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Promise you won't get mad
Posted:Aug 14, 2019 12:23 pm
Last Updated:Nov 18, 2019 11:02 am
Promise You Won't Get Mad

I convinced my girlfriend to give my buddy a hand job. Just a hand job. We were all hanging out smoking and drinking and feeling good. The talk turned to my buddy Ron who had no girlfriend. We teased him about having to jerk off. I suggested my girl give him a pity hand job so he wouldn't have to jerk off alone. It seemed like a good idea.

I was only half serious. I didn't really expect she or he would go for it but we were beyond just buzzed so it really didn't take much to get this going. Ron stood up and just dropped his pants. Standing in his boxer briefs with his hands together looking toward the ceiling he prayed silently. My girl couldn't keep her eyes off the big salami hanging down the leg of his underwear.

“Promise you won't get mad” my girlfriend said to me.

She wasn't asking or waiting for an answer. She got right down on her knees in front of Ron and started rubbing his dick. I could tell by the look on her face she was very happy to be doing this. She peeled down his underwear and his fat dick sprang up and came to rest against her cheek. She reached up and held his dick against her cheek and stroked it, kissing it and pressing it on her face. She was loving this!

Ron was also loving this. She was taking her time getting acquainted with his dick and it was growing to an easy 8 thick inches in her hand.

Just a hand job had probably already gone too far. In fact, if I didn't know better I'd say she was getting ready to suck it. I actually didn't know better and thought I'd put on the brakes by suggesting Ron sit down. That way at least they can break contact and her face won't be right there on his dick. It was supposed to be just a fucking hand job

Ron sat and my girl was on her knees between his legs. It seemed to do the trick as she kept his dick at arms length stroking him while she played with his balls. She was fawning over his dick telling him how nice it was and how big it was (obviously) and how she didn't think it would fit in her pussy and how she would surely cum as soon as it was in her. It was really raunchy stuff I never heard come out of her mouth about my dick.

Then she looked at me. I have seen the look before just not in this context. Sure enough she looked back at him then bent down and swallowed his fat dick. She exhibited cock sucking skills I never knew she had. Like an idiot I just sat there and watched it happen as she enjoyed his dick. She put all her sucking skills to task and gave that man's dick a workout.

“Gonna cum.' he announced after awhile. Then he came in my girls mouth. Not cool. She swallowed it all. All of it. Seemed to enjoy it as well. What the fuck ?!

My girlfriend skipped off happy with a belly full of cum. Ron went home happy with his balls drained. I am left standing there wondering what the fuck just happened.

Later, like two minutes after Ron left later, my girl comes to me and gets on her knees and gives me the most incredible blowjob ever. Ever! After, as I'm laying in bed completely spent my girl says those magic words again, “promise you won't get mad.”

After some hesitation she goes on to make a confession that her favorite fantasy to get herself off is thinking about having men come over and fuck the crap of out her while I watch. Of course, afterward she always shows her appreciation to me.

So who wants just a hand job ?
Strangers in the Park
Posted:Jul 31, 2019 9:55 pm
Last Updated:Aug 6, 2019 10:02 am
*based on an actual experience in a Grand Rapids, MI area park

Strangers in the Park

One afternoon in the car the park my girlfriend started feeling on my dick. We were basically alone in area of the park so I was ready have some fun. I got my hand her skirt and her pussy was already moist. We spent some time kissing and groping each other before she went for my belt.

“I'm gonna jerk you off,” she teased.

She slid my pants half down and got my dick fully hard in her hand. We were kissing and she was slowly jerking my dick when an older man in an SUV pulled up spaces beside us, close enough see down into our car. So much for privacy. I was certain he could clearly see my dick in her hand but she didn't care.

“Fuck him,” she whispered to , “I'm gonna jerk you off.”

She kept on jerking on my dick while the stranger leaned forward from time to time to watch. After a few minutes I didn't notice the stranger any more. A few moments later I realized he was of his vehicle moving closer my girlfriends window.

I whispered my girlfriend the peeper was coming her window get a closer . Her reply was, “well... jerking you off so...” and we continued making and she kept jerking off.

The man was now her window watching. He may have been jerking off as well. My girlfriend stopped kissing and smiled into my eyes. Then, completely of character she lifted her skirt and opened her legs exposing her sopping wet panties the stranger.

