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set up for va cheat oass
Posted:May 10, 2020 1:09 am
Last Updated:May 21, 2020 7:40 pm

kelly and james were giggling and smoking some green when i arrived home that friday evening. sure i was supposed to be out of town, but there was that pesky blizzard that shut down all airlines indefinitely, so i had hurried back to surprise my boyfriend. i knew he was going to be missing me and so i hurried home. when i got there i was completely shocked to find kelly over, partying and wooping it up with my guy. almost pissed, i went to go straight in the den and tell her to go now... but i was thinking that maybe something sexy wouldn't be the worse thing that could happen. after all, i have never seen him with another woman while he thinks he's alone, without my adoring stare at him, i was hoping maybe he would be a little more uninhibited. i watched them talk, and flirt and kiss from a distance. i was jealous of all the kissing, even though i like to watch other women fuuck my boyfriend on occastion, kissing puts a weird, sinking feeling in my stomach... anyway, trailing them a bit closer, i pulled out my vibey toy and pressed it up- against my clit, until it started to feel amazing. james wasted no time in burying his face in between her legs... his method is soft and juicy and i could tell it was doing the trick on her because she was wiggling around, grabbing his long hair tightly, she is rubbing her pussy on his face suddenly. she lets out almost what sounded like a howel, which lasted for a good 2 minutes or so. yep she was riding that oral wave and he had tasted the rainbow. after that she lit a ciggerette, they joked and laughed some, and she kinda pushed him over and got up on top of him. she rubed foward and slowly backward, rubing herself over his hard cock. damn was about dancing around (his hardon) and with a fluid motion she slid her pusycat around his throbbing dick, and kelly starts to grind in a circle, and rock front and back... he moaned and made little squeek noises like he does when excited, until she asked him how it felt? he shot back that her pussy was tight, like wraped, and he asked her to slow down, almost hold still, so he wouldn't cum yet. he held her firmly, his hand on her butt cheek, and i though for sure he would explode that moment in time. but he took control, gently laid her down on her belly, and asked her if she could grab her ass cheeks and spread them open, part her legs slightlyand , and she said "unhuuu" told him to be gentle. as to be expected, he was soft and methodical with her... dipping his sword deep into her tight hole deeply and fully penetrated, he rocked that ass until.... until i creamed all over the shirt i was sitting on from my secret perch. only i kept cuming for awhile. OMG this was super hot, but came on unexpectedly. usually i edge myself alone climax, but now there was no getting past it. "mmmm" james exclaimed, asking kelly if he had permission to fill up her ass with nut and she said "fuck yeah" and he gave it one last thrust toward her ass, his hands holding on so tightly to her hips that it left a mark. i mean like a srain. he was happy with his performance i could tell. but then like every guy does, he offered her a toke but still dressed quickly and mumbled something about babysitting his neice. good boy. he used her slut ass then she was over. that's the way we roll. when he got back from dropping her off, i was naked in wait for him. he was ready for me. good dammit. we never talked about it and i will not forget he did omit a truth here, but it worked to my benefit. and who says my glass isnt over flowing the half way mark? no, i'm a fuucking amazing girlfriend. see one little think known only to me,,, is that i sent her right to him that night, as soon as i discovered that they cancelled my flight. felt kinda wrong but it came out so right

{true story ladies, gents and not so gents! as told by robyn marie, may 2020}
i want you to fuuck me (you!)
Posted:May 3, 2020 11:03 am
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2020 3:29 pm
so i had order a new toy / vibey thing for my clit. broke the last one. maybe i'm hard on my toys, but i hard and that right now that is all i can do... try. not try get him bac just get my fuck on. and try like hell i will. my selfish boyfriend got his bj and got off (iimmediately) and then never takes care of me. what a shame for him. those who are only out for number one, never please the girl and miss all that sexy fun. why? 'cause he done. thank you boyfriend for the privilege of sucking your dick, and never cum again. at least not in my mouth. so are there any crazy guys out there that seriously want come over maybe anf fuck me while he sits and watches? he always did like watch. well announce yourself already. i need some cock, and no need lick my asshole inside out!

