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Lol Mamma's gettin' freaky! yeeyow  

bitchkitty2017 67F  
2419 posts
10/9/2019 2:23 pm
Lol Mamma's gettin' freaky! yeeyow

women no matter what the age do some things that are way off the scale or well if someone wants to be noticed will do just about anything..some do not realize that its so wrong and are not aware of how things look...ha ha here is a few just for laughs...some random shit as well..

bitchkitty2017 67F  
5180 posts
10/9/2019 2:25 pm

lol someones getting their freak on .

MonsterCacti 34M
459 posts
10/9/2019 2:33 pm

Love the first one the most all funny though

12211male 56M/101F  
264 posts
10/9/2019 2:53 pm

#1 has that right

pocogato12 67F  
31573 posts
10/9/2019 3:03 pm

I dont know where you found all these!!1 Uproarious!!!!!!

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benard69 63M/63F  
4976 posts
10/9/2019 3:18 pm

Luv 'em....Thanks!...

1seeking1 54F
2886 posts
10/9/2019 3:26 pm

Thank you for sharing and making ne snile

FunFriend7plus 44M
36 posts
10/9/2019 4:38 pm

lol too funny

dpguy1957 63M  
380 posts
10/9/2019 7:00 pm

LMAO !!!!

Sexczy69 64M
2646 posts
10/9/2019 8:14 pm

I am laughing.....

Looknfind18 67M  
4066 posts
10/10/2019 4:29 am

thanks for the wake up laughs

RyuFujin 52F  
991 posts
10/10/2019 6:49 pm

Waldorf and Stadler - FOR THE WIN!!!

"Be who you are, and say what you feel. Those who matter won't mind, and those who mind won't matter." ~ Dr. Seuss.
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4tenn 73M
17 posts
10/11/2019 8:04 am

I like your humor.

scoupe42 56M  
8146 posts
10/12/2019 7:42 am

You found some good one!

pocogato12 67F  
31573 posts
10/16/2019 3:34 am

I had to come back for a re-look. The #2 cheeseist !!! plus the peanut butter Thanks for jump starting my Wednesday

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