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A Fantasy Favourite!
Posted:Mar 25, 2009 5:49 pm
Last Updated:May 16, 2019 4:50 pm

This Fantasy was actually a Wet Dream I had, so it was incredibly vivid & real.

We meet & there is an instant attraction. You tell me how you could use a good handyman about the place so I agree to come & see what needs doing. In the next couple of days I come around & attend to all the minor & more urgent tasks & we make a list of what else needs doing & in what order. You thank me & tell me that a lovely invitation to dinner is the least you can do & with great pleasure serving me dressed sexily & wearing high heels. You invite me to be at your house from 5-30 onwards for drinks before a 7 pm dinner & to dress casually. I arrive on time (can you believe it lol). You answer the door still dressed up in your work clothes ‒ we kiss & from that I think we both knew it was going to be a wonderful night. I was wearing jeans & a plain white shirt fitting tightly around my chest. I ask about your promise of heels & you tell me we will have drinks first & after the messy part of the cooking is finished you will change for me when you only have to serve & join with me. We adjourn to the couch for some drinks. Its very relaxing & we like each other & the chemistry is good, so you could feel the sexual tension building, but beautifully so. We had about an hour until dinner was ready to be served so you went to shower & change. You were very quick & when you emerged my jaw almost hit the floor. You were only wearing a lovely classy pair of red high heels & nothing else other than the tiniest red apron just barely tied on with string ( about the size of adam & eves fig leaf). I couldn’t speak. I didn’t want to stare but I couldn’t look away. You looked magnificent. Simply Stunning. & so so HOT. You just smiled at me as you walked over & asked me if I would like another drink & that you were going to the kitchen to get 1 for yourself & check on the dinner. I said yes please. You turned & walked toward the kitchen totally naked except for the apron I now couldn’t see. The high heels accentuated your very sexy legs & tight calves & each butt cheek tightened as you walked ‒ a vision of loveliness. You re emerged with drinks in hand & I was mezmerised as you walked toward me. You handed me my drink & asked me if this was up to my expectations so far? I told you how utterly blown away I was & how ravishingly Beautiful & Sexy & Hot you looked. It would still be half an hour till ready you said as you handed me my drink & then sat close to me on the couch. We gazed into each others eyes then I put my drink down & kissed you - a long hot gorgeous wet lingering kiss. Our hands were wandering all over each others bodies when I lowered myself off the couch, run my hands all up & down your sexy legs, parted them & began to kiss my way up your inner thighs. You were squirming in anticipation as I lifted your tiny apron & gently licked your gorgeous pussy for the very first time. I was in heaven as I absolutely LOVE licking pussy & yours was so sweet & so fine. I was so lost in enjoying you like this that I barely realised that you were cumming, until I tasted your sweet juices flowing onto my lips & tongue. I looked up & smiled as you lay back on the couch with a huge grin while catching your breath. Ultimate entree. Now for dinner...

We went to the table & you served a simple but magnificent meal. We enjoyed & talked & laughed. Seeing you walk back & forward as you served had me turned on like I couldn't believe & you knew it & were delighting in it. You had already prepared dessert which just needed heating up before we were ready for it, so we took our drinks out on the balcony to savor our lovely meal & enjoy the beautiful night & each others company. We were both so hot for each other & would have long ago raced off to the bedroom but weren't going to cut short the magic of an amazing dinner & we knew it was all going to happen afterwards anyway. The hot night air only added to magic of the night. As I sat you ran your hands over my chest before lifting my shirt up over & off. You mentioned that I was a little overdressed compared to you & handed me a sarong to change into. I went to the bathroom & changed & was now only wearing a sarong wrapped around my waste. You commented that it was much better & that you noticed my jeans were really struggling to keep things in before. Time for dessert so we went in. I sat at the table & you brought me in a plate of icecream & hot apple pie. You werent having any so you asked if I wanted you to feed it to me. I gladly agreed. You sidled down & sat on my lap & began to spoon feed me some pie - then some icecream. Your fabulous breasts were right before my eyes looking so delicious & I noticed your nipples were hard so I began to lick each one with icecream in my mouth. I could feel you squirming in my lap & you could feel my Hardness beneath you. You put the plate aside, swung your legs around me, grabbed my hard Cock & let your pussy lips gently ease its way down my shaft. You then controlled the pace as at first we just enjoyed the pure ecstacy of it before building to a beautiful rythm with our pelvis's thrusting in sync... we went for quite a while but something this hot could only last so long & soon the thrusting quickened & we were slamming deep before thrashing wildly as we fucked. I couldn't hold any longer & just went into a frenzy as I Cum so intensely..... You being as gorgeous as you are, werent going to miss this & were quickly Cumming along with me - your second for the night. We slumped into each others arms as we caught our breath. We then adjourned to the lounge room & enjoyed a nightcap. I sat on the couch smiling at the magic of the night & of YOU & thanked you & told you it was more perfect than anything I could have imagined. You said - "I am not finished just yet boy", took a sip of wine, lowered to your knees in front of me & began to suck my cock. You not only brought me back to life but proceeded to give me a blowjob words could never aptly describe until my hot jism was gushing into your lovely mouth & down your throat. We relaxed for a while & then went to bed to explore & enjoy each other through the night & again in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Fun in the sun tan contest
Posted:Sep 5, 2016 6:05 pm
Last Updated:May 8, 2019 7:07 pm