i want you to fuuck me (you!)
Posted:May 3, 2020 11:03 am
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2020 3:29 pm
so i had order a new toy / vibey thing for my clit. broke the last one. maybe i'm hard on my toys, but i hard and that right now that is all i can do... try. not try get him bac just get my fuck on. and try like hell i will. my selfish boyfriend got his bj and got off (iimmediately) and then never takes care of me. what a shame for him. those who are only out for number one, never please the girl and miss all that sexy fun. why? 'cause he done. thank you boyfriend for the privilege of sucking your dick, and never cum again. at least not in my mouth. so are there any crazy guys out there that seriously want come over maybe anf fuck me while he sits and watches? he always did like watch. well announce yourself already. i need some cock, and no need lick my asshole inside out!

i will be light, i will find me, somehow i know that i can
Posted:May 3, 2020 5:32 am
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2020 3:29 pm

well shiit. the time has come where i have do something that i have hoped not ever have do... i have my pride and i my reputation in my online presence but every- fucking- body needs ask for help occasionally. so here goes folks...

and rather then a plea for help, please consider this a learning experiemce and ponder what you would do if it all happened you. and perhaps you have some simply damn good advice. please do share your thoughts and ask anything....

i am renting a storage unit, and looking for somebody with a truck and friends to assist me in moving out of the house i occupy at this time. it is no longer making any sense to stay where i am at, because the place is in my boyfriend's name.

i am also seeking a place of refuge where i can stay until (???) i figure out what the hell i am going to do. i cannot emphasize enough... many of you told me to leave or lose myself, but that already happened. now i need to find me in all this mess.

not looking to move into anybody's bed, room or house of pain, be anyone's possession or girlfriend or one and only... not into drama, and not looking for any either. a female companion would be great too. ladies don't get stuck like i did!!!

i am not opposed to sleeping with my housemate(s) and i hope to find a fuckable person or couple to get it on with daily. having said that, i do not want a serious, exclusive cage, a guy with rage, or a ring to be engaged. stop that.

i to find "moving crew" friends, rommies, locate a car to make use of, and along the way, may that bring me newfound friendship and amazing sex, of my favorite things in the world. have one 23 lb cat btw.

a word about my situation:

darling, if you, jj, are reading this... know that this was not written as a hate crime on you... it not about you. sure i love you, but i love myself more. and for that reason i must go, since i cannot maintain self respect as long as i allow you treat the way that you do. taken for granted, unappreciated, isolated, and i've been such a fucking mess. miss me? you didn't miss me when i was there, so step off and exit the ride you are over.

everyone else: all you need know is that i am moving on in my life because somewhere along the line i lost myself in all of this nonsense. and i've become somebody i am not... all the time crying, isolating, finding myself even without words (those of you who know me will question this, no doubt!)

i have never been so disrespected, disregarded and used as i feel now. and since i have exhusted my efforts in tring work things out with a miserable person who only wants live under a negitivity cloak, i do have take back my power in the only way i know how: exercise my right be live without abuse, and i can only assure that by taking a chance out there in the big bad world. here i go.

as a witch its been difficult not break out the black/dark magick that is known vodoo this asshole. he deserves it yet its not my place deal out fate. karma will prevail here and as i believe is always the case, the light will overcome the dark age, and there will be peace, and let it begin with me. i will be light.
mr "i-don't-hit-women" strikes out with girlfriend
Posted:May 2, 2020 8:35 pm
Last Updated:May 3, 2020 1:21 am

can i please get a scale of morality over here. help this man. he wonders why mobody takes him seriously, nobody beleives him when he say's things, and he doesn't understand why this argument ended in my calling him a liar. i had calmly explain, when you lie it seems from then you are not be trusted and its refelcted in the way others see the shape of you. this man has no idea that trust must be earned and nobody is entitled it. this man has a tear, for himself and nobody else.

and that is what i am putting with... isolating with this selfish jerk is my own personal dirty secret, and i am ready bloom into a butterfly and make off into the social scene once again, where there about potential friendships abound, gathered in a circle, spiraling around... yes its almost time to go. the transition will embrace the suck and i hate to leave this cute little house, don't want to have to go, but his name is on it so i had better get (the fuuck away)! jj stands for just jimmy, a ghost i used to know. get it? got it? good!

back in the day when we were barely friends, i never liked jj much. he was always trying to kiss on me, but wouldn't fuck me. instead he liked to watch other guys fuck me. i didn't get it, and i thought he was pathetic. that was then. today i am weak where he is strong it weight of the power scale falls on his side and with the 'less is more" approach, he says very little, and still he wins every fight, has to have the last word.

