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Fishing Holiday part 2   5/29/2004

Once we had returned home Sue and I had a long talk about the events on the holiday. The outcome was that we should both continue to enjoy ourselves with others. Sue would not agree to swapping or threesomes, even after I told her that I knew about Spain and the four men that she and Carol had screwed the night away with. Alas she still wouldn’t agree so as I was to have my sexual ...

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knichols55 72 M
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My Wife Likes Big Black Dick   5/26/2004

A few years ago, I was married to a beautiful Oriental girl, Carmen was 31 years old and a virgin when I married her. Her measurements 36-26-38, 5ft.1in, 110 lbs and a tight hairy pussy. We had been married for awhile, over 3 years, before we started to use toys to stimulate and excite us to more orgasms. Her fantasy to fuck a black man with over a 9 in. dick was one we played often using a ...

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funmncpl5916 60 C
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Swinging can be great but you must be open mined!!   5/26/2004

My hunny and I have been swinging for approx. 4 years. We have had some great times and some bad. When you go into a swingers party, you seem to find out soon who you click with and who you don't. The problems I've found at some of the swing parties we have attended is the people that need to have that perfect 10 body to play with. Swinging is suppose to be open minded so for all of ...

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rm_Orgasmic4u2 56 F
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My crazy hormones...........   5/25/2004

smiles..I love how my hormones make me crazy and wild and hungry and lustful..(damn I love these adjectives!) My nipples were erect and I tweaked them.......I knew I had to have a couple of orgasms from a quick tweak. (How could I ever get a job in an office...lol) <br> <br> I laid on my bed with the window slightly open to keep the air cool and my nipples erect. ...

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snowball321 58 F
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re:he likes watching me   5/24/2004

It is so much a turn on to see your partner with someone. i dont know about others but it has done wonders for our relasinship.

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STOP! Asking Questions or Advices HERE!   5/24/2004

This section is for posting Swing Stories not for asking questions or advice! There is an entire section dedicated for questions and advice... please use it!

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rm_two4fun1962 51 F
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Re: Why No Photo?   5/22/2004

People without a pic are doomed for failure huh? HMMMM, I have to disagree, seeing as I have NO pic posted, HAVE met 3 men in a month, that doesn't sound like failure to me. I suppose it may be because if they ask for a pic, I WILL SEND ONE.

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Toolmanne 80 M
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Why No Photo?   5/21/2004

I don't want to start a pissing contest here but I've noticed that many of the people that write to complain about lack of actual contact, superficial people who only want to look at pix of pussy, cock and ass etc. don't actually have a pic of themselves up. Now there can be numerous reasons for this, however, I for one would never even consider writing or responding to anyone who doesn't ...

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Toolmanne 80 M
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Re: Florida Swing Clubs   5/18/2004

Recently I found a swing club in Sarasota. The Erotic Arts Society. I haven't checked it out yet, they do allow single guys on certain nights but its awfully pricey. Just wondering if anyone has been there yet?

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rm_MsLoveM 65 F
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Re: Why are so many men here scared to follow through   5/18/2004

So I'm not the only one to have noticed this! let me say I'm not a man hater, I love men, but they can be so juvenile! They load your mail box with pictures of their cocks, letters detailing their sexual prowness, or just stating, "I wanna fuck u". That makes me want to respond quick....not! I have also found that when it comes time to step up to the plate they chicken out! I think they ...

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Re Why so many men do not follow through   5/18/2004

please let me know, I have been on this site a year and a half and I have not even received a response. Please drop me an e-mail and I'll be sure to show. Regards.

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rm_Datacpl 45 C
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Her First Time But Not Her Last I Hope   5/17/2004

My wife and I had talked about swinging many times but only in fantasy. She would really get off on talking about it. When I first brought it up the idea was shut down really quick. Then I told her I just wanted to fantasize about it. I would tell her in her ear how we would go out to this bar and she would dance and flirt with other guys and then take one of them back to our hotel room and ...

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scott4donna 64 C
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Donna's First Time (Part 1)   5/15/2004

Donna’s First Time (Part 1) <br> After our first few years of marriage, my wife asked me about my fantasies and I told her I would like to engage in a threesome or foursome. She said a threesome with another woman, and I replied, no, another man. Donna then related an experience she had after her first two-year marriage ended, as she slowly fondled me. She had dated two ...

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scott4donna 64 C
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Donna's First Time (Part 2)   5/15/2004

Donna First Time (Part 2) <br> After Donna had finished with Bill, we all retired to bed, as it was now about 2:00 A.M. and we were spent. I woke up the next morning around 7:45 A.M., and found Donna missing from bed. I pulled on some shorts and walked to the kitchen, finding Denise reading the newspaper and sipping coffee. I asked her if she had seen Donna, and she pointed to ...

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Female Bisexuality?   5/15/2004

Does there seem to be more female bi-sexuality recently? Why is this? Is it just a fad or are women becoming more open? Don't get me wrong, I think this great! We men always have the faint hope that we could share (3some)! wink wink

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rm_two4fun1962 51 F
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Re: Would You Or Would You Not   5/14/2004

NO, you shouldn't have someone pretend to be your wife. Whatever happened to honesty? But, your a man, your gonna do what ya wanna do anyways.

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rm_two4fun1962 51 F
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Re: Threesome   5/13/2004

Sounds like your woman is bisexual, but doesn't want you "doing" the other woman, she may have reasons for this. Why don't you ask her "Why" she doesn't want you touching the woman she is with. Could it be she maybe afraid that you would like the other woman more sexually. Possibly, she can't handle seeing you do another woman. There could be any number of reasons, so just be honest ...

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rm_two4fun1962 51 F
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Re: Swinging Desires   5/12/2004

NOT all women gain excessive amounts of weight once they get married. I weighed 94 lbs when i got married, 16 yrs. later when I left the marriage, I still weighed 94 lbs. and this after having 2 . The EX however gained 40 lbs after we got married, so ya see its NOT always the woman who gains the damn weight.

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Toolmanne 80 M
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I prefer a big hairy bush   5/10/2004

What's up with the current trend of women shaving their twats? My preference is for a hairy pussy. In fact the bigger the bush the better. Some say they like the "little girl" look of a hairless cunt but I for one am turned on by women, not "little girls". Jim

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Fishing with friends   5/8/2004

It started twelve weeks before we were due to go to Ireland fishing. We were having a meeting to firm up arrangements. There were six of us Tommy, Keith, Tony, Ray, Alan and myself Pete. After we had finished making our plans, we were sat around finishing off the tinnies when Tony said we should take some comforters with us. I was thinking that we were all a bit too old for dummies or ...

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rm_7680 39 M
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Anyone have any sucess in Singapore?   5/7/2004

I am pretty new to this website. Just wanna check the success rate in Singapore. As everyone know Asian are still traditional and not open about sex. Maybe all their hyper sex drive are being driven around here.

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rm_two4fun1962 51 F
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Re: how would you feel   5/6/2004

Well, if he wants to start laying down "rules" that i have to follow, then there would be "rules" for him also. If he does things that he doesn't want me doing, well, guess what? I will do them anyways. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. Also, we maybe partners, but I am not a slave, and do have a mind of my own. A little piece of paper saying we are married, doesn't mean ...

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Do you thinking swinging can backfire on you?   5/6/2004

I am bisexual and I have a BF who I love more than anything. I want to have threesomes with him but I am worried that he might like the other girl better than me. We have been together for 3 years and he says that would never happen but who really knows? Do you think it can all blow up in my face if we start doing this regularly??

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rm_sexlvrcouple 66 C
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This is a story section - not an advice line   5/6/2004

This is not the place to ask questions or make statements or ask advice ........It is for stories <br> There is a section called "ADVICE" <br> THANK YOU for reading before posting...

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mrogsabertooth 52 M
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What's The Deal With Some Women "NOT" Shaving Their Pussy?   5/6/2004

Hello Local Shemale Hookups People. <br> I have a question, can someone please tell me what's the deal with some women not shaving her pussy. I myself have a pussy with hair on it. I'm a black man in his mid 30's, and I can't help but notice that about 85% of all white girls do infact shave. But most black girls don't. Can someone tell me why this is. As I don't consider myself as "COLOR ...

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rm_bulkhead2 54 C
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How Do I Get The Wife To Have a MMF?   5/4/2004

Hi, The Wife and I have a good sex life, but I Would love to get her to have MMF. She has recently shaved her pussy, and now loves it to be bald, and I also bought her a Dildo, and when we have Anal sex she starts putting the Dildo up her Pussy, so really she is almost having a 3 Some. When doing this I ask her would you like it for real, she says Ohh Yes, but does she Mean It?? ...

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grayfox71 92 M
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Re: All Ages Welcummmmmm   5/3/2004

I am glad you appreciate us "older" guys as some of us are damn good in bed. I sure wish you would again expand in another article so maybe more ladies will give us older guys a break. <br> I am 76, nice cock and love oral for ages.... where are all the ladies <br> grayfox71

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Chrisabella 38 C
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finding people   5/2/2004

I am having trouble finding the right person/people to meet. They all seem to just want to go right at it as I like to take things slow. Any advice?

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rm_hardwet4u2 62 C
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Wife fucks co worker   5/1/2004

I started noticing Kayla would be hot and horny most nights when id get home from work and we would usually have great sex. After a week or so I ask her why she was so horny all the time when she came in from work. With a little coaxing Kayla finally gave in and told be while at work one of her coworkers would flirt with her and she guessed this was what was doing it. It went on for a ...

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rm_hardwet4u2 62 C
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Wife's first time with another man   4/24/2004

It all started several years ago. When my wife Kayla and I would have sex I would fantasies about her fucking other men. After awhile I started telling her how I would love to watch her have sex with other men and she would seem to always get turned on by this and have great orgasm’s. We have been married for 25 yrs and I am the only man Kayla has had intercourse with. I knew she ...

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rgvhotcouple 65 C
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swingers in the valley   4/24/2004

Where are the swingers clubs and meeting places in the Rio Grande Valley Texas. Wife and I would like to meet other couples in the area but don't know where to go because we are new in the area.

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Night to Remember!   4/23/2004

We were invited out to a comedy club with some friends. Some of the friends were couples and two others were single males. Everyone got along great and the evening was a great time for all. The fact that the club had a two drink minimum didn’t hurt our spirits any. After the shows were over, a few of us decided to continue the fun at another bar. There was one couple and the two ...

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Charing your wife.   4/23/2004

My wife, Debbie, always dreams of doing it with several guys at once. After our Friday night poker games, I talked my 3 poker buddy into making my wife's dream come true. Since Debbie is good looking, it was quite easy. She was in charged ordering one to lick her pussy, while the other two guy took turns fucking her mouth. Phil came real quickly shooting a hugh load into her mouth. ...

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Eatin Creampies   4/23/2004

I love to eat fresh creampie. I like to watch my poker buddies fuck my wife pussy full of cum. After they she already straddles my face with her juicy pussy. I love sucking the hot massive loads from pussy. She mostly cums several times while I am licking her clean. When we fuck for another 15 minutes, before I pump her full of my cum. Then it is time for seconds, while we are 69ing.

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Re: Herpes Dating   4/23/2004

If you willingly, and knowingly have a STD and pass it on to others, you are setting yourself up for both assault charges, and personal liability. It "pays" to be honest.

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pcatu 55 C
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who would have thunk it!?   4/19/2004

If someone had told me I would be in this life style. I would have thought them insane. I had been dating "Mr Right" for about 6 months when I clicked on a site that he had left in history. (I wasn't trying to be noisy , nor was I intending to invade his space it just happened) At first I was very upset and didn't say anything about it. Then I started thinking, Maybe this was not a bad ...

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carl500max 46 M
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My wifes friend.   4/19/2004

Ray and Pam married about 4 years ago. Normal wedding. Normal jobs. Normal life. Ray loved his wife but there was just one problem in their marriage, her best friend, Krystal. Ray always thought that she was pretty hot and even joked about it to his wife, but he never told her how hot he thought she really was. He would sit back and look at her when she came to visit trying not to be ...

