Promise you won't get mad  

strainGR616 59M
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8/14/2019 12:23 pm
Promise you won't get mad

Promise You Won't Get Mad

I convinced my girlfriend to give my buddy a hand job. Just a hand job. We were all hanging out smoking and drinking and feeling good. The talk turned to my buddy Ron who had no girlfriend. We teased him about having to jerk off. I suggested my girl give him a pity hand job so he wouldn't have to jerk off alone. It seemed like a good idea.

I was only half serious. I didn't really expect she or he would go for it but we were beyond just buzzed so it really didn't take much to get this going. Ron stood up and just dropped his pants. Standing in his boxer briefs with his hands together looking toward the ceiling he prayed silently. My girl couldn't keep her eyes off the big salami hanging down the leg of his underwear.

“Promise you won't get mad” my girlfriend said to me.

She wasn't asking or waiting for an answer. She got right down on her knees in front of Ron and started rubbing his dick. I could tell by the look on her face she was very happy to be doing this. She peeled down his underwear and his fat dick sprang up and came to rest against her cheek. She reached up and held his dick against her cheek and stroked it, kissing it and pressing it on her face. She was loving this!

Ron was also loving this. She was taking her time getting acquainted with his dick and it was growing to an easy 8 thick inches in her hand.

Just a hand job had probably already gone too far. In fact, if I didn't know better I'd say she was getting ready to suck it. I actually didn't know better and thought I'd put on the brakes by suggesting Ron sit down. That way at least they can break contact and her face won't be right there on his dick. It was supposed to be just a fucking hand job

Ron sat and my girl was on her knees between his legs. It seemed to do the trick as she kept his dick at arms length stroking him while she played with his balls. She was fawning over his dick telling him how nice it was and how big it was (obviously) and how she didn't think it would fit in her pussy and how she would surely cum as soon as it was in her. It was really raunchy stuff I never heard come out of her mouth about my dick.

Then she looked at me. I have seen the look before just not in this context. Sure enough she looked back at him then bent down and swallowed his fat dick. She exhibited cock sucking skills I never knew she had. Like an idiot I just sat there and watched it happen as she enjoyed his dick. She put all her sucking skills to task and gave that man's dick a workout.

“Gonna cum.' he announced after awhile. Then he came in my girls mouth. Not cool. She swallowed it all. All of it. Seemed to enjoy it as well. What the fuck ?!

My girlfriend skipped off happy with a belly full of cum. Ron went home happy with his balls drained. I am left standing there wondering what the fuck just happened.

Later, like two minutes after Ron left later, my girl comes to me and gets on her knees and gives me the most incredible blowjob ever. Ever! After, as I'm laying in bed completely spent my girl says those magic words again, “promise you won't get mad.”

After some hesitation she goes on to make a confession that her favorite fantasy to get herself off is thinking about having men come over and fuck the crap of out her while I watch. Of course, afterward she always shows her appreciation to me.

So who wants just a hand job ?

Heathen_G 60M
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8/14/2019 7:05 pm

At this point maybe you should just refer to her as your fwb. A girlfriend , would be loyal to only you. She clearly was not.

strainGR616 replies on 8/15/2019 11:43 am:
As long as I got what I needed she was my girl >>! didn't last though!

joeiscurious4fun 53M
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8/14/2019 2:13 pm


strainGR616 replies on 8/15/2019 11:44 am:

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8/14/2019 12:58 pm

"Promise you won't get mad"

The five most dreaded words in the English male language.

strainGR616 replies on 8/15/2019 11:44 am:
no doubt

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