JEDI PRINCE want's to SHOOT CUM deep inside that soaking FUCKABLE PUSSY DOGGY-STYLE after a very long session of very slow COCK/CUNT ACTION and FACE-FUCK it untill you see stars

SkywalkerSpunk Google Com

I want you to Lick my Cock up and down as I stroke your Hair. I want you to feel your glossed Lips, Sharp Teeth and tight Throat as I massage your skull. I want you to lay back and warm my Balls with both hands -while I rock your Jaw. I want you to suck Semen through my Nuts untill I shoot you in the mouth. I want you to feel the force as I chew on your Chest, Cunt and Anal.

Chest, I like to be roughly force-fed when it comes to Breasts, I give Love-bites here and I suck stronger the closer I am to the nipple.

Cunt, Gotta have upper Thighs crushing my Head as you Sqiurt up my nose, I Slurp and Suck your juice and let you Scrape and Graze your Flesh against my Face as I press down your Ass-Cheeks, This is where I Fist you and lick your Crack.

Anal, Optional, I wet my Fingers and rub all around untill you insist in taking my Helmet, I have you speak dirty to me as I slowley leek Sperm around your hole and rub it in and around like it's oil -I just love to shoot SkywalkerSpunk up a Female Ass.

I want you to do Hardcore Modeling with me. I want you to do Hardcore Pornography with me.

Topic(s): Models/Photographers

JediPrince 35M

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