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quickdraw35023 69 M
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replies to Local Shemale Hookups adds   4/18/2004

i have been a member of Local Shemale Hookups for over a year. i have replied to several Local Shemale Hookups adds that i have met the criteria. i have recieved practically no replies back. is everyone getting this respose. i answer the add truthfully as to what they are looking for, both singles ladies and couples. i would like to know if this is happening to others or just a way to get another month subscription to ...

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Regnier 64 M
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RE more couples looking for males   4/16/2004

I have been meeting a lot more nice couples then single ladies on Local Shemale Hookups. The couples I have been with have all been real good people. None of the couples are what I would call hard core swingers, but open couples that enjoy a male for her pleasure. Some I have been seeing for over two years. However the single ladies for the most part have been looking for a care taker, not a friend for ...

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littlekitty53 59 C
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bmritu 46 C
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An Erotic - Lustfull B'Day Gift   4/11/2004

I am ritu. I am married to a very lovable and caring husband for past seven years. These seven years have been very exciting in terms of sex… we have been trying to satisfy each other the best way we can by trying the most horniest of positions we think our partners would love, by talking dirty of all the things under the sun…and also by narrating the most erotic stories that ...

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couple42026 47 C
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how do you go about geitting a female for 3some   4/10/2004

how do you go about finding a girl for a threesome we did the two guy thing now we would like to do a two girl how do you go about it

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hungry4meatman 53 M
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How Do You Handle a Hungry Man? I wont tell if you wont.   4/9/2004

I am a 40 year old gay man in Minneapolis, Mn. I am not the typical kind of gay man that lives here. First of all........I hate shopping. Can't stand it! Jeans and t-shirts will do just fine. I have a hard time figuring out how to accessorise an outfit, and stress out just trying to figure out what to wear ( if the occasion calls for dressing up ). I hunt, fish, camp, and love contact ...

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Satyr48 71 M
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Will it wake her up?   4/7/2004

My wife used to be insatiable... As much as I had her (a lot!) she always wanted more and usually had one or two guys on the side... Now, since her "change", she NEVER wants it... I know it's mostly hormonal, but I think a lot is mental...maybe it's just not exciting anymore... I'm wondering if inviting a guy to join us or suggesting swinging will "recharge" her libido. Sex for her was ...

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jaxcreampie69 47 M
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Anal sex with your pleasure?   4/6/2004

After a few encounters with a married couple, I decided let our game go to the next level. John was fucking his wife doggy style, while I was giving her pussy a good tongue bath. Suzy had always wanted to see John and I do more than a mutual 69, and disengaged from both of us and asked John and I if we were ready to fuck each other? I decided what the heck, I never had a dick up my ass but ...

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Would all you people shut the fuck up and tell a swinging story   4/5/2004

Can all the retarded morons please STFU. This is a swinging article area. Stories that get us all hot and bothered go here. Figure it out

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rm_theminiG 40 F
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bringing another woman into bed!   4/5/2004

i want to know how i should bring up a threesome to by boyfriend - he doesn't know i come to the website. i'm sure he'd be up for another woman in bed, but how do i mention it??

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rm_tru2u4eva4 36 M
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i wanna try it for the first time   4/4/2004

im a 21 year old male that loves sex like any other man but the thing is im kinda shy i mean i know what i want i know what turns me on and i know what i want to do in a sexual encounter and i think if i could find a woman to inniciate what she wants or show me she ready for anything then i would be completely comfortable and open. ive always been the type of guy that treats women with ...

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Toolmanne 80 M
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Florida Swing clubs   4/2/2004

Mindy: There are a couple clubs in your area that you might be interested in. Charleywood and Ranch4play. they both have websites you should be able to find with a quick search. I admit, I haven't been to either one, I haven't found a swing partner since I moved to Florida from Chicago over two years ago.

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rm_tagmein 56 M
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Response to Swinging 101 & 202   4/1/2004

I really enjoy coming on this site and learning more and more about this (and my) new lifestyle experience. I've been able to direct and redirect my concerns and directions for new searches and how to treat others in this lifestyle. I especially agree with the advice for responding and getting reponses form others, whether they be couples or single lovers! The consideration of others is ...

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bmritu 46 C
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She was a for the night   3/29/2004

Hi Guys , This is me again. Thanks a lot for all your mails and comment. Believe me all your comments really made are hot and more hot. I had never seen in that sort of horny mood. She was ready to try all her fantasies… One day we were just chatting and she came with her most hottest fantasy and that was “being a ”, for sake of fun I asked her does she wants to give ...

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bmritu 46 C
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Reply :How to introduce my wife to swinging   3/28/2004

Hi Buddy! <br> This is really a very serious problem wih all the swinglers if you are not very fre (vocal) with each other. Its very important that you both discuss this issue and are willing for it, please don't force it on your partner, but let me tell only 2 out of 10 ladies don't want to have an out side experience. For this life style its also very important that you guys ...

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Regnier 64 M
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Re what when   3/27/2004

When swing it should be fun for all. One should always try to give pleasure to their partner, and it sometimes may mean being with not the perfect body so the other can be with someone they like! But remember that is a two way road. lol! Have fun and enjoy life.

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rm_abc8245 61 C
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Roasting of my wife Komal   3/25/2004

'Roasting' of Komal <br> <br> I have been married to my Indian wife Komal for nearly 15 years. There is one thing I have learnt about Indian wives, they are very loving, very submissive and are willing to serve their husband. We have had good sex life and have tried some kinky things. She is a beautiful Indian woman with light brown smooths skin, big boobs with dark ...

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flitboy 66 C
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Adult clubs in Oklahoma City   3/20/2004

My "Friend" and I are looking for a place in OKC to party this fall. We are looking to swap but rather a relaxed place were we could party out in the open so to speak. I would love to have her give me head in front of a group of people and she is really turned on by it. I myself would love to go down and her and give her a screamer as well to an audience. <br> Any body know of ...

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polyswitchinmd 48 M
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So what's the best approach?   3/16/2004

So what's the best approach for a man to pick up women here on Local Shemale Hookups? <br> Let's face it, we're all here for the same reason. To find a physical partner. Well, some are looking for something more, some aren't. <br> Do you send a wink? An email? A network request. <br> What about a picture? Body shot? Face shot? Cock Shot? <br> and what do you ...

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Proper use of this page   3/15/2004

Aren't you suppose to place articles on this page not messages, announcements or personal adds? I believe there is a message board for all that stuff.

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sd_hotcouple2 58 C
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hot bi interracial three way   3/15/2004

With Brock's mouth on her pussy, Sandi can think of little but how incredible he makes her feel. He slides his fingers in to her sloppy wet pussy as she grinds her crotch into his face. She reaches down and grabs his hair pulling him closer, harder into her pulsing pussy and throbbing clit. Lost in the sensation of his mouth and touch she does not, at first, notice Richard stSanding, naked ...

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plumbbobiam 48 C
1  Article
A trip to Mexico   3/10/2004

A Mexico Trip to Remember <br> <br> My wife and I flew in to an island called Cozumel. We hadn’t done much research but decided that we where going to have a blast no matter when we went. It so happened that the island was having a Mexican carnival going on every night while we where there. <br> After checking into our Beach Resort we decided to check ...

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Hi Buddies. I am Raj from Malaysia and this is a real story of ours. It was my wifes B'day and we decided to celebrate it in a club. I dropped the kid at my friends place and returned to pick her up, and shocked to see her dreesing. She was having a tight top without bra (and all her 36D size boobs were fighting to come out) and a tight mini skirt with long shocks. She was looking damm hot. While seating in the car she looked at me and smile and I knew that time that something is going to happen today. We reached the club and got a seating in corner (because i wanted to play safe). After few drinks she requested to goto floor for dance. She was looking very erotic and all the male and females were forced to give her a second look. Afetr few round of dance, I excused myself to goto loo. I had a cigratee there and when I came back found a good looking decent white guy was trying to get near to her while dancing and vetually staring her. I dont know what happened to me I just stopped myself to see what he is trying to do and infact started liking that scene. After few minutes when he was probably satisfied that I had gone for long he came near to her and started dancing in front of her and started talking to her. I was not able to hear what they were talking but my wifes face has glown and she was looking more comfortable with that guy. Suddenly the DJ put on an very erotic song with very fast beat and he came more near now they were touching each other and getting more closer and comortable. After a while he was holding her by waist and pulling her on him first she was abit uncomfortable bit but then she also started enjoying it. The next song she was dancing slowly with her back to this guys front and his dick was rubbing her ass and his fingures were moving on her boobs. I was really enjoying this scene and getting very horny, thn suddenly she saw me and they seperated. She return back to seat. I was looking at her face and surely she was missing the guy. I asked her who was he and she replied a gentle man and just that he wanted to dance with her. I pulled her near to me, she was breathing heavily and her face was red, I put my hand on her pussy and shit it was so hot and wet that you can boil egg over there. I asked her did he drive her hot and she moved her head in yes. I dont know what happened to me I got up walked to this white guy and invited him to join us for the rest of the night. He was very much oblised. After he joined us I again excused me (I wanted to give them some time...) and placed myself behing a piller so that they cant see me but I can. They were talking and slowly they pulles their chairs together and he put his hands in her skirt she closed her eyes. He started kiising her on ears and shoulders and she was going crazy. After few minutes of watching I joined them back and started general conversation but found that his hands were still under the table may be under her skirt. My dick was red hot and enjoying the whole scene very much. By the time it was 2:00 am and the DJ annownced the closeur of the club and we came out. I offered this guy that since its only two o'clock and we are still not tired so whynot we go somewhere else and have some more drinks and chat. He immidiately accepted and invited us to his Hotel room which was near by only. We walked upto his room and started drinking and chating again. I asked him how he finds my wife..? and he replied as a hot cake. My next question was wana try ? and he said why not. I said then what u r waiting for go ahead. My wife was looking at me srprisengly and I told her Darling I know you want him so go ahead. Its okay with me. He juped on the bed and pulled her ontop of him and started kissing her all over. She was responding very violently. I had never seen her so active in the bed. They vertually pulled each others cloths out and within minuted lying naked in licking and sucking each other in 69 position. He was sucking her pussy deep and inserting his fingures too.. She was getting untrolled.. moaning so loud that I feared that the other roommates may hear us. He started licking her ass and she was begging for his big hard shaved cock in hers. He was of same size to me but thicker twice as of mine. He placed his hard rock cock on her pussy and pushed it, and she cried with pain may be because of thickness, but he seems to be a smart experienced guy. Within two three strokes he inserted his tool inside her and driving her like a horse. She was getting crazy, she was moaning high requesting for more. I had never seen her so vocal , she was looking like a true bitch. After fifteen minutes both climaxed and he fall on she was holding him tight by ass. He fucked her three times in the whole night and then it was time for us to leave. She was all satisfied and looking as a teen.

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grayfox71 92 M
45  Articles
A Friendly visit Part 3   3/8/2004

A FRIENDLY VISIT PART 3 <br> We lay there in each others arms slowly recovering from our earlier pleasures and I was about to doze off when I felt her fingers running up and down my soft cock. I could feel my blood returning to again swell and harden my shaft of pleasure when she nuzzled my ear and whispered. “ I want your cock in my pussy now, please fuck me .” I ...

0 Comments, 171 Views, 161 Votes ,9.02 Score
toffeeforyou 52 C
1  Article
my wife can't wait to do it again   3/2/2004

It was just last week when we had our first 4 sum. We had been talking about it for awhile, then we meet some one or two on Local Shemale Hookups. It took us some time mailing and then some phone calls to get a date that everyone was happy with. We booked a hotel and meet them in the pub across the road. We had some drinks then the girls went to our room. The two of us went up sometime later to fined the ...

1 Comments, 996 Views, 329 Votes ,7.86 Score
grayfox71 92 M
45  Articles
A friendly visit....part two   3/2/2004

A friendly visit..part two <br> It was about a week later when he called and ask if I was busy Saturday, I said no , so he invited me to visit them about noon. I couldn’t keep my mind off her sexy body all week and walked around with my cock about half hard Saturday I slept late then got up and shaved, showered and laid out some clothes to wear. Decided on a shirt with ...

