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Welcome to Pals Blog
Posted:Jun 3, 2013 1:10 pm
Last Updated:Sep 6, 2019 5:04 am
Welcome to my blog. The original purpose was rather serious, however it has evolved into a flight of fantasy, flirting and naughty fun.
Of course the original posting is below,and is still very much active
Just sharing please read it and come back for continuous updates. It is about Daddy's Girls! (AGE friendly) ((DG))..

Although not required, I would appreciate it if you did sign in below.

Relax and enjoy your visit

Just sharing
Posted:Nov 26, 2012 4:34 pm
Last Updated:Sep 8, 2019 3:59 pm

This is an email I sent recently. It is redacted some, to take out the names of the recipients. They know, as well as my friends know who they are. Also several minor changes were made to clarify for new readers without altering the content.

Well, I think enough time has passed, so I can write this a bit calmer. I will first start by saying how sad I am at what you two (*****) are doing to DG. Your “cleaning out” of people that don’t tow whatever weird concept you two now have of a good room. Banning folks that mentioned their concerns. And even getting rid of Superstud, as a DG room member and Moderator (as you did to me as a DG member and Moderator). without any notice or discussion with him, even when you had evidence that he did nothing wrong!!!!!!! Your callous mistreatment , and lies about ***** and banning her after so such faithful service she provided to*** shocked so many regulars, do you think that did not cast a shadow on your integrity?( remember you do not operate in a vacuum, there are many eyes out there). I still have friends in DG , they are also shocked at what DG is turning into. The few mods they see, allowing trolls to run amok. It is apparent now as I reread our last conversation in Best (yes, I did cut and paste every single word of it) that you already decided that you were going to get rid of me for whatever reason you fabricated in your mind. And you did ban me from KR the day before this last discussion in Best, I am not stupid, I knew something was up. And With the lag in the conversation, you were providing ** with the words to say and then since you did not have the nerve, you had him ban me. And don’t pretend to tell me it was a “private” conversation, as*** said it was, I know you left it posted in Best so that all the mods could read it. The shock of reading it caused several to contact me about what went on. That is another example of your dishonesty. You in particular were dishonest in our conversations on “Y”, all of our conversations always ended with us working out whatever we talked about (if you have forgotten, I can give you a copy of each of those conversations). And then you bring them up in our last conversation in Best , saying that I was being disrespectful to you (the copies of our conversations clearly show that you lied to *** on that count). And as for me being a team member, I have been a very successful team leader and member with people of integrity for well over 30 years, always sharing my views, with Leaders and subordinates ,and soliciting their input. My mistake in this case was not realizing that you two had and have no integrity and certainly have no leadership qualities and no experience dealing with people with integrity. And I have come to the conclusion that the “complaints” from the regulars in DG was a fabrication (you two are so willing to violate privacy and promises (like you did to me) , but will not give me any information). By the way, how is the unbanning of**** going for you? As you say, he was such a nice guy. Please, take off your blinders and look at current issues with regulars in DG and their comments, you will see that it is getting more and more apparent that you are messing a good thing up. I have no interest in coming back and am sure you had never considered it anyways. To end on a positive note, thank you for allowing me to be part of DG for a while and making some very good friends. Also I am glad you woke me up and got me out, before the decline of DG started, saved a lot of heart burn for me, I am sure.
I just wanted to share my thoughts.
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Private Mail box
Posted:Nov 7, 2013 6:08 pm
Last Updated:Sep 15, 2019 3:58 pm
I figured, maybe is time to have a private mail box. If you have anything to ask, comment or just say, this is the place to do it. Anything sent here is going to be kept private, unless you say you want it shared.

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😲👀 Squirt ?
Posted:Oct 17, 2019 5:58 am
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2019 9:34 am
I thought by using the word ejaculation , the title would look more sophisticated . I am sensing that there is a "love/hate" relationship with cum. Do you enjoy watching or making your playmate cum? That is of course or female. Obviously a males reaction is quite visible. Ladies do you avoid your partners cum? I have noticed a variety of reactions. What do you do with his cum? Guys men do you or have you been with a woman that ejaculates (squirts/gushes) or has another manifestation of "cumming"? Please feel free to share any thoughts you may have on this

👅👄😻😲 Your choice?
Posted:Oct 16, 2019 5:42 am
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2019 6:15 am
When we dress for the day, I think most of us start with undergarments/ undies . It seems to be a tradition through most cultures. I would never complain if she decided not to though . The point of this post is to get and idea what types or styles that you use or enjoy. There are practical garments, sexy and many in between. I personally am a practical guy and favor the bower briefs for me. From a mans stand point , support is an essential matter. For her, any style will do as long as she is comfy . The materials are important of course and now days there are such varieties. What material do you pick? What would you chose for your partner, both material and style? On those occasions that you chose to go "commando" is it comfortable for you?

