9, 2019 9:18 pm

I had been married 5 years and had been trying to start a family without success. I had see doctor a few times and I was told there was no problems with me. I asked my husband Robbie to get a checkup and he said he was okay. So one night when he was drunk and passed out as he usually was he drank alot. I sucked him off and got a sperm sample and had it tested. It came back that he had a very low sperm count and we would need artificial help for me to get pregnant. There was no way Robbie would agree to that, he was a very stubborn man. I was talking to my brother Don, he is years older than me and single and works as a truck driver. Robbie works for his family firm and is dosen't do much at all except drink. Robbie's parents keep asking about when are going to have grandchildren for them. Early last year Robbie, Don and me went to his family cabin in mountains for fishing. Robbie got drunk for the whole trip and Don and me spent the time together. While Robbie was passed out in the cabin, I told Don about Robbie's low sperm count and how my inlaws were pushing for grandchildren. He said I should collect more sperm from Robbie and get medical help to get pregnant. I said It would take years and might not work, especially with Robbie's drinking. He was unsure at first, but I talked round and we had sex out in the forrest by the river. We had sex 4 times before we return home from the cabin and when Don was off work I would meet him for sex. This went on for 3 months till I fell pregnant, Robbie dosen't have a clue and most days he can't remember what day it is. I've had tests to check if the is healthly and it is. I wasn't going have tests, but Robbie's mother insisted because of his drinking habits. That was 19 years ago and I had a girl in August, Monica after Robbie_s mother. I've asked Don to get me pregnant again next year and he has agreed. Robbie is just a bigger drunk as usual and keep saying I told you I am stud. I haven't had sex with him since before the trip to the cabin. His Parents are happy, that what counts. Also Robbie's drinking is causing him health problems and his father has just him put into a health spa to dry out. I hope he can dry out, but it hasn't worked for long in the pass.
Lusting for my big brother's cock
Posted:May 7, 2019 6:27 pm
Last Updated:Aug 9, 2019 9:20 pm
Hi there! Brandy again. I thought I’d share another story of me and my brother’s big cock. I realized just how big my brother Don’s dick was about half way thru my freshman year of college. Coincidentally, that was about the same time I learned how much fun it was to prick tease guys. My favorite prick tease has always been wearing a short skirt and a thong underneath.
I’d best be called a cock hound. I discovered how much fun “petting,” as Mom called it when she caught me, can be in high school. Like most away from home for the first time I got a little wild and stroked two guys I dated off a couple times. Plus the dorm I lived in was near a couple frats, streakers were plentiful. Anyway, this story is about what happened when I got home for Thanksgiving.
I got home Wednesday night. My dad was on a business trip and I beat him home when I arrived at 6:00 PM. My big brother was already home and so was my mom. My mom and I happened to be walking down the hall chatting. We passed my brother’s room, and his door was open so we peaked in.
“We are going out to dinner when you father gets home, Don.” Mom said as we walked up to the door.
When we peaked our heads in, we saw Don wearing only a t-shirt and his boxer briefs. Evidently he was changing to get ready. It wasn’t really uncommon for family members in our house to see each other in various stages of undress.
As we continued down the hall to the living room, Mom giggled “Your brother really takes after his father if you know what I mean.”
“Huh?” I asked.
“I know you saw that big basket his dick makes in those tight boxers he wears.” Mom laughed.
“Uh, yeah Mom. Ha ha.” I laughed in shock. “What did you just say?”
“Oh Brandy, I know you aren’t that innocent. You’re a young woman and as women we can enjoy checking men’s dicks out.” Mom said.
That put the thought into my head. If Mom thought Don’s was big, surely it was. Not that I’d been disappointed by the size of guys at college, but I swear the high schools guys I got freaky with were bigger.