0 Comments, 227 Views, 151 Votes ,8.52 Score
tacoloverWI 47 M
1  Article
Hot to get a 3some without coming off as another horny bastard?   2/29/2004

I want a threesome in the worst way.. I am attractive man who is 31 and have been oh so close three or four times to having a 3rd join--but it always falls through.. Have many found this to be true as well? What way have others used that have been successful in talking a new person into a 3rd? Thanks

0 Comments, 115 Views, 51 Votes ,5.14 Score
bigthunder2002 69,1957 C
4  Articles
A fun game to break the ice   2/28/2004

Bumps and Grinds Game The object of the game is to be the first player to lose his or her last article of clothing. The game involves each player, in turn, rolling the dice and moving to the square indicated, and then following the directions on the square (strip, drink, etc...).

0 Comments, 110 Views, 54 Votes ,2.28 Score
rm_sexyduoukr 62 C
2  Articles
Naked group dancing at a Moscow swinger's club   2/27/2004

My wife and I have been married for almost 8 years. She is from Russia and that has allowed us the adventure of vacationing there quite a few times. The last time we were in Moscow we went to a Moscow swingers club. Since I speak the language and being an American I find it easy to get along quite well with most that I meet. The wife is very open-minded and enjoys all that I enjoy and loves ...

0 Comments, 586 Views, 136 Votes ,9.43 Score
Justmeagain2003 51 M
1  Article
Swinging.....Should Be Fun For Both   2/27/2004

I have a bit of a dilema on my hands and I was looking for advice from the other Adult Friends Members. <br> Just a couple of things before I ask my questions, <br> I am a married 35 year old male, eat right & stay in shape, ( see profile ) yada, yada, yada. Been with the same woman, now my wife, since I was fifteen. A few years ago, more like 13, my wife ...

1 Comments, 105 Views, 68 Votes ,7.44 Score
grayfox71 92 M
45  Articles
A friendly visit   2/27/2004

My wife and I had been active swingers for several years when she was involved in a severe auto accident. As a result she would not be able to have sex for several month’s. Even tho I was in my late 50's she was well aware of my extremely high sex drive so she said it was ok with her if I wanted to try swinging as a single. Needless to say I was more than willing so I answered a ...

0 Comments, 482 Views, 84 Votes ,8.95 Score
Temporary Student   2/26/2004

Recently, my wife's neice and her boyfriend came to stay with us because she was taking a class at the local university. I hadn't seen Julie since she graduated from high school and was not excited at the prospect of a couple of staying at our house for a week. I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived on Sunday because this gangly had blossomed into a gorgeous young woman. ...

2 Comments, 1326 Views, 217 Votes ,8.65 Score
wegocrazy2 50 C
1  Article
We would like to do it   2/17/2004

Wherever we look in Local Shemale Hookups there are couples doing it with other couples. For a long time now we wanted to do it too. The problem that we stumbled upon was - who do we do it with. We cant do it with our existing circle of friends because it would be awkward if we approached then and it turned out that they were not interested in this kind of thing. So we listed in Local Shemale Hookups. Although we were ...

0 Comments, 144 Views, 8 Votes ,3.94 Score
best group sex I ever had   2/17/2004

Ok ok I know how every story always starts out with a single guy meeting a couple, but while looking for a couple i bumped into a group that had been doing this group sex for years. I was new to the whole thing and was totally overwhelmed. I had a friend invite me to his house for a party. I thought nothing of it and said sure. when i got there there was about 10 people there 7 guys and ...

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Bluetonguering6 38 M
1  Article
interested in how women feel when their clits are sucked   2/12/2004

I was wondering something for along time. while a am performing oral sex i often start sucking on the clit and it causes the woman to orgasm quickly and big. now what is the difference in feeling betwen just licking and the sucking of the clit?

0 Comments, 81 Views, 8 Votes ,2.78 Score
funcouple82 60 C
5  Articles
first bi experience   2/8/2004

When we started swinging 5 and 1/2 years ago, it was quite an eye opener for me. I had never been with any other man other than my husband and certainly had never been with a woman. Not like we were prudes...we had a fantastic sex life, experimenting with many things. We often fantasized while watching movies about having sex with others...him out loud and me to myself. I especially found ...

10 Comments, 3174 Views, 486 Votes ,9.72 Score
funcouple82 60 C
5  Articles
Alone for the first time   2/8/2004

My husband and I have been in the swinging lifestyle for over five years. We have been exposed to many situations and thought there was nothing we had not experienced.....guess we were wrong! <br> We attended a swingers campout this past June. This is the 5th year we had been to the same one. They are normally 3 nights of complete unadulterated sex, meeting new people, and in ...

5 Comments, 3544 Views, 396 Votes ,9.48 Score
funcouple82 60 C
5  Articles
Back in Black!   2/8/2004

The first time I had gone alone with a guy without my hubby there occurred only one month prior to this. As it turns out, we both found it very erotic...it was the center of a few foreplay sessions. While we agreed that would not be our normal method of swinging, we also agreed that once in a while it would add some spark to either an uneventful night, or if the opportunity presented it. ...

9 Comments, 5692 Views, 361 Votes ,9.14 Score
rm_J95911450 64 M
3  Articles
Re Re to swingers that don't write   2/6/2004

Even though peole do get many E-mail, a reply should be tended. The biggest problem with this site IS a lack of manners....It is only considerate to reply...Sometimes you feel like you are chasing ghosts...You wonder are these folks real...As far as treasuring people definitely remember the one's who do reply...They are special people whether the answer is positive or negative...

0 Comments, 45 Views, 55 Votes ,8.42 Score
69iwannafuku69 36 F
6  Articles
3 sums   2/4/2004

i have a gf who i love very much but we very often have others join in with our fun. sometimes its a guy sometimes its a girl, it is always fun and i know them very good. i trust them alot and i think that anyone else who is interested in this type of thing should trust who ever there with too. its not for everyone but i LOVE IT

1 Comments, 149 Views, 32 Votes ,4.83 Score
Tight Threesome   2/4/2004

My wife and began fantasizing about her getting screwed by some other guy when we were in bed together. This was always a fantasy of hers, and I had just the friend in mind. We have since then done it 6 times over the years, and it is always hot. Last week, she was insatiable as we took turns fucking her incredibly wet pussy, while the other dick was sliding in and out of her mouth. We ...

2 Comments, 1180 Views, 108 Votes ,6.99 Score
Wants to watch his wife........   2/4/2004

My wife was fucked by two of my friends, and I really enjoyed watching her getting fucked. The problem is she does not want to do it agin. She says that if a husband loved his wife he would'nt want his wife to do that.I told her that I loved her very nuch and I did'nt mind her fucking other men and that turned me on just thinking about her fucking other men, and I would love her no matter ...

1 Comments, 615 Views, 50 Votes ,6.04 Score
69iwannafuku69 36 F
6  Articles
3 way?   2/3/2004

i was thinkin bout having a 2 way realationship im not sure this is normal but there is 2 people( one guy one gurl) they are both interested in this. we did have a few encounters in the past but want to make it "official" what should we do. i love them both and they love each other too

0 Comments, 71 Views, 18 Votes ,1.62 Score
rm_POWDER75 43 F
1  Article
RE: Give Me 2 DICKS!!   1/29/2004

I love when me and my guy add toys for the'' close as u can get'' feeling of 2 dicks. I would love to act out the real fantasy as well! More women should bend over and try it. We who love it should stand up (or sit on) for what is pleasurable, not dirty.

0 Comments, 230 Views, 25 Votes ,6.78 Score
goddess2804 49 C
1  Article
Cannot find a bi-female   1/28/2004

We are a proffessional couple, very clean and discreet. We have been trying for over a year to find a genuine bi-female but with no luck. Can anyone help...

0 Comments, 40 Views, 7 Votes ,4.57 Score
rm_Datacpl 45 C
13  Articles
An earlly swing experance   1/23/2004

I had a type of swing experience when I was younger with my first girl friend. We had a great time together and experienced all of our first times together including a little swing play. She was very open and into trying new things and just loved sex. Looking back I can see what lead to it the first time we where all camping out in the back yard there was about 5 of us in this tent and as ...

0 Comments, 358 Views, 22 Votes ,5.05 Score
kinect4fun 60 C
2  Articles
Three is great company!   1/22/2004

Wife and I have dabbled in the lifestyle for about 3 years although things were mainly her and another female while guys just enjoyed the view. This was until recently when we met a guy here on Local Shemale Hookups. We talked for a while and decided to meet. The wife said she really didn, t want to do anything on the first meet, but get to know the guy and if all comfortable set up another meet. Well this ...

0 Comments, 378 Views, 20 Votes ,5.04 Score
Haulover Beach, Florida   1/22/2004

My wife and I were recently in Florida for a vacation. While there we decided to check out the nude beach just north of Miami. We had never done that before. When we arrived my wife told me that she would only go topless, not nude. We laid out our towels and I disrobed. She had on he bikini and laid down. After about 10 minutes she finally took off her top. She has beautiful breasts and ...

1 Comments, 984 Views, 29 Votes ,6.65 Score
rm_Dachong 53 M
3  Articles
Wifes Bi Fantasy   1/21/2004

Ok Yes I know the feedback seeing my wife with another woman is "My" fantasy but actually my wife does fantasise about this a lot. <br> However, she is quite shy and admits that she would never do it. <br> Question how can I encourage her to explore this side of her fantasy. And yes it would be a fantasy of mine which she also knows.

0 Comments, 173 Views, 13 Votes ,3.81 Score
Me, My Buddy & Our Wives Part 2 !!   1/18/2004

Having experienced something that I never thought could happen, things got even better. After the first encounter we didn't see Rod and Ally for a few days. This gave both them and us the chance to absorb what had happened and gave all of us the chance to think about the entire situation. As things went, all four of us felt anything but enjoyment about what had happened. We all agreed ...

1 Comments, 1337 Views, 38 Votes ,8.47 Score
haloheldbyhorns 49 C
1  Article
re - getting into swinging   1/17/2004

I am also new to the swinging buisness, its something i've always thought and fantasised about but never really had the opportunity to do anything about it until i met and married my husband who seems to have the same interests as me. My husband always seems willing to have another female present but when its another guy he clams up and goes all jealous which i assume all women would find ...

0 Comments, 164 Views, 4 Votes ,4.41 Score
FriendWantedNow 54 C
10  Articles
Slow Is Best   1/17/2004

Swinging and having an open attitude towards exploring our sexual natures can be both enlightening and rewarding. After all, variety doesn't just add spice to life, it is the spice in life. Both partners have to be at the same level of understanding and readiness though, or you may lose the bird in the bush because it's jealous or hurt by the thought of having it's bush invaded by every ...

0 Comments, 65 Views, 3 Votes ,3.92 Score
novaman662 49 C
1  Article
how do you approach you mate about doing this?   1/16/2004

i feel comfortable about the deal but would luv a interracial experience.don't know how to approach the mate about it....

1 Comments, 331 Views, 7 Votes ,1.51 Score
WolfCpl817 38 C
1  Article
need help   1/15/2004

my wife and i are an attractive couple ut seem to not have any luck finding anyone. please help

2 Comments, 49 Views, 77 Votes ,0.19 Score
Help me convince my woman to swing   1/7/2004

I would like to have suggestions as to how I could get my woman to swing. We are both in our 50s both been through divorces and have been together for 4 yrs now. She is very open minded about sex but does not even want to discuss swinging. She does show an interest in porno films and even likes the scenes with two females going at it. Please help......

0 Comments, 182 Views, 29 Votes ,6.25 Score
trucknude 64 M
4  Articles
CUDDLES new year   1/6/2004

Cuddles and I spent new years eve on the road. I had a hot load for my best customer in Fl.that had to be delivered on wed. am. I was able to unload early and we headed north for oyr home in Il. I had been behind the wheel for 26 hrs. and was real sleepy. Cuddles was napping in the sleeper during the trip and was rested and horny. I manged to get up to Indiana before I stoped to sleep. As i ...