For a bit of fun I entered the fun in the sun contest!
Latest fashion in Queensland
Posted:Jan 11, 2011 4:11 am
Last Updated:May 16, 2017 10:35 pm
I am not being insensitive here, but rather a lighthearted take on our current flooding & incessant rain.
Star Struck!
Posted:Mar 18, 2010 2:58 am
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2015 4:29 pm

I do not have a custom homepage when I log onto the computer - just the main Australian News one. Previously I hadnt taken much notice but I have recently become quite bemused, befuddled & really dissappointed at what they think I am interested in! It is almost always about celebrities! There was five headlines a couple of days ago & they were all about celebrities - make ups, break ups, splits & new connections. After that, the next heading was "Entertainment News"! Are our lives so pathetic & mundane that we are supposed to live in awe & worship those chosen few? Tradgedy's are always listed first, after which our fascination with "Stars" seems to be the meat of the program, a mention of how the really wealthy people dropped or gained some paper money, followed by "which sports star" might miss training & then the weather - which they get wrong! I mean - "Fuck Off!" I just dont get it. They are just people (mostly smug & egotistical by the way). Sure - most are very attractive & things in life roll quite easy for them & some of them are very talented - at acting, singing or performing - all blessings from birth, but thats their job - thats all. The good ones get paid insane amounts of money for just one film, plus the adulation of celebrity status & all its trappings, but that isnt enough - they then give themselves awards - & want us all to watch, cheer & even vote. There should be Oscars for the best Nurse - or Oscars for the best Bricklayer. One women - who most of you probably know - sits in a chair & babbles gossip each day - & makes over 200million a year.
Anyway - I just had to get that out! I know I will have ruffled some feathers here but if we are chatting & you start babbling about celebrities or gossip & I suddenly stop talking to you - you now will know why!!!
Resident Shrink
Posted:Mar 14, 2010 10:16 pm
Last Updated:Nov 4, 2015 7:24 pm

I was thinking that with the number of people on this site & more so, the wide variety of types of people on here, that there would have to more than enough crazies here to warrant Local Shemale Hookups having their own resident Psychiatrist! I am hereby nominating myself for this very position! Now I realise that I may be a tad underqualified if you want to get technical but I do have a very nice couch & I can fill the room with bookshelves & fill them with books. I also have the rare ability to be able to place my finger on my chin & stare vacantly into space for over a minute while still giving the impression that I am in deep thought & actually pondering something. People shell out large slabs of money to tell their shrink how messed up they are. The shrink then asks several questions, ponders & then tells them how messed up they are. It is a win - win situation. The patient doesnt really expect to be cured - just needs to be heard.
Anyone needing my services can just contact me & I will try to fit them in for an appointment. While we are on the subject - if there is anyone here who has the authority to bestow an honoury Doctrate of Psychiatry upon me then it would be very appreciated & make things look a little more official & professional. It would be nice to have some letters following my name also.
"I think therefore I am"
The Clitoris! Women are so lucky!
Posted:Jan 7, 2010 3:26 am
Last Updated:Aug 7, 2018 5:52 pm

It has been scientifically proven that the CLITORIS is the only organ on the human body that is there for the sole purpose of creating pleasure and has no other function or purpose!
See! We dont play around with ours unless it is not being used for a primary function!
Global Orgasm Day
Posted:Dec 18, 2009 6:39 pm
Last Updated:Jun 10, 2014 3:58 pm