👅👄😻😲👀 all about the word :)
Posted:Oct 15, 2019 5:51 am
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2019 3:44 pm

Here are 20 words that actually HAVE been added to The Oxford Dictionary. As our daily attention spans get shorter and shorter and our lives become more fast-paced - we're cutting more and more corners with our vocabulary. Which goes a long way to explaining this list of modern additions - do you agree with their inclusion? Here is a short list of some of the words. Do you use these words? Are these additions as scary to you as they are to me?

1. Bling (n): Expensive, ostentatious clothing and jewelry.

2. Bromance (n): A close but non-sexual relationship between two men.

3. Chillax (v): Calm down and relax.

4. Crunk (adj): Very excited or full of energy.

5. D’oh (ex): Exclamation used to comment on a foolish or stupid action, especially one’s own.

6. Droolworthy (adj): Extremely attractive or desirable.

7. Frankenfood (n): Genetically modified food.

8. Grrrl (n): A young woman regarded as independent and strong or aggressive, especially in her attitude to men or in her sexuality (A blend of “Grrrr” and “Girl.”)

9. Guyliner (n): Eyeliner that is worn by men.

10. Hater (n): A person who greatly dislikes a specified person or thing.

11. Illiterati (n): People who are not well educated or well informed about a particular subject or sphere of activity.

12. Infomania (n): The compulsive desire to check or accumulate news and information, typically via mobile phone or computer.
13. Jeggings (n): Tight-fitting stretch trousers for women, styled to resemble a pair of denim jeans.

14. La-la Land (n): A fanciful state or dream world. Also, Los Angeles.

15. Locavore (n): A person whose diet consists only or principally of locally grown or produced food.

16. Mankini (n): A brief one-piece bathing garment for men, with a T-back.

17. Mini-Me (n): A person closely resembling a smaller or younger version of another.

18. Muffin Top (n): A roll of fat visible above the top of a pair of women’s tight-fitting low-waisted trousers.

19. Muggle (n): A person who is not conversant with a particular activity or skill.

20. Noob (n): A person who is inexperienced in a particular sphere or activity, especially computing or the use of the Internet.

👅👄😻😲👀 How would you advertise?
Posted:Oct 14, 2019 5:51 am
Last Updated:Oct 15, 2019 4:08 pm
I am going to preface this with a statement,, none of these advertisements are meant to offend,, just representations of how far our society has changed. Many of us, or some of us may remember them. What do you think of the changes in advertising society? Have you ever seen any of these? I would think that many of these would be shocking today.Share any you may have

👅👄😻 Fried taters? :)
Posted:Oct 13, 2019 6:13 am
Last Updated:Oct 14, 2019 4:03 pm
Ever since I was a , the French fry has been a favorite food group for me . There are so many styles, string cut, thick cut, wedge, chips and so many more. Served plain, ketchup on the side, cheese over it, chili. I am sorry if I mess this up, but a Canadian style called Poutine? So there is so much variety to please the most discriminating palate . Are you a French fry person? Do you avoid them. IF you like them, what is your favorite style?

👄😻😲So cheesey !!
Posted:Oct 12, 2019 5:22 am
Last Updated:Oct 13, 2019 6:18 am
Today is a fun Day. It is a Cheesey day! It is one of my many favorite foods. It is a staple food in many areas of the world. What a great way to save the diary productions in a nutritious way. I have had some in many areas of the world and generally found them all tasty. I generally like a sharp cheese as first choice. It can be prepared and served in so many ways. My favorite is served alone, possibly with crackers or bread. One way that I will not eat it is as part of macaroni and cheese . I had it so much as a , I go before I would eat it. Do you enjoy cheese? Is there a special way that you enjoy it?