and tho he doesn't women, he /does/ throw us under the bus. hell even his mom is not safe from this happening her, if the benefits are great enough jj, his own mom will do in a pinch. quietly plotting his revenge over nothing. my demise is in his sites. he is a heart-taker, soul sucker and candlestick maker and this tired mama cannot abide, now i want fuck off and hide, again he spoke and again he lied, and jj feels justified tucked under my skin, and again.

i am so small today when standing among just-jimmy, or at least he'd like be less then zero less then zero, the way i feel when i am by his side. i told him back then to never half/ass because i'm not that kinda girl. but he has been half/assed since the day i decided share my life with him. now he is so disrespectful, he is not even really a good friend. and that will not satisfy , this creep is trying kill sexXy! help . i am and i love fuck daily, but i can barely stand this man i wish i didn't love. wish i could go back in time, change my mind.

i gave him too much power. see men they dig the chase, as in, the pursuit of a woman they have yet to bed down. when females treverse this role, a nd "chase down" a man, for example if she loved him too much, had a weak spot for him (unlike any damsels i know of anyway. yeah right)! i have allowed the power to shift into his favor. considering i used to think this guy was a loser, and here i am now, all smittin... i really hould have trusted my instincts initiallty.
then i would have //never// come here to this place. my hell, for now anyway.

this computer geeks search history is littered with searches on gaslighting, dirty tricks, revenge fantasy, plays on weaknesses, manipulation, mind control and definitions of my psych meds. one thing certain about this mix/matched union is that we are both fixated, obsessed really, with one another. i guess it could be compared to an addiction. still, its lacking in power is showing over time, i get closer to reclaiming what is rightfully mine. this love is like a thorn without a rose.

socially distance my ass!
Posted:Apr 5, 2020 1:36 am
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2020 3:29 pm
social distancing? yeah, ok... well here is my plan, stay at home, distance myself from the public, but continue occasionally hook . that's my plan and i'm sticking it. i'm not sick but i AM sick of the talk, warnings and complaining about this virus. geez. my best friend will go Aldi, Schnucks but won't come over my house. fuuck him! i say your just too goddamn sensitive and it's not censorship this time, but "social distancing". great for the paranoid people. suucks for those of us who like to get, um, social occasion. now don't get wrong, i have a live-in boyfriend so sex with strangers in unnecessary, how sometimes we like add some additional spice our special sauce, so speak. this is a recipe for hot, naughty, kinky sex we should be ashamed admit , but i'm sooo not holding shame, and the spread pf social diseases? i'm not blame. clean, std & virus free. and distancing? if i stop quickly my boyfriends cock penetrates my ass. lol. no really! it's true.

he loves anal and has turned me into a fan of anal, porn, 3ways and swinging. i cannot get enough sometimes, unless of course i am getting enough. usually i am, but always down for some new flavor, and not the vanilla kind. generally, females and other couples. new male fwb being considered, but nobody in mind yet. except i want to meet my fan maximan!!! (are you reading this?) well shiit, i have to run because we are hooking up with another couple we met on locanto. i've attached some recent fuckfests with others (friends) to catch you all up since its been a minute since i blogged. enjoy and comments please!!!!thaFUUCKERYshow

tweaker monkey stoned and spun fun
Posted:Jan 7, 2020 4:30 am
Last Updated:May 19, 2020 4:06 am

hi, my name is {sexxxyfuuckbiitc) and i'm a drug addict. i'm here because i want to promote my recreational drug use. these days i am not an equal opportunity drug user, just a stoner biitch and a tweak monkey. and that is enough for me. now i wish i felt like going downstairs because i want to masterbate.. got my clit vibrator all usb charged up. but if i stay here in the bedroom, i'll end up waking the crabby bear in the bed who needs to get some sleep before work...

what am i saying then? that getting high equals masturbation? well, first of all, i'm not spun, yet. but i AM stoned... and 2nd, well, yes my true confession to you about gettin high made me horny... but there are more stimulants to entice me, like the energy that flows thru me, like an wicked gypsy nympho i walk with my boots through the trenches of my desire, and this just means that i could stand to get higher!

so what do i do? drugs! and what do i get? your hugs(?) i think i'm going to have to relocate to the living room on the first floor, and quite soon i might add. maybe i'll broadcast, idk yet. but what i do knows is that i'm going to edge my way slowly,methodically into orgasm.

goddess i love doing that... "edging" is when you keep allowing yourself to get so close to climax that your almost there, your entire body tingling from pleasure pangs... until you have tortured yourself enough, then you let go and let live. or is it let love? either way i'm doing some fuucking hot rails!!!