1 Comments, 163 Views, 24 Votes ,6.42 Score
1  Article
STUPID MEN   1/5/2004


1 Comments, 269 Views, 32 Votes ,6.05 Score
DNAbifem 53 C
1  Article
GANGBANG   1/2/2004

my missus wants a gang bang and to be fucked well and truley up her arse often and hard by 4 men so call me asap !

1 Comments, 380 Views, 34 Votes ,5.76 Score
JOHNT36 54 C
1  Article
re:single men   1/2/2004

Get a life all u married people.Read the name of this site.It dosent say swingers only, its Local Shemale Hookups.Quit bitching and get on with your life.If you dont like a msg. use the dam delete key.

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wilmcpl 49 C
1  Article
Need Swing Club Advice   12/31/2003

Can anyone recommend a good club to go to in Vegas? My wife and I are heading out there in Feb and want to play...!

2 Comments, 204 Views, 0 Votes
Uneven Couples   12/31/2003

I think it sucks when your partner chooses a couple, and only one of them is attractive...it's like you're expected to take a dive for the team or something...

0 Comments, 45 Views, 7 Votes ,2.02 Score
t1bridge4th 45 M
4  Articles
I just need help.   12/29/2003

I need help, I was station in Japan and there swing was so easy to do. Here back home, swing is a hard thing to do. Why??

0 Comments, 24 Views, 0 Votes
rm_luv26920001 51 C
1  Article
singles   12/26/2003

how come is it that on most all swingers sights there are a large amount of single men. or are there just men saying they are single to get a little?

0 Comments, 25 Views, 61 Votes ,6.20 Score
DUALIEZ 46,1939 C
1  Article


0 Comments, 262 Views, 24 Votes ,7.33 Score
Birthday Celebration   12/15/2003

Karen and I have a friend, Ron, who has a wife that does not enjoy sex, so he goes for long periods of time without sex. Well, Karen and I recently celebrated our 50th birthday and wanted to invite Ron to “celebrate” with us. We invited Ron to visit for a weekend so that the three of us could celebrate our 50th birthdays together. Ron’s wife was under the impression that it was ...

0 Comments, 1562 Views, 295 Votes ,9.12 Score
Me, My Buddy Our Two Wives !!!   12/15/2003

Where to start....well, my buddy Rod and his wife Allie have been friends with my wife Devin and I for years. While I myself and I'm quite sure Rod also have had shall we say, naughty thoughts about eachothers wives, it is a subject that had never ever been spoken about. Allie and Devin are very close friends and when they get together and have a few drinks, become very for lack of a ...

0 Comments, 2156 Views, 559 Votes ,9.55 Score
rm_luvitwild2 48 F
6  Articles
Re: How 2 find the 1st man 4 her   12/10/2003

Well, let me tell you, you’re in the right area!! Local Shemale Hookups is one of the great places to get a variety of people open to this idea. Let your ad do the talking on what you two are looking for, browse the possibilities together. Chat with a few, meet a few, eventually you will find the right 1(s) that you both can enjoy. Happy hunting!

0 Comments, 58 Views, 28 Votes ,4.88 Score
friend or stranger first mfm ?   12/10/2003

How should I start? My husband of 20 years have great sex oral, anal and toys. I was shocked when he suggested we should try a threesome.At first I assumed he ment two women but he said NO two men and me.Well to make it short at firstI said I could never do it. Then as I fanitized about it I got so hot I decided to give it a try.We couldn't decide on what would be more comfortable a friend ...

0 Comments, 1306 Views, 127 Votes ,9.37 Score
1st Time Better Than Ever Imagined - The 2nd Encounter!!   12/6/2003

As We showered and Dev dressed in a skin tight red dress with thin shoulder straps, very low cut in front, no bra with totally sheer crotchless hose under and 4 inch heels. I had never seen this dress before and could not believe that my innocent little wife would ever wear something like that in public. <br> It was all I could do not to jump my wife from that moment and ...

0 Comments, 1064 Views, 98 Votes ,8.86 Score
First Time Better Than Ever Imagined !!   12/2/2003

My wife and I have been together for 9 years. When we met, Devin was very reserved sexually. Our first encounters were very vanilla and left me feeling quite depressed as everything else about her was more than any man could ever ask for in a woman. She is 5’5” / 115 lbs, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She works out daily and there is nothing whatsoever on her body that I ...

0 Comments, 1534 Views, 249 Votes ,9.49 Score
rm_ucpetit2 59 C
1  Article
She has the Hot`s for him   12/1/2003

She`s a flirt and like`s the attention she get`s from men! I use to get mad and jealous, but she`s a big flirt! Guy`s loved it too, she`s had half of my friend`s hard for her! Then one night at a hot tub party she wanted to borrow a tee shirt from the host. Most people where nude but she wanted a shirt...After ten min.`s i got out too use the restroom and walked by a window on the ...

0 Comments, 466 Views, 14 Votes ,4.90 Score
discreet34d 54 F
0  Articles
After awsesome first time it just got better!   11/29/2003

It was now six month’s since what turned out to be our first ‘awesome’ swing! Heather and I hadn’t spoke much about it, it was just one of those things that happened that we both enjoyed at the time but have not really followed up on. A couple of weeks ago we were invited to go out with a group of parents from our ’s school. We had been invited a couple of times before but ...

0 Comments, 673 Views, 25 Votes ,8.11 Score
discreet34d 54 F
0  Articles
Our awsesome first time!!!!   11/26/2003

Heather and I had been married now for 10 years with two . Sex together had started off fairly average during our early years of marriage, two or three times a week nothing too different. coming along made things harder at first however after a year or so we started to become more adventurous for various reasons. Heather had become much more interested and sexually experimentative to the ...

0 Comments, 1163 Views, 728 Votes ,9.31 Score
Barebacking   11/26/2003

What is the recent fascination in gay culture with barebacking? One would think that in this day and age young people would be more informed and practice safety. It is ironic that it is the young who are quickly becoming the most dangerous sexually. I decided to take this question to the bar and get the answers right from the horses mouth. Many guys in there teens and early twenties ...

0 Comments, 83 Views, 8 Votes ,4.64 Score
vtcplmw 56 C
1  Article
Is it wronge?   11/25/2003

I would love to see my wife do another guy. Is it wronge? For some reason i have been damned that i want to see this. Most guys want to see two woman at once but i want her to do a guy more. Why is this?

0 Comments, 247 Views, 184 Votes ,7.62 Score
rm_TOM0554 44 C
0  Articles
ONE GREAT MATCH THANKS TO Local Shemale Hookups   11/22/2003

I am a 34 year old Bi-sexual contractor, I am unbelievablly busy, and my wife has been having "BI-POLAR ISSUES" Crazy one minute lovable and horney the next. I come home at the end of a long day and she is bitchy until bedtime and then summons me to bed, before this happens I usually hit my e-mail and Local Shemale Hookups to see whats up! I checked my e-mail one night on Local Shemale Hookups, and had a response from a ...

0 Comments, 360 Views, 10 Votes ,5.77 Score
Swinging.. The other side of the coin. Happy Ending?   11/21/2003

We sit and read all the great articles and stories and get really turned on. Fantasy and reality are far from the same. My wife Nicole, was her high school senior prom queen. She was and still is very hot. After being married 10+ yrs. Things begin to melo out in the hot sex dept. So you begin to fantisize. Watch some porno to get some ideas. Well the thought and watching porno movies about ...

0 Comments, 452 Views, 343 Votes ,6.09 Score
Will I or Won't I ????   11/21/2003

Here is my dilemma. My husband is very turned on when I mention other men in the bedroom. Should this offend me? While I am "performing" It feels great. Then as soon as the orgasm is over so is the desire to be with anyone but him. He really wants me to try swinging with another person. He is totally straight and doesn’t mind if I choose for this experience to be with a man or woman. ...

3 Comments, 716 Views, 230 Votes ,8.08 Score
littlekitty53 59 C
6  Articles
meeting for the first time.....   11/19/2003


0 Comments, 152 Views, 256 Votes ,7.53 Score
Our First Time   11/15/2003

This is a true story on my first swinging experience several years ago. Even after all these years it still excites me to think about it and how it changed our lives forever. My wife Deb and I had been married just a couple of years and we thought we had a great sex life. We both had come from conservative backgrounds and had very little experience when we married....and as I look back ...

1 Comments, 1739 Views, 40 Votes ,8.19 Score
scott4donna 64 C
4  Articles
My Asian Cuckold Wife   11/15/2003

Asian Cuckold Wife <br> <br> My 26 year old wife, Diana, is a knockout 4’11”, 95 pound, shoulder length black haired Asian princess with large-nippled 34C breasts. We met when she was nineteen and married one year later. Diana’s mother was a Saigon who fled to the United States with her parents after the Vietnam war. Diana’s mom opened an ...

1 Comments, 2136 Views, 54 Votes ,8.44 Score
A First Encounter With Another Couple That Was.....Well.......WOW !!!!   11/13/2003

My wife and I have been together for 9 years. When we met, Devin was very reserved sexually. Our first encounters were very vanilla and left me feeling quite depressed as everything else about her was more than any man could ever ask for in a woman. She is 5’5” / 115 lbs, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She works out daily and there is nothing whatsoever on her body that I ...

1 Comments, 1300 Views, 43 Votes ,8.15 Score
rm_imdynomight 49 C
1  Article
My first taste of cock   11/10/2003

My wife and I weren't really into swinging but had talked about it and what we'd like to do. Recently I got caught out by her and she informed me that I either took what she gave or was out of there. I had too much to lose not to agree! Last Saturday night she informed me that she arranged for someone to come over and I would do as asked or move out. At 8pm this rather well built good ...

0 Comments, 1371 Views, 62 Votes ,7.99 Score
rm_5069103 60 M
3  Articles
Lipstick Lesbians and M2F's   11/9/2003

Hi: I have a question for any feminine lesbians reading this column. Trying hard not to be insulting, but I'm super curious if you have or would ever consider sex with an attractive transgendered male? I don't mean to sound stupid, but as we have a real, penetrating sex organ, could you imagine being screwed by one of us? I LOVE women, either born OR made, and this scenario has always been ...

0 Comments, 149 Views, 8 Votes ,2.09 Score
rm_rendezvous52 68 C
1  Article
Sea does it   11/6/2003

I am now fifty-two and like most men of that age find that I am by no means as sexually active as I was when I was younger. My problem is, my wife, who is fourteen years younger than myself and likes sex at very much more frequent intervals. <br> A year ago we decided to take a long break for a weekend in Goa. As with most people visiting that town we went to the beach and ...

1 Comments, 719 Views, 224 Votes ,8.53 Score
rm_Datacpl 45 C
13  Articles
she lost the bet   11/5/2003

she was not happy about this one. My wife and I like to swing and show of in public. We where talking about some song on the radio and we made a little bit on who sang it first. The bit who ever lost would do whatever the other person commanded. Needless to say I won. It took me a few days to think about what I wanted her to do and I told her it would be a surprise. She a good looking woman ...

1 Comments, 1117 Views, 332 Votes ,6.90 Score
rm_sexyduoukr 62 C
2  Articles
Nudist Swingers   11/5/2003

It was a very hot day in Ohio so my wife (I'll call her Sue)went to the local nudist club as times before. Little did we know how THIS day would end. As we arrived we saw a good crowd, around 150+people. The lawn was filled with couples laying and sweating in the hot summer sun. My wife being rather attractive always turns heads...in many ways. She was always friendly and playful with all ...

0 Comments, 802 Views, 324 Votes ,9.02 Score
catgirl81 38 F
4  Articles
How I met my girlfriend   11/4/2003

Hello, my name is Rob and this is the story of how i met my girl a year ago I was at a night club with 3 of my friends having a few beers when in walk in the two hottest girls we've ever seen. One was dressed in a very short tight skirt and little tight bikini top straining against her 36D tits. She had long straight black hair, the most gorgeous set of blue eyes, and was 5ft 6. The other ...