😲👀 What a pair!!
Posted:Oct 11, 2019 5:30 am
Last Updated:Oct 15, 2019 8:57 am
I have to admit that her playing with my balls turns me on a lot. Like most men, I am quite attached to them . By allowing her and encouraging her to "play" with them, I am bestowing a lot of faith in her. I think it is a wonderful addition to the foreplay scenario. Like many things in life, there are a variety of sizes, shapes and peoples reactions. The sensations of gentle manipulation to me can be so dream like and sensual. She truly is in control during play. Ladies, do you enjoy including ball play into foreplay? Guys do you enjoy gentle play?

🌮😋 Laws to follow :)
Posted:Oct 10, 2019 5:34 am
Last Updated:Oct 11, 2019 5:34 am

A friend sent me these "Laws" . They gave me a laugh, so I thought I would share them. Sometimes, I think life is too serious. Wouldn't be nice to have a place you can go to, close out the Adult world and just relax and have fun? Not as an escape, just a "recharge" time. Do you have a way to just relax and recharge? There are a few that cum to mind already

1. Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until
you hear them speak.

2. A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well.

3. He who laughs last, thinks slowest.

4. A day without sunshine is like, well, night.

5. Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

6. Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't.

7. Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.

8. The 50-50-90 rule: Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something
right, there's a 90% probability you'll get it wrong.

9. If the shoe fits, get another one just like it.

10. The things that come to those who wait may be the things left by those who
got there first.

11. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will
sit in a boat all day drinking beer.

12. Flashlight: A case for holding dead batteries.

13. God gave you toes as a device for finding furniture in the dark.

14. When you go into court, you are putting yourself in the hands of twelve
people who weren't smart enough to get out of jury duty.
👄😻😲 Some chuckles :)
Posted:Oct 9, 2019 5:29 am
Last Updated:Oct 10, 2019 5:36 am

I am sharing a couple of jokes today. I like the sounds of laughing and guffaws. So here it goes, I hope they brighten your day. Please share one of yours if you can.

A guy and a girl meet at a bar. They get along so well that they decide to go to the girl’s place. A few drinks later, the guy takes off his shirt and then washes his hands. He then takes off his pants and washes his hands. The girl watches him and says, “You must be a dentist” The guy, surprised, says “Yes…how did you figure that out?” The girl says, “Easy… you keep washing your hands." One thing led to another and they make love. After they were done, the girl says, “You must be a great dentist.” The guy, now with a boosted ego says, “Yes, I sure am a great dentist. How did you figure that out?” The girl says, “Easy… I didn’t feel a thing!”


A famous American golfer is invited to go to China for a golfing tournament. From the second he gets there, he is treated like a king. He is given five-star treatment in a five-star hotel until the day of the tournament. The night before the tournament, he is sitting in his hotel room watching TV. A hot Asian girl walks up to his room and he says, "Wow. They must really love me here." He begins to have sex with her the whole night. She continues to scream, "Chung Hoi! Chung Hoi!," but he ignores it. At the tournament, the American golfer gets a hole-in-one and gets really excited. He starts yelling, "Chung Hoi! Chung Hoi!" One of the Chinese golfers says, "What do you mean 'WRONG HOLE'?"


A little boy came down to breakfast. Since they lived on a farm, his mother
asked if he had done his chores. "Not yet" said the little boy.

His mother tells him he can't have any breakfast until he does his chores.

He goes to feed the chickens and he kicks a chicken. He goes to feed the cows
and kicks a cow. He goes to feed the pigs and kicks a pig.

He goes back in for breakfast and his mother gives him a bowl of dry cereal.

"How come I don't get any eggs and bacon? Why don't I have any milk in my
cereal?" he asks.

"Well," his mother says, "I saw you kick a chicken, so you don't get any
I saw you kick the pig, so you don't get any bacon. I also saw you kick the
cow, so you aren't getting any milk."

His father comes down for breakfast, and he kicks the cat as he's walking
into the kitchen.

The little boy looks up at his mother and says, "Are you going to tell him,
or should I?"
🌮😋 In my palms !!
Posted:Oct 8, 2019 6:06 am
Last Updated:Oct 9, 2019 5:33 am
I recently heard that old Beatles song,,,, "I want to hold your hand". I got a smile on my face and it got me thinking. To me, Holding hands is only second to a kiss for sharing feelings with that special someone. It is a comforting gesture for both. It can be as intimate as you want it to be. I have seen elderly couples holding hands and you can almost see their love and their experiences over the years, Do you enjoy holding hands?


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