I have just been informed that the 21st of December this year has been deemed "Global Orgasm Day" in the name of peace!
Join lovers & the group that will be having an Orgasm in the name of world peace on 12/21/09. The Big O is designed to be an "instant surge of human biological, mental & spiritual energy" that the group hope will reduce levels of violence, hatred & fear around the world during the longest night of the year. What better cause do you need? Alone, with a partner, any race, any color, any gender: mark your calender!
It sounds like a great cause, but hey - it wont be any different from every other day for me! Except that I dont usually do it for peace - just for my partner or my self!
No fence sitting here - I'm in. I am going to practice now!
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Nudist Colonies!
Posted:Nov 15, 2009 6:36 am
Last Updated:Jan 3, 2016 4:44 pm

I just came across an article on Nudist Colonies which I thought was interesting. I have always liked the idea of "walking free" whenever the situation allows & no one can be offended. It's a given that they just want an easy going free place for like minded followers to indulge in their passion without any drama's or intrusions. Just like everything else they then require a barrage of rules & regulations to be put in place to deter the small minority of creeps who may disrupt this. Anyway - one of their main rules is that a man can't have an erection - which in essence of the balance & mood of the place is necessary, but even the chaos theory wont allow that kind of control. If I was there - I would never deliberately "startle" a fellow member, but we dont always have that kind of control. Of course it happens when ones mind is so focused but I have had "A Stiffy" pop up just while driving, or just walking along - no reason.
I also cant believe they can interact & walk around all day without getting one.
I know there is much more here but I will first open it up for someone to enlighten the "enclothed" one!
Cult Status
Posted:Aug 13, 2009 6:29 am
Last Updated:Nov 23, 2009 3:12 am

I am thinking of starting my own Cult!
It appears that the leaders of these things do unbelievably well! There has been so many but there was a cult in the early Eighties called the "Orange People" & the leader named himself the "Bagwan Rajneeshi". I remember it now - It was just a hippy with zero talent in anything, except, of course, persuasion. I am not sure what their mandate was - except for "free love" , but thats a given. Anyway, he managed to purchase 96 Rolls Royce's from the collection plate & no one questioned this as a possible missappropriation of collective funds? (He didn't have a licence so who was the misguided one? But he did like their shape!)
Clearly there are many out there looking for a true leader - and thats Me! We need a good name - so help me out here disciples. We will also need a good uniform - the hippy era is gone, so lets try to be a bit sharper than that. A motto perhaps? A belief? Something that will attract these lost sheep. We do not want non believers! or those who ask too many questions - especially about what we are doing.
Even a Guru of my standing knows he needs good women behind him so I do ask for quality applications.
A suggestion of having had contact with aliens along with somewhat curious religious beliefs is more than enough to throw the most sceptical of authorities off the scent of anything dubious. We definately need a scientist on board in the early stages as nothing debunks doubt as well as "scientific evidence"!
So come forth pilgrims, that we can spread the word & enlighten the befuddled masses, giving them hope & showing the way (we couldnt fuck up as much as the goons in charge now!)
Hasten! The time is Now! Those who show their worthiness early shall sit high in the order!
Thank You
Doctor Vortex
(Guru & recruitment officer) (penciled in so far since we havent had our first meeting yet - all positions still vacant - except for Guru - I cant start my own Cult without being Guru)
The Cunning Linguist!
Posted:Aug 11, 2009 5:17 am
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2012 12:18 pm
An Ode to the finest of fine arts - Eating Pussy!
I am sure I don't have to spell out the Yummy'ness of it all - I LOVE it so. I have never had any complaints in this department - in fact - I have had more than sufficient praise. Don't worry - I am not running off with an ego here - I just think you usually do at least OK at something you really love - or soon will! I could settle right now & just enjoy the delectable loveliness each time it occurrs but I actually want to learn - I know there is more. I want to know what a woman knows & how she does it. Insider trading if you will. It's an unfair advantage but who cares? I just want to learn those fine tuning secrets. I know the spot just below the clitoris is the supersensitive epicentre - just as is the frenum, just below the head of a mans penis, but with a woman - its crucial this is wet. Its not a buzzer though - just like an elevator it wont matter if you push it one time or a hundred times - it wont get you to the top floor any faster. Concentrate on the whole pussy, using the same suction as eating a ripe juicy delicious peach, taking the whole vulva & sucking rather than licking, with lots of petting & lots of rubbing - always watching her face to evaluate what works best - once you find that rythm let her grind her own way to ecstacy. If you grab the outside of her whole pussy & squeeze the surounding skin, then let her do kegels to jerk herself off!
Girls are sturdy! They can withstand a large overweight man on a cocktail of pounding pills hammering away incessantly, so although its imperitive to never mistreat her in any way, being keenly alert to the optimum mix of playful force & gentle dexterity is worthy of learning! I could go on but I would rather hear from the experts - women!
& while we are on this perhaps the ladies could also discuss how they Fellate their Mate!!!