1 Comments, 679 Views, 231 Votes ,9.06 Score

My first experience in swinging is with a couple but it's only the woman who join us. the man was just watching us. at first my husband thought i couldn't handle it but he was suprised of my performance since as if i had experience already. he even said that my performance was better than that of the other bi woman. and i feel GREAT!!!!

1 Comments, 569 Views, 354 Votes ,4.37 Score
xbunnyt 70 C
1  Article‚ Score 0.3
Her birthday   10/30/2003

First of all I must tell you my wife is an x playboy bunny and still could be in the mag. today even if shes over 40 now. We meet in a bar where she was the head bartender. She has the nicest ass I have ever seen and tits that are out of sight. We first started seeing each other after she got off at the bar each day. And the sex was always wounderful, and we later got married and set up ...

1 Comments, 914 Views, 26 Votes ,7.12 Score
kelly730 56 F
1  Article
lookin....   10/27/2003

how come it is when u set up a date with a couple on Local Shemale Hookups..something always happens ...ive been on here 4 years and ive meet a few guys but ladies if you say lets meet dont stand us up .thanks

0 Comments, 157 Views, 79 Votes ,7.11 Score
Curious   10/26/2003

I am a bi-female and looking to have a 3 some with a couple. MMF, FFF, FFM, just want the feel of more than one person. I have had an offer but when they send me e-mails it is always from the husband. I then ask to speak with the wife and she is at work or had asked him to e-mail. I am starting to think that the wife has no idea, or he is inot something alittle more deep. Can someone give ...

0 Comments, 107 Views, 134 Votes ,7.21 Score
rm_Oh_Yes_ 48 F
2  Articles
RE: In search of the best dp experience   10/26/2003

If you are looking for an excellent first dp experience, I would not leave it to chance by meeting the two guys from the site. I have found that when I meet guys at a swing party, they tend to have experience in playing more ways than most. Even if they haven’t tried dp yet, you may find them willing and able to go for it. Better yet, you may find someone experienced and that can ...

1 Comments, 571 Views, 124 Votes ,6.95 Score
rm_dj9067 67 M
1  Article
no replys from most   10/22/2003


0 Comments, 55 Views, 86 Votes ,8.98 Score
rm_sexlvrcouple 66 C
5  Articles
RE: wife's not invited - what gives??   10/21/2003

Your husband is only looking out for himself. A man who loves a woman would want her to be there to share the experience with. He just wants some strange and selfishly wants you to be true to him. He also should be thrilled to see and allow you to get thouroghly fulfilled and to experience the excitement he is. Get it straight or forbid him from doing it. What's good for the goose is ...

0 Comments, 47 Views, 50 Votes ,7.65 Score
grayfox71 92 M
45  Articles
XXXTHEATER   10/18/2003

I was chatting with a very sexy local gal last night in a chat room and things were beginning to heat up. Then she said to hold on a minute and she would be right back. In a couple of minutes her hubby came on line and ask what I was planning for that night. As it was only about 9pm I told him nothing really. My wife had been out of town for over a week and had nothing planned. He ask if I ...

0 Comments, 669 Views, 232 Votes ,9.09 Score
cplinaz4funtime 55 C
1  Article
RE: Wife Not Invited, What Gives?   10/17/2003

It's very simple...you are married to a selfish, greedy person. IF he loved you, he would care about your pleasure as much as his own, but he doesn't. You are not his love, but his possession.....to be used as and when he sees fit....and in a relationship (much less a swinging relationship), this is VERY unhealthy. I won't give you advise, but remember this...there are REAL men out ...

0 Comments, 187 Views, 12 Votes ,5.45 Score
blondarebest 47 C
3  Articles
to the person or people who thought it ok to reply to my article & call me a bonehead.   10/15/2003

for your imformation i am not a bone head. said club has different nights for verious things. one of these been couples and another night for singles.also seeing as i new to swinging it seemed to me strange that 2 single people could enter a couples night as a couple, this club also has a mixed night for singles & couples.so with this in mind why dont they go on that night aye.

0 Comments, 46 Views, 23 Votes ,0.91 Score
rm_blprg 54 C
6  Articles
In regards to couple   10/14/2003

What does it matter if it is a husband and wife a couple means 2 people together no matter what relation, race, sex or gender. Couple means couple bone head!!!!!!!!!!!!

0 Comments, 170 Views, 36 Votes ,2.98 Score
blondarebest 47 C
3  Articles


0 Comments, 56 Views, 27 Votes ,3.35 Score
meet4funtimes 51 F
1  Article
My first bachelor party   9/29/2003

I was asked by a friend i met here on Local Shemale Hookups if I would be interested in having some fun at a bachelor party he was having for his brother in law. I was a little reserved but I decided to give it a try. BEsides, pleasuring dick is my specialty. I got to this party and saw only 2 other ladies and about 11 men. Oh this was going to be a good night. Drinks were everywhere and men all over the ...

0 Comments, 1008 Views, 123 Votes ,7.84 Score
Paka4u 58 M
1  Article
Single Guys control yourselves, your giving us a bad name.   9/15/2003

Guys, (I was respectful and had a great time and had a very fulfilling night.) <br> I recently made my first trip to a swingers club. When I came in I was greeted and told the rules by the hostess (Be polite and respectful of others etc). I was shocked by the crude and rude behavior by the single guys in the club, I understand that some women and couples like this but set the ...

0 Comments, 92 Views, 255 Votes ,4.88 Score
scott4donna 64 C
4  Articles
Luanne's Sex Education   9/11/2003

Luanne’s Surprise <br> My wife, Luanne, is a 47 year old stunning brunette, five-foot two, 115 pound, with a killer tanned body and great breasts. She has kept her body toned with exercise and jogging and looks more like a 37 year old. Her nails are painted red and she her toes are pedicured and soft. Her breasts are round and firm, as if she were still single instead ...

0 Comments, 588 Views, 390 Votes ,7.22 Score
My Girlfriend's first gang bang   9/3/2003

Carrie and I have been dating for 4 years. She's 21 and I'm 29 and she's always been wild. We had sex on our first date and I've been hooked on her ever since. She's tall with amazing 36D tits and a great body and she was the first woman to ever let me fuck her up the ass. Now being the wild thing she is during our first year of dating she cheated on me 4 times, but since I've had a little ...

0 Comments, 657 Views, 844 Votes ,7.45 Score
The prize for winning   8/29/2003

My wife, Judy, and I were in Fort Lauderdale staying at the Pier 66 Hotel last month. We had a great time at the Haulover Beach, which is clothing optional and a half hour drive south of there. I went naked for the first time and got her to at least remove her top and walk around. She is beautiful-one of these lucky 44 yr. old women who gets better looking every year. I have talked up a lot ...

0 Comments, 982 Views, 169 Votes ,8.01 Score
rm_Hot_f_4u3 64 C
3  Articles
Yokohama The Awakening of Angel Part 1   8/20/2003

Yokohama Awakening Of Angel Part 1 <br> <br> The story you are about to read is true. I met Angel on the Internet at Local Shemale Hookups. The first part of our story is our e-mails to each other that began hot and finished hotter. The reality was even better as you will discover in Parts2-5. This has been co-written by Angel and myself. <br> E-Mail Fantasy <br> ...

0 Comments, 1021 Views, 121 Votes ,8.44 Score
rm_Hot_f_4u3 64 C
3  Articles
Yokohama Awakening of Angel Part 2   8/20/2003

Yokohama Awakening Of Angel Part 2 <br> The story you are about to read is true. I met Angel on the Internet at Local Shemale Hookups. The first part of our story begins with our e-mails to each other that began hot and finished hotter. This is our Friday night adventure. The reality was even better as you will soon discover. This has been co-written by Angel and myself. <br> ...

1 Comments, 1262 Views, 86 Votes ,8.86 Score
rm_Hot_f_4u3 64 C
3  Articles
Yokohama Awakening of Angel Part 3   8/20/2003

Yokohama Awakening Of Angel Part 3 <br> The story you are about to read is true. I met Angel on the Internet at Local Shemale Hookups. The first part of our story begins with our e-mails to each other that began hot and finished hotter. Part 2 was our Friday night adventure. Part 3 is Saturday. This has been co-written by Angel and myself. <br> <br> Saturday morning was a ...

0 Comments, 543 Views, 70 Votes ,9.61 Score
rm_Hot_f_4u3 64 C
3  Articles
Yokohama Awakening of Angel Part 4   8/20/2003

Yokohama Awakening Of Angel Part 4 <br> The story you are about to read is true. I met Angel on the at Local Shemale Hookups. The first part of our story begins with our e-mails to each other that began hot and finished hotter. Part 2 was our Friday night adventure together. Part 3 was Saturday with our first threesome. Part 4 is Sunday’s hot fun with 3 black US service men. This has ...

0 Comments, 636 Views, 87 Votes ,9.35 Score
grayfox71 92 M
45  Articles
far from home girl#1   7/28/2003

In 1982 I was fortunate enough to be able to take early retirement at the age of 55. As I was working in surgery at a local hospital I stayed on part time as they were short of help and then in 1984 a new challenge came up that I could not turned down. I was offered a job in saudi arabia working and teaching at a large hospital in rhyad. <br> My wife and I traveled to the head ...

0 Comments, 309 Views, 397 Votes ,8.77 Score
2red 58 C
3  Articles
wife sucks black cock   7/28/2003

we met jon on computer and when we saw pics of his big black cock we decided to meet and see how it went. At the bar when he walked in we both smiled and he sat down for a drink- I wanted to watch my wife with a black man and she wanted to see how it would be to fuck another man - we hit it off and went to a motel and jon began kissing and undressing my wife- my cock was hard while I sat in ...

0 Comments, 775 Views, 446 Votes ,5.89 Score
grayfox71 92 M
45  Articles
Europe vacation   7/18/2003

My wife and I had been swinging for just a few months when we went to europe on vacation. While in amsterdamn we heard about a swingers party house and decided to check into it. I found their phone number and called and we were invited to visit them that same evening. <br> After we had dinner we grabbed a cab and away we went. On arrival we were given a locker for our clothes and ...

0 Comments, 443 Views, 230 Votes ,9.35 Score
elonglegs 54 C
1  Article
wife blows two at adult bookstore   7/16/2003

my wife kristi and i have been swinging for almost a year now and i really love to watch her suck and fuck other cocks. so i came up with an idea and Local Shemale Hookups was a big help. we have a profile and have been talking to a couple of guys in our hometown and i suggested to kristi how erotic it would be to set up a meeting in one of our local adult bookstore with these two guys. at first she was ...

4 Comments, 1700 Views, 435 Votes ,8.29 Score
Our Dear Sweet Nieghbor   7/12/2003

We have a nieghbor , a woman of about 62 who is built up like a brick fucking ship yard. She has light brown hair, honey brown skin , hazel eyes, a big wide ass, and tits that sit up in your face . WE don't know what particular race she is , but she always comes over to visit , takes her meds, has a glass of red wine and watches tv with us. This has been going on for about two years. My ...

1 Comments, 825 Views, 193 Votes ,6.55 Score
Head scratching episode, Part 1   6/29/2003

My wife and I have never gotten into swinging, not from my lack of desire, but hers. We did have a recent experience which was a lot of fun. We were at a pals house, Tom, who has an indoor pool with a hot tub at one end. They had a dinner party and about 10:00 pm we were the last guests and were heading to the door when my pals wife, Sue, who had worked her ass off for the party, ...

0 Comments, 886 Views, 123 Votes ,8.21 Score
Wife Takes First Black Cock and Then Some   6/16/2003

Recently, my wife and I were invited to a couples only swinger party held at a hugh ranch in Texas. We have been in the swing scene for about 2 years and most of the people we come into contact with are DDF. <br> To make this short I will tell you when we arrived there were about 10 couples. We all ate together and then we retired to the host living room for some extra ...

1 Comments, 3015 Views, 524 Votes ,9.11 Score
goodluven 62 C
2  Articles
Threesome marathon   6/14/2003

Bev and I arranged a meeting at a cafe with a single man. He seemed nice enough so Bev gave me the go ahead to invite him to our motel room. After a little small talk, I had Bev stand facing Lars while I unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her white lacey front clasp bra. I could tell she was excited, her nipples were erect and she was trembling slightly. Lars began to undress, Bev could ...