Thanksgiving Dinner went off without a hitch. Then on the following Friday, Dad announced he and Mom were headed for their lake house because heavy rains had caused it to flood. Dad and Mom left around 2:30. Don and I had nothing to do since most of our high school friends were away at college or spending time with their relatives.
We decided to go to the health club for a little workout. Within minutes I was ready in a pair of hip hugging yoga pants and a sweatshirt. Don had on loose fitting sweats. “Darn, I was hoping for workout tights.” I thought to myself. We arrived at the gym about 3:30 and Don headed for the locker room. I went straight for the weights and started my circuit. A few minutes later, I saw Don walking around the bench press wearing short gym shorts and lycra compression shorts underneath.
Don laid down on the bench press machine with his legs spread. I noticed two ladies, probably in their forties gawking at my brother. I looked over and saw his gym shorts hanging open showing the “basket” as my mom said contained by the lycra shorts. Don wasn’t disappointing these two older ladies either. They giggled and pointed. One mumbled, “Don’t you wish George had a floppy one that big.”
After about an hour of working out, I went and found Don and told him I was going to shower and hit the sauna. He said he would meet me there. I was excited. I hoped he would wear only a towel into the steamy room.
Don didn’t disappoint. He had a white towel wrapped around his waist. When he sat down, I caught a glimpse of the huge head protruding from the towel. Then I knew I had to have it. When I see a cock, I’m a little like a gunslinger; I really want to put another notch in my belt so to speak.
Unfortunately, before I could make any move two other people entered the sauna. I suggested Don and I head home. On the way home I talked Don into going to some clubs with me that night.
When we got home, I showered again. Then I rushed to my room to find the sexiest outfit I could find. I pulled on my black lace thong, then a black halter top with a built in push-u bra (it made my C cups look like Ds), and finally my bright pink mini-skirt. I looked pretty good. As I was looking for shoes, I heard Don yelling to hurry up. Guys just don’t realize how long it takes for us to look sexy.
After 30 minutes of listening to him complain about how long I was taking we were off to dinner. We figured we had plenty of time for leftovers over the weekend. We ate at a somewhat fancy restaurant then headed for the strip of hot clubs in our hometown.
The first place on our agenda was Cloud Nine. It used to be a biker bar, but turned into kind of a yuppie place under new ownership. I danced with a few guys while Don drank a beer. Dancing turns me on especially when there is some physical contact and these guys were not shy about that.
When Don finished his second beer, we headed to a trendier bar. After about a half hour there and another pair of beers, I got Don to dance with me. He was kind of surprised when I started grinding my crotch on his leg and shaking my hips as a dropped down in front of him to where my lips were at his crotch level. A couple times I did this and looked up at him licking my pink lipstick clad lips. I noticed my dancing was causing his basket to jerk in his pants and it looked large.
After a while I made Don take me to this redneck joint Houston’s, down the street where girls can dance on the bar. I figured a little exhibitionism would push Don over the edge and I could get to his big cock. They started playing some hot Southern Rock when we walked in and a couple other girls jumped up on the bar. I quickly followed, not caring that my thong would be visible under my short cute little skirt. The two hicks sitting at the bar directly below me didn’t seem to mind either.
The two other girls and I danced to several songs before we hopped down. I walked over to my big brother Don and gave him a big hug.
“I could see your underwear while you were up there.” He said.
“Yeah, but my panties are pretty tiny, I bet you could see my ass too.” I prodded.
“Uh, yeah.” Don mumbled.
“Did you like it?” I asked.
“Well, sure, but I wish those other two were in skirts. I feel kind of sick checking out my sister’s hot little ass.” He replied.
At that moment, I knew he was mine and so was his cock.
“Let’s go home. Your hot little sis wants to stroke your huge man meat.” I smiled slyly.
“You heard me. Since I’ve been away at college, all I’ve had are puny little boys, now I want to stroke a big cock.” I said in my sexiest voice.
“Uh all right.” Don said with a smile.
As soon as we got in the car, I flipped my skirt up so the front of my thong was visible to Don. Then I reached over and stroked his cock thru his jeans as he got in the car. I started to drive us home. At the first stop light we hit, I told Don to unzip his pants. He followed my command and I reach into his pants and stroked his cock thru his boxer briefs. Finally we got home and into the house. I led Don up to my room and sat and my bed. “Take your clothes off.” I said.
Don never rebuckled his pants, so he simply slide them down. His cock was semi-hard and huge making a tent inside his boxer briefs. He took off his shirt. He was a little flabby, but I was focused on the prong that he revealed by removing the tight blue boxer briefs.
“Come here.” I said slyly.
Don sauntered over to the bed.
“Damn, it’s big.” I said reaching out to grab it.
I started stroking. Then I couldn’t resist; I slipped the head inside my mouth, well, as much as I could get of it into my mouth. I slobbered all over it to provide some lube.
“Ooooh, that’s nice sis.” Don said.
I grabbed his ball sac with my left hand as I stroked the 8-inch shaft in front of me. I was in cock hound ecstasy.
I stroked his cock for about 20 minutes. Don was constantly moaning his approval as I worked his big shaft. I nibbled at his big balls while I stroked. Then I started encouraging him to cum.
“God, Don I want to see you shoot your fucking load.” I cried over and over.
“Oh fuck sis, I love when you talk like that. Worship my cock.” Don demanded.
“It’s so fucking big. I can’t believe my brother is so fucking big. You ought to move to Cali and do porn.” I said.
“Would you like to see that?” He asked with a smile.
“Hell yeah. Those hos on the tapes would be in awe of you like I am right now.” I said. Don laughed proudly.
“Cum for me. Please. Pleeeeaaasssseeee.” I begged.
That finally did it! With a huge moan, Don spewed all over my black halter-top.
I helped him clean his huge dick off then watched him get dressed. I almost couldn’t resist doing more with him, but that would have to wait. I told Don good night and gave him a kiss on the check. He left my room. I closed the door, stripped, and laid down.
That night I fingered my clit for about 2 hours dreaming of Don’s huge fuck rod!
Wanting to marry my brother
Posted:May 2, 2019 6:39 pm
Last Updated:May 10, 2019 7:47 pm
I have decided to divorce my sissy cuck so I can marry my brother, he has proposed to and made arrangements for us to go to Jocasta Resort. I am so happy, I love him so much and can't wait to share my bed with him.
I love my baby ❤️ sister
Posted:Apr 29, 2019 5:36 pm
Last Updated:May 1, 2019 11:35 pm
I first started to have a relationship my sister when we were younger, but started again when she came to stay with me after she left her husband, she is a beautiful woman. Brandy is short with red hair , big tits and a nice curvy body. I love her blue eyes, they give a beautiful wild look when you look right into them.