“Let him ” she whispered.

Leaving her legs open she leaned over my lap taking my dick into her mouth. As her mouth showed her desire in moment, I reached down and pulled her panties aside exposing everything to the stranger.

The stranger took as an invitation and didn't waste any time. He put his middle fingers in his mouth and withdrew them dripping with saliva. His hand went between my girls legs and his fingers disappeared deep inside her pussy. She moaned on my dick as the stranger began her with his fingers.

I was enjoying the show as the stranger's fingers slowly fucked my girls pussy. My girl was showing her appreciation with her mouth on my dick. It was amazing.

My blowjob didn't last long. The stranger had finger skills and soon she found it difficult concentrate on sucking my dick. She finally just sat up in her seat spreading her legs for the stranger. She leaned back with her eyes closed as the stranger slowly fingered her an orgasm left her quivering and moaning in her seat. It was very exciting watch.

Later night my girlfriend was feeling uncertain about what had happened and I assured her everything was cool. I told her it was a side of her I liked and would like to see and share it with her again. She admitted the strangers fingers had given her the most incredible orgasm ever.

I need to find more strangers.


* the next day I discovered the stranger had left all over the door of my car
She Wants to Meet You
Posted:Jul 28, 2019 10:00 pm
Last Updated:Jul 28, 2019 10:14 pm
You and I met right here just like this.

I was telling you that I have a sexy friend is turned on by the idea of watching a man give a man a blowjob. She wants watch and get fucked real good at the time.

A sexy mom in her 40s loves fuck...

As I was telling you all this you interrupted me, “Bro, ?! I would be into sucking you while your sexy friend watches. Also, I have a nice dick and like fuck. I would enjoy fucking your friends pussy orgasm. What about me?”

You? Yes. I knew my friend would like you and your dick because I liked you and you had a nice dick so I set it up for us meet. I told her I have a friend has a nice dick was going suck me off and did she want watch and maybe also fuck while being watched and knows and she said she would be willing check it . That meant yes.

We met at a clean, comfortable, discreet location with time enjoy ourselves. There was a nervous excitement as we entered the room. I slid the lock on the door and immediately suggested, “Let's get naked.” but I wanted you and I take her clothes off. You and I got naked first then we stripped and teased her naked before the of us stood in a circle groping and feeling each other. I could tell she was excited. We were all very excited.

You sat on the bed and she sat next to you while I stood in front of you both. My dick was already hard so I had her hold it while you began sucking. She watched intently as your mouth moved slowly back and forth over my hard dick. Your mouth felt good and she was loving the show right there in front of her.

I reached down and found her pussy dripping with desire. I had you stop sucking and laid her back on the bed. We both turned our attention to her. We held her legs open and I teased her pussy with my dick while you toyed her clit.

Her hand was around your dick stroking you hard as I just barely dipped my dick in and of her pussy teasing her then sliding it back in your mouth so you could suck the pussy off my dick.

As much as she was enjoying the show she didn't want be teased anymore. She wanted get fucked. I had her put a condom on you. I wanted her know she was about get fucked by you. She was on her back and I was on my knees next her. I watched as she spread her legs and guided your dick into her pussy.

At first I just watched you fuck before you leaned down and swallowed my dick. You went from focusing on sucking back fucking and around and around again giving her the show and the fucking she was hoping for.

It all came a climax as I gave in the pleasure of your mouth. She smiled and laughed as I ejaculated for you. Then totally spent I collapsed back and watched you bring her to orgasm. Once she was satisfied you took off your condom and ejaculated hard over her body.

That was the first time we met. Remember?

Of course you don't remember because this hasn't happen yet.

Why? Because I haven't met you yet. What are you waiting for?

She wants to meet you

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In and Out in 8 Minutes or Less
Posted:Jul 24, 2019 9:42 pm
Last Updated:Aug 2, 2019 9:09 am
I was living in the Heritage Hill area at the time, a short walk from the McDonalds. I was at the McDonalds that night to buy a cheeseburger when a cute young lady who worked there took a liking to me. As I waited for my food she asked me what I was doing later. I told her I would be at home and she should stop by my place down the street.