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The Dance of Love!
Posted:Aug 2, 2009 3:05 am
Last Updated:May 16, 2019 4:41 pm

The Dance of Love should be a never ending Seduction!
People so often go so all out to seduce the one they want (or at least think they want) & then once total bliss is seemingly achieved, for some inexplicable reason, the waning of something so beautiful & sweet so oft begins!
If it is so right - why let it drift away.
Never let the dance end!
Seduction should be continual!
You have finally found what you dreamed of - now you dont have to do anything anymore - Dumb!!!
To take what was initially so beautiful for granted, is a major snub to the magic of the blessing it was & a huge dissappointment to what it was meant to be.
It is worth "Everything" so dont let it go stale!
A good test is this - if your partner gives an excuse for not making love - ask - would this excuse be used if they were chasing a new partner?
Every day is a new seduction!
Dance me to the end of Love!!!

Appreciation of Women!
Posted:Aug 2, 2009 2:22 am
Last Updated:Aug 17, 2009 2:57 pm

I really do appreciate & love them much deeper than their visionary splendor! My admiration goes way beyond the superficial - and that's a huge statement because they really can be so intoxicating & hypnotic with such an abundance of charms & fabulous features.
The mind is our largest sex organ & also in charge of all the others, so why do we so often put more value on a look, or a shape, or some titties, or money, or position, or power or....
It has only been in the past 30 or 40 years that women have really had a proper say - a pretty dumb call by our predecessors, considering just how smart & switched on so many are - in equal proportions to men - and they give us a different slant on things. Silly not to listen. In saying that I dont like the "Liberation", "lets have our time & get revenge" or "hate men" take on it. A big Yes for the mutual admiration and respect - and take each on their merit just as you would with a man.
Take the angle of getting to know, understand & thriving on our differences & seeming peculiarities. You must admit - it's a sensational clash!!! Sure - there will be mismatch's & dissappointments but we all experience them along the roads we travel.
The Hottest "Sex Goddess" on earth would still never be more fulfilling than the girl who is your playful best friend & lover.
I am forever intrigued - plus I dont want to kiss any other type of being!!!
Sexual Boundaries
Posted:Jul 28, 2009 2:48 am
Last Updated:May 16, 2019 4:44 pm

An interesting & very apt topic which has huge ramifications on our relationships, but do we really pay it the full attention it ultimately deserves?
What's OK? & what is too far?
Why do we feel the need to push it?
Do we communicate & discuss this with our partners or just hope to find someone who is thinking along much the same lines at the time?
Are people bored with what is known as "Vanilla Sex" because it's become no longer the HOT thing that was once Magic? or because the love that made it magic is no longer there?
One person's "Gross" may be your "OH YES!" What freaks you out in bed might be just a typical saturday evening at your neighbours house. Something deeply romantic to your friend could make you roll your eyes.
Everyone's line in the sand is different, but a lot of us have a mental note filed away about a deed we'd never do: an act too embarrassing, degrading, uncomfortable or perhaps even Taboo!
Although pushing sexual boundaries can sometimes create excitement that fuels other aspects of your life - it may also lead to regrets or cause you to lose the one you loved - or loved you or both!
Even with couples where the love is overwhelming I still think its important to explore & experiment together - mix it up at least. Different positions, places, sometimes public, role play, blindfolds, light restraints etc - all good!
Toys just make sense - & men shouldn't be intimidated by them. If you happen to cum too quickly you can, of course, lick her pussy until you are ready again but not always & that could be a great time to have fun with your girl & join in pleasing her with toys until you are ready to go again.
Threesomes are something that for many on this site is just like a hot dinner but I think for most it is much more complicated - especially if love and/or friendship is involved. One person will always have a better time than the other two - thats an imbalance straight up & could slip by but just as easily could cause conflict or at least an uncomfortable tension & loss of trust.
Anal sex! Wow! big issue! What if you found your ultimate & perfect partner in every way - except - that one of you so totally loved anal sex & the other couldnt stand the thought of it? Of course with true love you would respect the others wishes but once again - communication. Do people always take the time to find out these important issues - or just dive in & roll along, blinded by infatuation? or the lonely need to be desired & be with someone?
When there is no love involved then of course sex has to be at least an athletic event of endurance, but there are plenty of pills & powders that can make most any man pound away incessantly & appear to be a superman.
Hmmm... - lots to think about here.
I would be interested to hear other peoples thoughts on this but I still think communication between a couple or potential couple is essential but oft overlooked!!!

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