After she had been living with me a couple of months we had got to know each other quite well again, Brandy had taken over the house hold tasks while I was busy working. On week ends we went out at night and spent days working around the house and garden or having picnics in the park. We had all the actions of a happy married couple though we both had our own rooms.

I have a built in pool in the back yard and when the summer came about we started to use it more often. As I worked Brandy would spend a lot of her days giving herself the most darkest sun tan a woman can. I would often come home from work and Brandy would be naked in the back yard sucking the sun up. I would never go out to the pool area when she was there and would sit in the lounge looking out my beautiful sister.

This night when she came in-side she had put on her see through dressing gown for some modesty. She then spent her time getting dinner ready and sitting watching the T.V. we chatted quietly as we waited for tea and I couldn't stop my self from looking at her body as she walked about cooking. I sat the whole time with my cock pushing against my pants.

Brandy then suggested we go to the local Motordrome as it was a Friday night and I had no work the next day. I was cool with that as I had not been to the races for quite a while it is a great night at the races and could not think of a better way to relax. It is a hours drive from my house and we didn't want to be late so we dressed and hit the road. It was dark by the time we got there and the first race had just started so we did well for a spur of the moment decision.

Brandy had packed a couple of blankets and we put one on the ground and put the other one over the top of us, it was very cozy and the races were great. After about an hour I went and bought us a six pack of beer which was welcome for the both of us as I had worked all day and Brandy had been in the sun. The motor bikes had finished and the cars were just starting in the first race as Brandy turned to me and kissed me on the lips telling me she loved me and then thanked me for letting her live with me while she sorted out her life.

I was a little shocked by the kissing but we often kissed, it just was never as passionate between us, I shrugged it off as Brandy just being her good natured self and focused on the races again. After a few minutes we were in need of more beer and I went to get another so I took the walk to the canteen I was only able to have one more and was quite sure Brandy would enjoy another couple. So I bought Brandy another two and another one for me, mine went down with ease and I settled close to her for the rest of the races.

I could sense something was also different after our kiss and we snuggled close to each other with Brandy sitting between my legs. first there was no problems with her sitting like that and we watched the races but my cock wasted no time in growing hard. I was in a very awkward position, but I was also excited by it , I was sure Brandy could feel my cock pushing into her back but I was enjoying having her so close to . After a few minutes Brandy leaned her body against mine and I was sure she was enjoying the closeness of the two of us. I remained embraced with her and when the races finished Brandy then turned to me and kissed me again I offered no resistance and as we were kissing we both opened our mouths kissing deeply.

We then broke our kiss and then returned to watching the race. The ice had been broken and I made no effort of hiding the bulge that was pushing into Brandy's back as the race finished. After a minute I felt Brandy's hand touch the outline of my now rock hard cock in my pants, I was shocked but I made no effort to move away from her I was enjoying her hand on my cock it was exciting having her touch my cock. I had not been with a woman for a while and it made it more exciting having my gorgeous sister touch me. I made no effort to move and Brandy squeezed the bulge softly.