0 Comments, 867 Views, 256 Votes ,7.58 Score
GManLuv50 68 M
1  Article
Hot & Haunting Flashback   6/8/2003

I recently hooked up with a very nice married couple in Alabama while on an extended business trip. I was there for 5 weeks and believe me, every week was hotter and more exciting than the week before. In fact, I'm still haunted by wonderful flashbacks of the hot times we shared. So I thought I'd share a brief description of our first encounter with those of you of like mind and interest. ...

1 Comments, 714 Views, 271 Votes ,8.51 Score
rm_Datacpl 45 C
13  Articles
What a drive home   5/20/2003

My wife and I have talked about having a third party for some time now. We talked about all of ways we could do it and what we didn’t want to do. We said the first thing we might try is her jacking someone else off like at a bar or one of our friends at our house. We went out one night to party and have some fun im not a big dancer but she loves to dance. We had a few drinks and ran ...

1 Comments, 928 Views, 210 Votes ,8.40 Score
yamaha5457 65 C
2  Articles
Her First Time   5/20/2003

I have been talking to a man for the last year about surprising his wife one night. We talked online after we connected through Local Shemale Hookups.He kept on telling me how hot she would get when they had sex and he mentioned to her about sucking another dick when she was getting fucked from behind. He said she would go wild when he used a dildoe to pretend another dick was fucking her while she sucked ...

1 Comments, 1281 Views, 196 Votes ,8.07 Score
GroupSexNC 39,1938 C
1  Article
My husband's first time   5/19/2003

I have been into group sex for quite some time, and when I got married I thought it was over. After a few months, I realized that I could not live without it anymore. One night on of my husband's cowrkers came over for dinner and drinks. He is a gorgeous man, 5'10" muscular and very tan. We all had a few drinks, and I started flirting with my husband's friend quite openly. I started to ...

2 Comments, 4958 Views, 648 Votes ,8.86 Score
rm_Datacpl 45 C
13  Articles
blind folded and loved it   5/12/2003

My wife and I had been talking about swinging for some time And it always gets her hot. We sat down one night had a few drinks and really talked about maybe doing it and how we would do it. She wants to but she said she was worried about a few things. She would like it to be safe maybe with someone we knew but on the other hand she would be embarrass to be with someone she knew so how ...

0 Comments, 747 Views, 184 Votes ,8.52 Score
kswife4black 65 C
1  Article
Wife's first time with two other guys   5/11/2003

My wife is a very hot 5'2' 110lb cock lover who has been enjoying other guys for many years now. This happened several years ago but still remains one of the best nights we have had. She had been having hot sex with Brian for about two years and really enjoyed his 9" thick cock and the way he just used her for sex. One night when she was with Brian he told her that Bruce was interested ...

1 Comments, 1212 Views, 320 Votes ,7.98 Score
scott4donna 64 C
4  Articles
Shannon's Wild Vacation   5/10/2003

Shannon's Wild Vacation <br> I wrote to Local Shemale Hookups a while back regarding my wife's first time with another man (Tribute to My Wife). That was her first experience a few years ago, and she eventually had a second with her mother's husband. I convinced her this year to go on a two couple swingers cruise on a private yacht in the British Virgin islands. We arranged with the operators, ...

0 Comments, 812 Views, 290 Votes ,9.12 Score
goodluven 62 C
2  Articles
Mon Chalet   5/9/2003

My wife and I have been swinging for about 12 years now. Sweetie is 5'7" 130lbs, blond, blue eyes, tight body and smooth skin. We like to go to an adult motel in Denver. While I pay for the room and unload the car, Sweetie checks out the pool for guys she wants to seduce. She usually wears a dress with white panties and is always noticed. We always go back to our room to go over her ...

2 Comments, 592 Views, 81 Votes ,3.65 Score
sbl2225 69 M
1  Article
what a night   5/8/2003

New Years Eve Swing : After attending the Couples Club three times during the year we qualified for an invitation to the clubs New Years Eve Party. We decide to spend the weekend. So drove the 100 miles to the nearby city with eager excitement. We checked in to a nice hotel and had a refreshing shower, changed and had a romantic dinner in the hotel’s restaurant. After dinner, at ...

1 Comments, 837 Views, 197 Votes ,9.15 Score
sknydp555 58 C
2  Articles
Fantasy   5/8/2003

It starts with slow dancing in the living room (brian is not here, he is out renting a video), I am wearing high heels, a silky black skirt and satin shirt. I am wearing a black lace thong and matching bra. You have your hands on my ass as we are slowly swaying to the rhythm of the music. You are kissing my on my neck, you slowly start to move your hands ever so gently up my ...

0 Comments, 188 Views, 58 Votes ,4.81 Score
My pregnet wife's best friend   4/25/2003

My wife, Patty, blonde 5'8 small firm tits with hard nipples and great ass, was about four months pregnet and always wanted to fuck...which was great. Her best friend Lori, 5'9 red hair, green eyes and large tits, and I never got along, we were polite to each other and that was about it. One night we all went to a friends party. While at the party I walked into the kitchen and Lori was in ...

0 Comments, 531 Views, 496 Votes ,8.66 Score
scott4donna 64 C
4  Articles
Sharing Kathy   4/24/2003

Sharing Kathy <br> My 34 year old wife, Kathy, is a knockout redhead, five-foot ten, 140 pounds, with big green eyes and the longest shapely legs from hip to toe. She has a 34DD bust size and wears the shortest skirts or long slinky dresses; always turning heads when she walks by any men. About every two months, we have a fantasy weekend where Kathy lets go of her normal ...

0 Comments, 870 Views, 308 Votes ,9.23 Score
catgirl81 38 F
4  Articles
My friend and I (Karen the lucky Slut)   4/23/2003

I'm sitting here in front of the computer naked and I have cum all over me and oozing out of my holes, but I wanted to share this experience with you while it is fresh in my head. Yesterday (Gary, someone Sally and I picked up at a bar before), called me up and asked me if Sally and I were up to entertaining him and his friends again. Sally and I jumped at the chance. The time before ...

0 Comments, 654 Views, 295 Votes ,8.80 Score
12  Articles
Story Fantasy   4/20/2003

I have been talking with my wife Mary for some time now on getting another person for a threesome. Although I never got any feed back from her as to whether she wanted me to proceed or not. I did an answer the last time we spent the night away from home. I had picked up a few toys, which I used on her. In the heat of passion I had a dildo in her pussy as she was giving me head. I had ...

0 Comments, 391 Views, 112 Votes ,8.72 Score
The first time for all 4 of us   4/19/2003

I knew that my husband, Bob, found my friend, "Ann" (his friend, Andy's, wife) attractive. I've never been with another woman, but I had been interested in the idea for a while. So after a few comments laid by me here and there, Bob figured out that I also found her attractive. He and Andy had already had talks here and there about each others wives, and about possibilities of a ...

0 Comments, 333 Views, 195 Votes ,7.49 Score
catgirl81 38 F
4  Articles
My friend and I   4/17/2003

Sally and I (Karen) have been best friends for as long as I could remember. We're shared everything from talking about our first dates in detail to sexual fantasies. Sally was always a little wilder though. She was the first to lose her virginity, and loved wearing tight sexy clothes. she had also had regular one night stands. She was also adventurous and spontaneous, so it wasn't ...

0 Comments, 522 Views, 403 Votes ,9.26 Score
Menage a Cinq - My bed just collapsed   4/14/2003

My girlfriend and I talk dirty before, during and after sex all the time, but imagine my surprise when she said she wanted her friend to join us one Friday night. <br> The Friday in question was a girls night out and the plan was for my girlfriend(N) and her friend (M) to come back to ours for the night, and I (J) would come back from the pub to see how far my girlfriend had got. ...

1 Comments, 259 Views, 67 Votes ,6.10 Score
scott4donna 64 C
4  Articles
Beware of your Fantasies   4/12/2003

Beware what you fantasize! This is a true story. My wife, Trina works as a topless dancer at a local club to make extra income for the past five years. She is 34 years old, five-foot four, 125 lbs., with long brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. She is the mother of our two , and a real MILF. I enjoy that other men get to look and her naked body and we have dabbled in fooling around ...

2 Comments, 911 Views, 219 Votes ,1.23 Score
scott4donna 64 C
4  Articles
Vicki - Tantric Princess   4/10/2003

My wife Vicki has become the fantasy woman of my dreams since she started her own business. Vicki is a 34 year old mother of one, five-foot six, 125 lbs., long brown hair and green eyes, with a sexy 34D-23-35 figure. We built a computer software company over the past fifteen years and are financially secure. Now that our is in school, Vicki was having a lot of spare time on her hands, ...

1 Comments, 508 Views, 233 Votes ,9.13 Score
scott4donna 64 C
4  Articles
Coffee, Tea, or Tammy   4/7/2003

Tammy <br> My 37 year old swinging wife Tammy stands five-foot five and is a shapely 130 lbs. of all American girl next door, with long brown hair and green eyes. She had her breasts augmented several years ago to a shapely 34D cup with large dime-sized nipples. Tammy has been an airline attendant for over ten years, which led us to develop an open-marriage due to her extended ...

0 Comments, 476 Views, 284 Votes ,8.99 Score
grayfox71 92 M
45  Articles
XXXMovie Theater II   4/5/2003

XXX Movie Theater II <br> Her name was Linda....She said to meet her here at 12 noon so here I am.. I was early as usual and had down my first drink si I ordered another and as I looked up there she was. <br> She was fully dressed to the nines this time, sky blue blouse that was filled out with small but pert breasts, dark blue skirt that was at least 2-3 inches above ...

0 Comments, 359 Views, 171 Votes ,8.59 Score
Mae's first Gangbang   3/20/2003

Hi I’m William. I am going to tell you of one of my exploits. It all started 3 years age when my wife bought me a digital video. After about a year of playing with it I started to look to use it for more than just holidays and Christmas scenes. While at work I was talking to a buddy about my camera as he was thinking of buying something similar. The conversation got around to some ...

0 Comments, 1292 Views, 372 Votes ,8.68 Score
grayfox71 92 M
45  Articles
XXX Movie Theater   3/18/2003

XXX Movie Theater (true story) <br> I had chatted with a local couple in one of Local Shemale Hookups’s chat rooms several times and they both seemed like a fun couple. She was about 35 and he was early 40's. I am an older gent (much older but still very able) anyway I happen to see teir name when I checked in one evening about 7pm so I gave them a shout. I was chatting with her and ...

0 Comments, 463 Views, 288 Votes ,8.98 Score
wewantyounow02 51 C
1  Article
my wife and friends   3/14/2003

it all started one sat nite. me , my wife, and 2 of my friends sitting having some drinks.we had all had shitty weeks and were glad it was over.everybody was stressed.we were all in the kitchin when sherry came by and rubbed my dick.the fellows just looked and i said well if you rub mine you have to rub theirs.thats when the fun begain.what do i get out of this she asked.while rubbing our ...

0 Comments, 1445 Views, 327 Votes ,7.75 Score
scott4donna 64 C
4  Articles
Debbie's Awakening   3/12/2003

Debbie’s Awakening <br> <br> My sister-in-law, Debbie, is an attractive woman in her early forties, nice tits and ass with a sexy smile. I’ve always wanted to fuck her, but never had the chance until lately. I learned from my wife that Debbie and her ex-husband, Chuck, had once swapped partners with some friends of theirs. Debbie enjoyed the sex, but ...

0 Comments, 811 Views, 180 Votes ,8.60 Score
spidy47 52 C
2  Articles
My Girl and My Friend   3/8/2003

My girlfriend and I have had a few interesting nights shared with other couples as well as a few single guys and woman have joined us. I wanted to try something new so I set it up with a friend of mine who had already joined us on several occations for a 3-some. My girlfriend absolutly loves having 2 cocks to suck and 2 cocks to fuck. All the attention on her for hours is something she ...