Posted:Jan 6, 2020 7:54 am
Last Updated:Jan 6, 2020 7:56 am
i write poetry, stories and blogs daily... and i like to rhyme from time to time (uh wasn't planned, well none of writing is planned!). anyway, i write a lot about wiitchcraft (yes the double "i's" belong there, lets just it a quirk... so i discovered "biitchcraft" rhymes with "wiitchcraft" and it just came . i didnt read it anywhere else, and i'd never heard anyone use it a sentence, but it much originate from somewhere. right? but at first i didn;t put much thought into what it actually means.

in the urban dictionary, "bitchcraft" is defined as the following:
The act of being a total bitch; often practicing the acts of upsetting people for the sake of it, being obnoxious to people who have done nothing, going of ones way ruin peoples day, abusing athority do any of the preceding.

and i beg differ... so what do i consider "biitchcraft" mean audience own personal writings? well it would look something like this: "the art of being in touch with your inner biitch". and what the hell does // mean you wonder? i'd say a woman's inner biitch is part of herself must be a biitch when necessary for self preservation and maybe a splash of karmic justice. it means doing what you got do restore balance and personal power.

can anyone think of a situation where biitchcraft, based on definition would be appropriate practice it's art? next time we will talk more about wiitchcraft, what kind i practice, and how it relates sex. for now peace for now tho kiddos!
2020 and sex is still in vogue
Posted:Jan 3, 2020 3:53 am
Last Updated:Jan 8, 2020 1:45 am
when i was a i used to argue with my boyfriend about whether it was or love that made the world go around... and today i say neither... sex makes the world, at least my world, go around and every which direction it can go... that's how i roll these days. i am unicorn! i love sex like the fat loves cake. what can i say, i was drawn this way. my boyfriend thinks i've lost it on the rare occasion i've said "no"and the two times in 2 years i wasn't in the mood, he threw a fit. that's because i've spoiled him silly. hell i can't even cuddle with him without suucking his cock! now that is true dedication to the art of fuucking. but hey i want him to love me like i love pot! and my Local Shemale Hookups friends know how i am, and the rest of you, i can't fuuck everyone so grab a seat and wait in the office marked "department of NO' but if you are unique say so.

Not Bling Owner
Posted:Dec 30, 2019 7:51 pm
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2020 3:29 pm

"every manifestation and physical form you take, you exude sexitude and bless the universe with kinetic orgasms" -paul

the above is a quote from my longtime best friend paul, about me. funny he sounds like a phan //fan// right? well he is, my #1 fan... says so on his caller ID. yes paul knows me well... we dated for nearly a decade, our love was self-made. now for 2 years i've been with jd, but a time not so long ago, i was paul's and he was mine.

we agreed on a friendship though, and these days we are just the best of friends. but its hard for him to keep his hands off me, at least with his eyes. feasting them upon me, he dare not touch too much. but earlier tonight he brushed his hand over my clothed breast ever so slightly asking me if i had anything on underneath. i didn't of course, and there is the flirt, the hook that holds his hostage, even if after the fact.

we are sitting here smoking and listening to afroman's colt 45. now eminem. so do you still want to fuuck your ex? i still think about fuucking paul from time to time, but it never happens anymore. but its not because he don't want it, because he most definitely does.
festivities for the holiday
Posted:Dec 29, 2019 9:02 pm
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2020 3:29 pm
blogger mama been busy, so its been a hot minute since i've had time to write on this forum. i've been oh so busy with the holidays, family obligations, and let's not leave out all the sex. yes, in said "all the sex and that is exactly what i meant to say. what your holiday festivities didn't take you on a magick carpet ride to nirvana? bummer for you man. iv'e had the time of my (sex) life, and its only just begun. yes that's in a song i know! so we are welcoming to new friends, but i'm just not a very good hostess i'm afraid. i never serve food, not even snacks... but i do give and l expect respect, practice honestly, and sarcasm is free of charge. no , no animals, no pee/poo play, no family sick shiit. well i have so much more to say, but my fuuck buddy is on his way over, so i need to hurry up and shower! be good or be good at it! love you my fans!
festuvus for the rest of us
Posted:Dec 26, 2019 1:58 am
Last Updated:Jan 3, 2020 4:09 am
omgoddess! here is a gallery of fuuckfest pix for you to enjoy this naughty season...

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