We sat like this for the last two races and my cock was a raging horn by the time we were ready to pack our things and start the drive home. We packed the things and made our way to the car holding hands along the way, we were just like any couple in love no one could tell we were brother and sister we were raised in a different town and our parents had died a few earlier so we did not have to justify our selves to anyone, it was very exciting. I was sure Brandy was caught up in the moment and I was giving way to it also as we walked. Our talk was about the races and the thrill of being out of the house together. I had been working a lot and it was the most enjoyable thing we had done together since she moved into my house.

Brandy sat close to me on the bench seat of my truck as we drove home her hand on my thigh all the way . We drove to McDonalds for supper and she made no effort to hide her affection at the window of the restaurant. I felt a bit uncomfortable as we were ordering but then I reminded my self we were not from the town and started to relax it was the strangest thing as people had seen us the Motordrome and we were not fazed in anyway so I started to unwind as we drove to the next window to pick our food.

We sat in the car eating and talking, as we did we spoke about her Marriage breaking up and her living with me for long term and how we could hide it from the few relations we still had, they were few and far between and it would be no problem for us. The food was finished and I turned to Brandy and kissed her with the most passionate kiss I had ever given a woman in my life and Brandy kissed back with the same passion and we were like teenagers again doing it for the first time all over again. I moved my hand to her breast feeling the woman was, my sister.

Brandy moved her hand to my chest and held me close whispering she loved me more than anything in the world, I wasted no time in telling her I had the same feelings we kissed and held each other close for what seemed like ages. I moved my hand back to her breast after a while squeezing her nipple gently it rose into a hard bud and I teased the other the same. Brandy moved her hand to my cock and worked the bulge in my pants with her hand and I knew she would make me cum if she kept up the squeezing . She must have sensed it and pulled the top of my track suit down to reveal my aching throbbing cock .

I could not believe this was happening to me with my sister, pulling my cock out of my pants, she then wasted no time in pushing her head over the head and shaft, I was on fire the whole time it was every dream come true.

Brandy has a very skilled mouth and she worked her tongue around the head with the same passion when she had kissed me with. I knew I was not going to be able to hold on for very long and I was absolutely on fire as I could feel my self almost ready to . I had my hand touching her nipple through her top and I could feel her nipple standing with excitement. I then lowered my hand to her jeans and opened the top bottom she was wearing no belt and this made it so much easier for me to get my hand inside of her jeans Brandy lifted her body a little and I pushed her jeans down to her thighs her panties were still on but I had no trouble in pushing them down and touching her pussy.

Brandy has a little pubic hair above her sweet pussy and I could smell the sweet aroma in the air it was absolute bliss her sucking my cock, I was about to explode in her mouth.

I said "Ooh God"

As I could feel the creamy liquid being pumped into Brandy's mouth swallowing every drop as it went down her throat. I was in a state of shock when she lifted her head licking the last drops from her lips. She then suggested we drive home to spend the rest of the night together. Brandy kept her hands on my thigh as we drove and we talked about what had just happened I was still in a state of shock and could hardly talk as we drove, Brandy did most of the talking and I listened.

When we pulled into the garage and walked to the front door Brandy asked me if I was going to carry the woman I was going to spend the rest of my life with over the threshold of the front door I was shocked again but answered of course I will. I then opened the door and lifted the most beautiful woman I have ever seen into the house and up the stairs to my room placing her gently on the bed.

I then helped her off with the top she was wearing and she was pulling my pants down to my knees my cock was hard by then and she wasted no time in pulling the jeans she was wearing off and threw them on the floor. I was shaking with excitement as I laid on the bed next to her, I wanted to taste the pussy I had seen on the side of my pool for the last months I then kissed and bit her breasts as I worked my way down her soft body. I touched the lips of her pussy and I could hear her give a soft moan as I did this I then pushed my finger into her and moved it a slow pace back and forth.

Her body was trembling and I could feel her pussy clenching and rippling as the speed of my fingers increased. I love the scent of her womanhood and needed to feed my hunger feed desire for her. As she was about to reach the top of her orgasm I replaced my fingers with my tongue and could feel her hips bucking. We then held each other in a close embrace while I played with her areolas I then kissed her and she cast one of her wicked smiles.

We lay like this for a long time before she sucked my cock back to a horn, she then straddled my body pushing my cock into her soft pussy. As we fucked I twisted her nipples and raked my fingers over her soft breasts we fucked for what seamed like an eternity with me finally emptying my load of seed into my sisters pussy. We fucked twice more before we finally went to sleep.