0 Comments, 796 Views, 130 Votes ,8.44 Score
My Wife's surprise Part II   3/1/2003

Just to give you a brief recap from Part I, my wife, Jamie and I both come from conservative southern moral backgrounds. While we did experiment with heavy petting before we were married, we never actually had intercourse until afterwards. It was at this point that she turned into a sexual nympho. She want to fuck all the time. Keeping up with her sexual appetite was sometimes hard since I ...

2 Comments, 1565 Views, 197 Votes ,8.69 Score
rm_flyaway31 49 M
1  Article
How does a single Bi male become invented to swing parties   2/26/2003

I am an attractive Bi male that wnants to have group sex. I am somwhat picky but would love to be in a group settining. I am attractive, clean, and discreet. I am drug free (because of my job) so I do not object to some usage. Let me know if you have any ideas on how to swing if I am single. I do like to play with both. Oh I am able to travel coast to coast but would prefer the midwest. ...

0 Comments, 127 Views, 54 Votes ,1.53 Score
rm_Datacpl 45 C
13  Articles
Her first soft swing   2/25/2003

My wife and I have been talking about swinging as a fantasy for years now and it really turns her on and me as well. She loves it when I talk to her about being with another man and what he would do to her. It gets her so worked up it makes for a wild time that’s for sure. I went out drinking one night with a friend from work and some how we got on this same subject and he asked me if ...

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xyz1269 42 M
6  Articles
NEW JERSEY glory hole sex!   2/22/2003

My first experiences with another guy and glory holes. My girl took me to an adult book store with video booths which had glory holes. Once inside a booth she ordered me to take off all of my closes and a mans hand soon appeared at the glory hole. I was very hesitant but she forced me to stick my cock through the glory hole. As soon as my cock entered the hole I felt a warm pair of ...

0 Comments, 1129 Views, 217 Votes ,6.35 Score
My Wife's surprise   2/21/2003

My wife, Jamie, and I were both raise with conservative moral values. We met at age 19 and married one year later. While we had some erotic times together before we were married, we never actually had sex until afterwards. However, she turned into a sexual tigress. She wanted to fuck all the time. I went to school during the day and worked at night. Many times she would call me during ...

0 Comments, 1632 Views, 195 Votes ,7.15 Score
lilchololate 51 C
1  Article
Ebony cant stop   2/12/2003

EBONEY QUEEN PART II <br> After a couple of months Yvette was more comfortable with the swinging idea. It was Saturday Morning and I was feeling horny all week since she only let me lick her I needed some relief. So I decided to the porn shop down the street and watch some videos. I found a booth that was not occupied and went inside the title of the video read Ghetto ...

0 Comments, 794 Views, 101 Votes ,8.13 Score
I finally convinced my wife with a young stud she could'nt refuse   1/25/2003

We have been married over 25 years. I've always been turned on by the thought of group sex and orgies. Over the years i've tryed several times to get or even "trick" my wife into going to a swing club. The last time we got all the way to the parking lot. She had second thoughts and even third thoughts. Well we left after several minutes of me begging. Well if I was going to do this, I ...

1 Comments, 1910 Views, 320 Votes ,8.50 Score
Stamina-always1 48 C
2  Articles
Caught in the act by my hubby   1/15/2003

I don't work so I go to gym 3 times a week and always see the same guy, when ever I saw him he always seemed to have a huge bulb in his pants - we get talking one day and he invites me for a drink, so we do and before you know it he walked me home as we live in the same complex so I though to return the favour by inviting him knowing full well that I wanted him to rip of my knickers and ...

0 Comments, 908 Views, 447 Votes ,4.43 Score
2plus5just4fun 54 C
3  Articles
My wife helps sucking cock.   1/13/2003

Last weekend my wife and I went to a swingers party and it turned out to be the most erotic experience that we have ever had. We are fairly new to the lifestyle and up until now we have had some very rewarding experiences but they have all centered around us with other couples. The first time that she told me that she wanted to watch me with another woman was a big surprise because most of ...

0 Comments, 941 Views, 389 Votes ,9.01 Score
rm_HERMM67 49 C
2  Articles
my wife lisa and vic new years eve cont.   1/13/2003

well there she was my wife lisa strapped in solid with feet in stirrups and pussy facing sean and about 8 of his friends.before we went to vics house he had gone earlier and asked sean about there affair and he said lisa always says we cant fuck as good as him.he felt funnt telling his dad this but when he knew we didnt care he was ok with it.vic ripped the tape off of lisas mouth and she ...

0 Comments, 273 Views, 88 Votes ,0.69 Score
rm_HERMM67 49 C
2  Articles
my wife lisa with neighbor vic on new years eve   1/8/2003

my wife lisa is 33 yrs old 4'10" 95 lbs and very petite blonde hair blue eyes you can find us on Local Shemale Hookups or alt.com under name hermm67.vic is our neighbor next door divorced and mucher thicker in girth than me as well as longer about 9 to 10 inches at least and she cant even fit her hand around his cock shes been with him on 3 occasions only twice entering her pussy but only briefly then ...

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2plus5just4fun 54 C
3  Articles
An unexpected participant   1/4/2003

My wife and I have started getting a little more adventurous with our experimentation into the swinging lifestyle. We have spent many nights talking about our fantasies and it always gets us so turned on that we have the most incredible sex. Especially when I start to whisper questions into her ear, she cums almost immediately and her orgasms are always the most intense, they seem to go on ...

0 Comments, 734 Views, 567 Votes ,9.47 Score
pamper1 58 F
25  Articles
My Christmas Gift... 2002   12/30/2002

For my Christmas gift from those who love me the most was a late evening pampering from my friends here on Maui Tuesday night. It consisted of 12 people not including myself. 11 of those 12 I knew but the one girl I didn't. She was a friend of Monica's who agreed to be there as a request of Monica as my so called 'gift' so to speak. <br> Michael had taken me out for a nice dinner ...

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2plus5just4fun 54 C
3  Articles
Her first time.   12/21/2002

My wife has always had this fascination with the idea of being fucked by two men, especially having one guy in her pussy and one in her ass. When we talk about it she gets so excited and cums faster and harder that normal. She has been so excited about the idea that I have had her get on all fours and I have fingered her ass while describing what it would be like to have two cocks fuck her ...

0 Comments, 836 Views, 663 Votes ,9.55 Score
A Night in Singapore   12/5/2002

I knew that I had to travel to Singapore on business in a few months, and I decided to put an inquiry on one of the swinger's sites in case I could meet with anyone to add some spice to my trip. I received a response from a couple who lived there, and we communicated via email for several months. He was British and she was Chinese, and they agreed to meet for dinner one evening during my ...

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sunny33319 62 C
2  Articles
IT JUST DOESN   11/2/2002

My wife and I have been married for over twenty five years.I have loved her from the first time I saw her walking away from me with her gorgeous ass and very long hair swinging to an unknown music. We both look young for our age but she is this beautiful creature of 5'0", 125 lbs., great looking, jet black and wavy shoulder lenght hair and sparkling green eyes. She is petite with ...

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rm_Datacpl 45 C
13  Articles
Football Party Bets   10/21/2002

My wife and I have a lot of fun with sex and where pretty open minded about it as well. She’s my little sex slave and she lost a bet we made. So I had to think up a punishment for her. So I thought up this fun game we could play at our next football party. So I made up a football board with numbers on it just like you would in a real football pool. The person that wins that quarter ...

1 Comments, 1939 Views, 381 Votes ,8.46 Score
Three-some in Philippines   10/20/2002

We are an Indian expat couple living in Makati, the business district of Manila. One of my office colleagues, a Filipina, (Amy) lives alone since her husband works in the Gulf. She always used to say that her life is quite boring due to loneliness. Amy became a good friend and started visiting us frequently on weekends. We live in a condo and have a swimming pool on the roof. One Saturday, ...

0 Comments, 730 Views, 141 Votes ,8.39 Score
We finally had our threesome!!   10/1/2002

I am a man in my mid-forties and have been happily married since my early twenties. Throughout our married lives, my wife and I have spoken openly about our sexual fantasies, using them as scenarios for our love-making. We acted out several, including her giving me head in a theatre, flashing her tits while in the car and accidentally bumping into a stranger and copping a feel. We had ...

0 Comments, 2014 Views, 437 Votes ,9.38 Score
rm_Orgasmic4u2 56 F
5  Articles
I KNEW I COULD TURN YOUR HEAD...part II (part one July4th)   9/15/2002

You looked so hot and sexy in your black t-shirt, tucked into your dark blue jeans. The black leather belt with the smokey grey clasp and black leather shoes sent me lusting after the man underneath the clothing. You dressed to fit my sexual desires..... I wanted to have you naked and for you to just take me...have me..lust over me, desire me....have me.......but you made me take ...

0 Comments, 178 Views, 94 Votes ,3.74 Score
rm_Datacpl 45 C
13  Articles
It happen out of no where   9/12/2002

My wife and I have talked about being with a another person male or female. We read the forums and get all worked up and have a good time in fantasy. We also like to go out and try to find places in public to have sex. I posted a about our time out at the movies a few months ago. Well nothing new until last night. We set out last night in need of some fun went to a few bars and had a few ...

0 Comments, 1209 Views, 183 Votes ,7.97 Score
wife's fantasy come true   7/17/2002

My wife and I talked a lot about our sexual fantasies but never really did anything about it. I told her that I would like to watch her with another guy but we didn't know how to go about it. On vacation we decided to call a male escort service to have a man come over. When he came over he and my wife were giving each other massages when he started to give her oral sex. She took off his ...

0 Comments, 1085 Views, 1513 Votes ,3.79 Score
Wed only planned it and now weve done it   7/8/2002

Jenny and I have talked at great length about how sexy it would be to watch another couple having sex. We have often fantasised about it and has been our foreplay for quite some time. It has usually been me that started things off with a suggestion or 2 and she has picked up on the story and got herself all hot and bothered. In that last few months though Jenny has started asking what ...

0 Comments, 169 Views, 487 Votes ,4.39 Score
pamper1 58 F
25  Articles
Birthday 3 Sum... FFM   7/6/2002

A couple who I have been known to play with on separate occasions had invited me over for dinner for my birthday, they are a married couple and I originally began an affair with him which lasted well over 3 years. When I was in KC about a year or so ago he had invited me over to his house for a BBQ with him and his wife and some other people. As the day wore on I had eventually spoken with his ...

0 Comments, 312 Views, 268 Votes ,9.26 Score
rm_Orgasmic4u2 56 F
5  Articles
My fantasy...I knew I could turn your head....Part one   7/4/2002

I spent the day at the spa. The pedicure, manicure, facial...and finally the full wax...leaving me feeling wonderfully relaxed and very pretty. I then went to the lingere shop to buy a very sexy bra and thong panty set with matching thigh high stockings.........whitelace....to show off my full body tan. After.... a great meal and passionate love making with my husband I had a ...

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2red 58 C
3  Articles


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bob0326 79 M
103  Articles
first swing club a success   6/20/2002

We where in Vegas and I had learned of the Red Rooster club through the Odyssey mag. I had told my wife about it and got the usual, youv'e got to kidding look. We where drinking and both flirting a little, we got in the car and I started to the club and got the where are you going thing, I told her I just want to check it out while we're here for pete sake. We arrived and paid the usual ...

2 Comments, 1304 Views, 635 Votes ,8.51 Score
Pattislifestyle 59 F
2  Articles
Our 2nd swingers party experience   4/23/2002

Hubby and I arrived at the party pretty early, around 7:15 or so. We had been asked to go around and try to make the new people feel at ease so we did. We walked around and chatted with several couples. We had something to eat and had a drink. I was wearing a halter top that the neckline went down to my waist showing off my breasts in their entirety except for the nipples. A mini skirt with ...

0 Comments, 884 Views, 129 Votes ,8.34 Score
Pattislifestyle 59 F
2  Articles
Our first swinger's party!   3/27/2002

<br> Hi my name is P and I'm a happily married woman, married 25 years to J. We decided to spice up our sex life and attend a swingers party. I also have come out and told him that I'm a bisexual woman, this makes my hubby very happy and he loves to watch me lick pussy! We drove to a distant town to avoid knowing anyone to attend our first swingers party. We checked into the hotel ...