I half expected her to not come by but shortly after 11pm my bell rang and all of a sudden there was this cute thing smelling like french fries standing in my place. I was hoping we were going to fuck. Or eat.

Right away she just started getting undressed and I'm thinking yes, we are going to fuck. She had a toned little body, tight ass, tiny titties, a light muff of blond hair between the legs. Sexy as fuck. Smelling like grease and potatoes butt naked sexy as fuck.

She told me she had been thinking about this the rest of her shift

I got undressed really quick and was hard as a rock ready as she bent over and wiped a big wad of spit in and around her ass. She slid a finger in and out of her butt as she looked back at me and told me to fuck her ass.

I fucked her ass.

I fucked her ass for half the night. Ok, it was really just under 3 minutes but then I filled her tiny little ass with big load of hot cum.

Then she got dressed and she left.

I never saw her again.

She was in my place for a total of about 8 minutes. Or less.

What Happens Next ?
Posted:Jul 21, 2019 3:08 pm
Last Updated:Jul 24, 2019 9:44 pm
Is letting a man jerk me off a gateway to other man on man activities ?

To a point, yes. It could lead to getting my dick sucked and that might be really good.

But fuck no. I mean no fuck. I don’t take dick in the ass. No desire to go there. Never wanted to kiss a man either.

🖐🏾 Handjob from a dude ? Yes
😮 Blowjob from a dude ? Sure
☝🏾 Finger in the ass? No

Nothing else in the ass either, thank you for asking.

That’s cool, isn’t it ?

Looking for the good
Posted:Jul 12, 2019 10:27 am
Last Updated:Jul 24, 2019 9:45 pm
I just turned 59 and have always enjoyed “girl watching” all ages from college grads to grandmas. Maybe I am just a special kind of perv but it all looks good to me.

I see many attractive sizes, shapes, and shades every day, everywhere I go. My imagination can run on the wild side so I can see myself enjoying many... pleasures.

I could even attend an ugly convention and find some attractive sizes, shapes, and shades of women there.

It all depends on what you look for.

You can look for good or you can look for bad and that is what you will see.

Life is better when you look for the good. When you look for what fits you are more likely to find it.

a special kind of perv 🤓

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Yes I would
Posted:Jul 10, 2019 9:52 am
Last Updated:Jul 24, 2019 9:46 pm

Someone I know told me she wants to try this with her man. Sadly because we have a past it can’t be with me - but would I

Let the boyfriend suck my dick while he fucks his girlfriend ?


Even if that means I don’t get to fuck or otherwise do anything with the girlfriend ?


Basically I get to watch them fuck and she gets to watch her man suck my dick


What if she just watches, no fucking ?


What if she isn’t around, just him sucking my dick ?


What if the girlfriend isn’t a she ?

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Shared Wife
Posted:Jul 8, 2019 2:11 pm
Last Updated:Jul 24, 2019 9:50 pm
I have been watching / enjoying “shared wife” videos lately. Something about watching a wife spread her legs for another man and getting fucked to orgasm gets me hard.

I used to have a friend who would orgasm hard as we fucked and talked about her being shared. She liked to be on top riding as I spread her ass with my hands and talked about another man sliding his hard cock in her ass and fucking her until he filled her ass with cum. She didn't even enjoy anal and had never had two cocks but this sex talk about being shared always got her off.

I have often thought it would be exciting if my wife wanted to be shared like this. I suspect my wife would secretly love to experience a different man's mouth on her pussy making her orgasm. I think she would enjoy exploring with her hands and mouth on a nice thick cock, a little longer and thicker than mine. I am fairly certain she would love to feel a new cock full of desire filling her pussy, fucking her to several orgasms. That I would love to see and I suspect she would secretly love to feel, but I don't believe she would admit it to me.

I have this idea...

I wait until we are having some infrequent and sweaty sex then tell her about this “dream I had” about her.

I whisper in her ear about this dream where I was sitting on the edge of the bed and she was holding my dick in her hand, hard as a rock, as I watched her orgasm from another man fucking her.

Maybe if she is or becomes excited by my dream ???

Surely there are wives and others here who have been fucked to orgasm by another man

Surely there are men here with enough cock skills to give my wife orgasms

Is this really a good time or better left as fantasy talk during sex?



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