In the morning I went down on her pussy to bring her to one orgasm after another. We spent the rest of the weekend in bed together and have started to explore each others fantasies. Last week end I went down on Brandy in the back of a taxi on our way home from a night club we were both drunk and Brandy loved the thrill of the taxi driver watching as she reached orgasm.

I have also told her I would like to tie her in one of the lounge room chairs and blindfold her. I then want to bring another man home to fuck her as she is in this position Brandy has agreed and we plan to do in the near future. I am excited and hope I find someone that is understanding to our situation .

I have also had her masturbate in front of me, which was a real delight I didn't expect it. I came home from work one night and Brandy told me she had a surprise for me in our room in five minutes, I waited until called and entered after called, she was laying on the bed naked with her vibrator and a chair at the end of the bed for me. I was so surprised I almost fell to the floor as I entered. We spent the rest of the night fucking and sucking I will never forget it.

I hope I can share more stories with you in the near future.
My wife's camping trip with her brother
Posted:Apr 29, 2019 4:29 pm
Last Updated:May 5, 2019 1:45 pm
My wife went camping with her brother, his and our 's . They left on Monday and I never heard a word from them until Friday night. She called me to tell me that she was at her brother's house and was going to stay the night before driving home the next day. As soon as she walked in the house I sense that something was different. She said that she had a good time but would give me very little detail of the trip. All she would tell me is that everyone had fun and that they fished most every day and that the caught quite a few fish. I kept trying to get her to tell me more details of the trip but she would change the subject every time.

I finally confronted her and told her that I wanted to know what went on during the camping trip and what was she hiding. She again tried to change the subject but I told her to stop it and tell me what was going on. She looked down and started to cry. I told her that I wanted to know everything and that I was not going to stop until I heard everything that went on.

She finally said that she would tell me the whole story. She said that everyone was having a great time and they did spend most of their time fishing or down by the water. They were with the most of the time. She said nothing much happened during the trip but they did have some heated conversations at night after the went to bed. I asked her what she meant by that and she said that the conversation turned to them telling each other about their sex lives. She said that she told him that it had been some time since we had made love and that she missed it. She said that Don, her brother, told her that since his divorce several years earlier he also had very little sex. He lived in a small town and the prospects were not very good. Brandy, my wife, said that they shared some of their past sexual experiences and how good it used to be.

Brandy told me that when Don was married that his then wife and he had tried wife swapping several times and that he liked it very much. He told her about the first time as they had some friends over one night when the husband told Don that he and his wife swapped and asked Don if he was interested. Don said that he told him that he was but he did not think his wife would be. Don said that the guy then said that he would seduce the wife and that if Don wanted to make love to his wife then it was ok. Don said they played cards and it wasn't long before things turned sexual and for the first time he got to see his wife make love to someone else. He told Brandy what a turn on it was to watch another man fuck his wife in front of him.

Brandy told me that the story got her hot but she told Don that she could never do something like that and did not think that I would be interested either. She told me she told Don how I liked to sunbath naked in our backyard pool and got caught by our neighbors a few times and some friends that dropped by one day unexpected. She told me that she told him that I was more open than she was. She said that Don told her that she needed to loosen up some and go with the flow. He asked her why she never went swimming nude and she said that she was too scared that someone would catch her. He then asked her what was the worst that could happen if someone did catch her, after all she would be in her back yard. She said that it would be embarrassing is all.

She told me that every night they would talk more about it and he had her convinced that she should open up. She said that Friday night when they were at his house they stayed up late and talked into the early morning hours and again sex was the main topic. She said as they decided to go to bed that Don asked her if she was going to open up a bit and be more daring. She said that she told him yes and see if that would help with us having sex more often. She said that he then said that she should try and see if she could right there. That it was a good time to see if she could be more free. She said that she told him that it would not be right to get naked in front of him. He told her that she was inside a house and no one other than him would be able to see her and if she could not get naked in front of him then she could never do it if she thought a stranger might see her.

Brandy told me that Don said that he would make it easier for her and started undressing in front of her. When he got down to his boxer shorts her told her that it was her turn. She said that she is not sure why but she took off her shirt and dropped her pants. She said that she was down to her bra and panties and just stood in front of him while he just stood there taking it all in. She said that he then asked her if she was going to go any further and when she hesitated he dropped his boxer shorts and stood in front of her in all his glory. He said that she should not be embarrassed and take everything off. She said that he was not hard and seemed to be only interested in helping her so she took the bra and panties off. She said that they then decided to go outside and run around the house. She said that since it was almost 3 in the morning she figured that it was pretty safe. She said that she felt really free running around outside naked for about 10 minutes.