0 Comments, 1513 Views, 145 Votes ,9.16 Score
IN THE BEGINNING   3/23/2002

In the Beginning... <br> My husband, Greg, and I decided to put an ad in the personalson Local Shemale Hookups, to spice up our sex life. I am 41, and Greg is 55. We selected an ad from a single 37 year old male, who had studied massage, which was a bonus as far as I was concerned. We arranged to meet Pedro at the park/fishing pier, located next to the Antioch bridge. Since ...

0 Comments, 419 Views, 22 Votes ,4.57 Score
Fred96969 68 C
2  Articles
Mile High Romance and Sex   2/27/2002

Have been married for over 30 years and have been through ups and downs with my wife. The downs usually have come when I am looking for a little sex with another woman and don't seem to understand how to retain the romance in my marriage. Wife has joined in on several occasions to have some really good sex with another man or the husband on the woman I am having sex with. This article ...

0 Comments, 264 Views, 11 Votes ,2.42 Score
scott4donna 64 C
4  Articles
fucking the pool man   2/10/2002

I am Donna, a 42 year old housewife (look 32) with a model's figure and 34D tits. I live in a sunshine state and nude sunbathe year round. One day a new pool man caught me off guard and observed me totally nude by the pool. He was young, muscular, and handsome and I let him take a good look as I towled off and excused myself to let him work. He commented on my body and said he missed ...

0 Comments, 678 Views, 66 Votes ,8.93 Score
Maybe tommorrow   1/4/2002

My wife and i are never together, we have seperate days off. I usually spend the off days with my labarador mix, who was playing loose in the yard. i noticed she would walk by me and rub her cunt on the grass. I thought about some articles i had read about pet loving so i decided to try it on my pet. I went into the garage and she followed me. I called her on come to me and bent down to ...

0 Comments, 180 Views, 132 Votes
BLACK ASS   8/9/2001

Well I'm a single white male in my late 40's.After my divorce I decided to relocate. The new neighbors that I became most fond of, was a black couple that lived next door. I would volunteer to help he and his wife with doing their yard work from time to time. I’d all ready noticed that his wife was a very attractive lady and she had a very athletic body, she had a brown skinned ...

0 Comments, 610 Views, 43 Votes ,8.60 Score
To many late nights my husband stayed in his work   7/25/2001

<br> My name is Sue I'm 38 and I been married now for 10 years, my husband for last 4 years or so started stay at work late. The sex life was down to 1 or 2 time a month all his energy was going to his business and to little to me. One night I worked out for my girl friend to see what we can to fix this problem. I knew my husband (Bill) will be in about 11 PM I need to get good and ...

0 Comments, 926 Views, 47 Votes ,2.81 Score
scott4donna 64 C
4  Articles
sharing sisters   4/22/2001

I recently took a trip to Las Vegas with my two sisters and two nieces for a "girls weekend". I'm married, early forties, with a nice figure and large breasts. I've lived the alternative lifestyle for twenty years, and had an open-marriage for the last eightteen years with my husband's blessings. My divorced prudish older sister and her 21 year old joined me with her -in-law, and my ...

0 Comments, 747 Views, 44 Votes ,8.14 Score
Uncertainty can be an Aphrodisiac - part one   4/7/2001

Part One This is a story that happened a few years ago, It's true exceptthe names have been changed to protect those that care. My wife Lori is a beautiful womanof about 5' 10", nice hardy titties that are large but not 'Big' and they looked good all the time,she never wore a bra so they were extra exciting to look at. I'm ...

0 Comments, 66 Views, 3 Votes ,3.92 Score
rm_rayfor 77 C
1  Article
I've always wanted her to make me watch her.   1/23/2001

My wife and I have been married for ten years, but were both sexually active with others before we were married and occasionally we would tell each other in detail of our sexual experiences with others and as a result it always made both of us very sexually excited and we found ourselves fucking each other wildly before the stories were finished being told. Once married, however, we became ...

1 Comments, 1005 Views, 40 Votes ,8.35 Score
My Girlfriend, her sister and her lover   9/20/2000

My girlfriend is a beautiful woman, with many modelling assignments under her belt, she also does dancing as a hobby. Her sister is a full-time model and drives me absolutely nuts when I see her. One weekend about a month ago, my girlfriend asked me if I wanted to go to the coast for the weekend with her sister and boyfriend. I naturally agreed, looking forward to seeing her and her sister ...

0 Comments, 1002 Views, 34 Votes ,7.91 Score
PussyEater50319 52 M
1  Article
My Wife's friend Nancy   9/16/2000

My wife's friend Nancy had recently moved back. She and my wife grew up on the same block and have known each other since before they were in school. Nancy had married, moved away, divorced, and now returned. My wife called me at work to tell me she and Nancy were going to spend the day together shopping, hanging out, ect.. and she would be joining us for dinner. I didn?t think much of ...

1 Comments, 1453 Views, 40 Votes ,8.83 Score
First Time for A Shy Wife   9/8/2000

I've always asked my wife to be with another man. At first she didn't like the idea but agreed to give it a try. Our plan was to go to a local club where it was for mostly adults. My wife was to go in the club & sit at the bar by herself basically to get picked up. If she had success she was to call me on the cell phone & I was to come in & watch. Well it didn't take long to get her ...

0 Comments, 455 Views, 33 Votes ,1.77 Score
Couldn't believe my eyes!   8/19/2000

It really did start out as a routine day. That night my wife and I had a business dinner to attend for her work. I really don't like the place because all the guys seem to be on the make. My wife is a very pretty woman with a great body for having 2 but all these young punks she works with are always making moves. So we go and I am not happy about the whole situation. The party has a ...

3 Comments, 1974 Views, 679 Votes
First Couple from Online   8/7/2000

(I have changed the names for discression purposes) Thought I would share my first experience with meeting people on line. I have been replying to several ads and have almost hooked up with a few ladies and couples but, it just never seemed to work out. One day was a bit different. Sarah decided that she wanted to meet. We decdied to meet at a local pizza/Italian place. We meet out ...

1 Comments, 241 Views, 5 Votes ,3.47 Score
rm_painterdude 59 C
1  Article
strangers off the roadside   8/1/2000

For years my wife, and myself would fantasize while indulging in endless hours of sweaty sex, about involving a total stranger in our sex games. One evening as she was sucking and caressing my cock, I brought up our fantasy and began to recant it as she sucked more feverishly on my now throbbing member. Just as I was about to come our phone rang, and it was a friend whom was having car ...

0 Comments, 939 Views, 11 Votes ,6.16 Score
cavalierone1 64 M
3  Articles
getting it in the end   6/20/2000

I am a pretty easy going guy. I am robust and have a high sexual drive. My girl friend, Lucy, doesn't always share my enthusiasm for sex. Lucy stands about 5?2? has a petite build. She has quite a nice figure with dark hair and hazel eyes she is quite a looker. She has medium breasts and a beautiful tight butt, as the man says she ain?t no slouch. ...

1 Comments, 368 Views, 7 Votes ,4.31 Score
Is Eight Enough?   6/19/2000

Our first convention was in 1999. We were not prepared for what awaited us. We met two couples from our home state and they had already been invited to a party "after the party" and invited us to join them. Eight costumed couples met in a suite. Very little conversation, we were all nervous. Our host suggested that all the women take turns massaging the men. Nude, of course. It was ...

1 Comments, 693 Views, 14 Votes ,5.54 Score
Brief Encounter   6/3/2000

Brief Encounter It was the first time I had responded to a personal ad. We agreed to meet at a nearby restaurant for drinks and to get acquainted. I arrived early so that when they arrived, I would be able to watch them searching for that certain stranger. They arrived right on time and began to scan the parking lot and lobby. The woman was about 35, slender with long brown hair that ...

0 Comments, 324 Views, 10 Votes ,5.58 Score
txswingers 49 C
1  Article
Swing Club Eye Candy   5/29/2000

We have enjoyed going to on premise swing clubs over the years. We view it as great Eye Candy. Sometimes we find a couple that we click with and then it gets even more fun. In the past, my wife has had no trouble finding inviting cocks to suck on. She loves to give head and leave the guy unable to walk afterwards. One time, she surprised me by telling me she wanted a black guy that she ...

2 Comments, 505 Views, 11 Votes ,5.04 Score
My first time Swinging.   4/21/2000

I met this couple out of a swingig magazine. We set a date when I would be near them (I'm Married). I met them at their house it was better than I ever expected. She loved to take two men at once she even convinced me to take him and do to him what she did to me. It was a dream cum true, taking a guy while screwing his wife.

2 Comments, 430 Views, 9 Votes ,2.57 Score
A slight change in plans   4/18/2000

My wife and I had been married for about 5 years and I kept asking her, no begging for a threesome with 2 women. She would talk about it but never gave me the opportunity. One New Years Eve we were at a friends house waiting for the big event and having a great time. The more she drank the more I figured tonight may be the night. The party consisted of mostly couples but there were a ...

0 Comments, 1428 Views, 27 Votes ,6.08 Score
somido 65 C
1  Article
Swinging in Malaysia   3/5/2000

We had been chatting on mIRC for a few months and got to know the other couple almost as if we were living next door and with each chat the explicit description of what we would all do would make our night lovemaking all that much more erotic and very wild. But still.. the courage to meet and do what we had for years wanted to experience was not that easy.. Swinging is certainly not a ...

1 Comments, 616 Views, 16 Votes ,5.19 Score
Introduced and hooked on it   1/31/2000

As usual I had arrived in town for an important business meeting the next day..I checked into an upscale hotel and decided that I would go down to the bar for a drink before retiring early for a good nights rest. I was sitting at the bar, having a quiet beer when this, well groomed, about 50 y/o couple sat down next to me. We exchnged greetings when he said, you must be from Texas with ...

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Skinny dipping threesome   1/31/2000


2 Comments, 1641 Views, 25 Votes ,6.78 Score
2sweetxx 66 M
1  Article
The First Time   1/17/2000

My wife and I love to go camping, I'll tell you why. We had been talking about swinging for a few months, ( little did I know what she had in mind ). It all started after we had set up the camp, she got into a slinky bikini, she loves for people to watch her , she was relaxing and tanning when a guy in the next site caught her attention.I was off getting some water and when I came back low ...

1 Comments, 1825 Views, 16 Votes ,4.01 Score
concord7 60 C
1  Article
our first time with another man   1/15/2000

Many months had gone by since we first started sharing our fantasies, mine was to see her suck another man's cock, and to fuck him until she came. During our lovemaking I would always ask her, if she would like to suck another cock while I fuck her in the pussy, or if she would like to sit on some big cock while she suck mine, and it would always end with both of us exploding at the same ...

4 Comments, 8550 Views, 93 Votes ,8.19 Score
jrh4443 66 M
1  Article‚ Score 1.0
First time at a swing party   12/28/1999

This was my very first time at a swing party, to visit and hopefully charm a lucky lady. I first meet the host, and heard about the many features of this place, it was at her home. To see and visit with people of all ages and dress. To observe, lady's in all stages of dress, was a joy to see, for I was not accustomed to seeing a lady in her birthday suit, for all of us to see. To seat and ...

2 Comments, 733 Views, 8 Votes ,1.62 Score
MayfairMan 60 C
1  Article
Find out the ins and outs of Massage in Thailand   8/22/1999

The Thais are justly proud of their culture and one of the most enjoyable aspects of life in Thailand is the abundance of good quality cheap massage of many types available all over the country. This article is a beginners guide to massage in Thailand. The first type to mention is Traditional Thai massage, as promoted by the government tourist board and taught by monks at the famous Wat Pho in ...

1 Comments, 869 Views, 11 Votes ,5.78 Score
Sex and the Single Guy   6/12/1999

A few years before I was married for the second time, I was sowing my oats in the bar scene. I used to frequent a go-go bar located in the nearby town next to where my office was located. I would drop by after work and sometimes during lunch. They served among other things hot food to go along with the hot ladies who were showing off their wares on the dance floor. This particular bar had a ...

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