Brandy then told me that when they went back inside it was then that she noticed that Don was hard as a rock. She said that it looked nice with an upward turn to it. She said that she could not get away from looking at it and Don seemed pleased that she was looking. She said that Don finally asked her if she liked it. She said that she thought it was nice but that they should get dressed now. She said that Don just walked up to her and pulled her to him and let their bodies touch and his cock rubbed between them. She said that she wanted to back away but for some reason she did not and just let him rub his body against hers and his cock just kept rubbing against the front of her cunt. She said that she was a little excited from running around naked outside and being naked with a naked man. She said for a few minutes she forgot that it was her brother that was holding her and she got lost in the feeling of the cock rubbing up against her.

She said that they started to kiss and she was kissing back and it wasn't until he started to lick and suck her breast that she realized that it was her brother doing this. She said that she tried to break away but he held her tight and continued to suck her breast. She said that it had been so long since her and I had made love that the feeling of someone sucking her breast was too much for her and she grabbed the back of his head and pushed it into her breast. She said that she does not know why but she gave in to the feeling and continued to let him lick and suck each breast.

She said that he must have kissed her breast for a good five minutes before he brought her over to the couch and sat her down and continued to suck on her breast. He then laid her down and proceeded to work his way down her body until he worked his tongue into her hole. She said that she came immediately and he licked her to two more orgasms before he crawled up until his cock was right at her entrance. She said that she knew what she was doing was wrong but the feeling was so overpowering that she could not stop. She said that she rose up her legs and asked him to fuck her. She said that when he first penetrated her that she never felt so alive in her life. She said that every fiber in her came alive and all she could feel was how good a cock felt in her. She said that they fucked for about ten minutes before he came in her. They laid next to each other after and told each other how great that it felt and how long it had been for both of them.

Brandy said that they both got up and went into his bedroom and climbed under the covers. She said that as soon as they had gotten in bed that they started kissing and holding each other and exploring each others body. She said that it was not like a brother and sister but like two lovers. She said that she felt like it was her first time and she was like she was when she was 19. She said that she went down on him and started to suck his cock until he was hard again. She said that once he was hard she rolled over on top of him and took his cock into her again and rode him hard until she climaxed once more. She said that he then rolled her over and fucked her for another 15 to 20 minutes before they both came together.

She said that they made love twice more that morning until they knew that the would be getting up. She said that they did not want the to find them in bed together as they were old enough to know what it meant. She said that she started feeling real guilty when she was driving home and realized what she had done. She told me that she had never cheated on me before and was not sure what got into her this time. She said that it all felt so natural and sexy and the feelings just were too much for her.

I asked her what was going to happen to us now. She said that she loved me and did not want to lose me. I asked her what about her brother. Was this a one time thing or could it happen again? She said that she loved him to and could not guarantee me anything because the feeling was so overpowering that she did not know how she felt right then. She said that it was the most intense thing she has ever done and was not sure what she would do if the situation presented itself again. I then asked her what was going to happen the next time that they were together. She said that it would be a bad idea to leave them alone again but if I was with her then nothing would happen. I told her that I could not be with her all the time and that when he came for a visit that the two of them stayed up much later than I did. What was she going to do if he tried something after I went to bed. Brandy started crying again and said that she thought that it would happen again if that happened. She said that she did not think that she could stop herself if she was alone with him
Feels so good to come out
Posted:Apr 28, 2019 3:23 pm
Last Updated:Aug 17, 2019 10:30 am
Up until recently , my brother and myself have been keeping a secret for all these years. With both of us getting older we just don't care who knows anymore that we are having sex and have been for many years. My sissy cuck has told about his attraction to my brother and how much he wants to suck his cock. So I finally came out and told him how we have been fucking each other ever since I was in my early teens. He has showed me so much and has been a dominate figure in my sex life. It is so great!! I love my brother and now we can be open with it at home.
A bit about me
Posted:Feb 4, 2019 8:51 pm
Last Updated:May 12, 2019 11:25 am
I have always grew up as a sexual object in my life. I grew up in a large family with 6 brothers. They taught me at a young age how to use my body, or should I say how to let a man use my body. I matured early and have always had large breasts. I have also been married three times and used as a sex toy by each of my husbands and their friends. My last marriage was to a cuck and we are still married, but he knows how I need and crave other men. I love sex and always will, I am addicted to men and their hard cocks, use me please!!

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