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Team MILF   9/30/2009

I have not posted the follow up article becvause of a broken hand. I am typing this with my left hand and not very well I might add but wanted to let you know why my articles have stopped. My wife ended up spending the entire weekend in the hotel suite with her entertaining each of the 11 players during her stay. Afterwards she was voted team milf after fucking and sucking the entire roster of ...

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Question - 1st time wife wants to swap in separate rooms   9/27/2009

After reading the articles on Local Shemale Hookups, seeing the posting pictures & bios, watching DVDs, my wife wants to try swapping but she only wants to do it with one couple (MF) and in separate bedrooms. She says she would feel uncomfortable with me in the same room watching her get fucked and sucking another man's cock. She says she wouldn't be able to relax. Of course it's a fantasy of mine watching her get ...

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vikingluso 65 C
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Good time during the fly   9/25/2009

We had been planning this trip to Turkey for the past few months, and the day to leave was finally here. Maria had our bags packed and she was really excited about this trip.

We got to the airport on time and made it through security and all the other travel procedures. The plane was at the gate and Maria said she had to use the bathroom before we boarded and she left. When she came ...

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weekend get away   9/24/2009

wondering of any nice places to go for a great weekend get away with my wife in the Portland Ore. area. weekend of Oct 23

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Buddy100560 59 M
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have any couples/groups connected here ever?   9/23/2009

I have been here for a while. All I have done is connected only with many bi-sexuals but no couples or women? Tell me your experience.

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vikingluso 65 C
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Walking back through the woods   9/23/2009

One day during our last holidays in Turkey, and we have just spent the day lounging around the back garden of the hotel enjoying the sun and ended up in our local village pub for a lovely meal and a couple of glasses of wine.

The sun was just setting as we had finished our meal when my wife suggested walking back through the woods, as it was such a lovely evening.

We set off and ...

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justawoman45 46 F
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Mind If I Sit Down, Can I Buy You A Round   9/22/2009

Last night was karaoke. I dropped Axe off at work and went ahead to the bar so I could secure our usual table and grab a bite to eat before the evenings festivities kicked off.

The owner greeted me as I got out of my car and asked me if I was eating dinner there tonight. I replied yes and she invited me to eat with her and a couple of other employees and other friends. I graciously ...

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hornycouple610 64 C
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Getting the party started   9/21/2009

We arrived at the party home on time. After some chatting while waiting for the rest to arrive, we had a small bbq. The food was great. We had met this fellow a few weeks earlier. He had asked if I wanted to really get things going. I said yes and we proceeded to find a bed. After undressing, we kissed and I lay on the bed. He started with some oral and then went for the whole enchilada. ...

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kapoho1 68 C
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My Lover   9/20/2009

I woke this morning, got out of bed, my legs were very stiff and my thighs were sore. I thought for a moment why would I be sore? Then visions of Friday entered my mind... It all started when my husband told my lover, after watching him fuck me for 3 hours, he should spend some time with me while he is away hunting. My lover said he would like that and to contact him with the time frame. ...

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Attitude Ajustment A Team Need   9/20/2009

Later on Sunday while the two of us was being lazy the doorbell rang so I new she was not moving I went and opened the door to find Jeff who my wife had been neglecting for several weeks. Jeff did not mean to just drop in by surprise but called usa several times last night but never could get an answer. The pro team in the city we live outside of was in dire need of some good luck so with 11 ...

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rm_Raven4un69 47 F
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I had been seeing a guy just for sex and hanging out for a few beers for a few months. Allen was an awesome lover with truly the biggest cock I had ever ridden. Even after months of seeing each other it still took him a while each time to fit it into me. God how this man did love to eat pussy! He would dive in like a man in a desert thirsting for water.

After a few months, I started ...

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Weekend To Remember   9/19/2009

It was after 10 Sunday morning before we left the house giving my wife time to clean herself up and rest before saying our goodbyes. I beleive just about everyone involved told her how incredible the weekend had been as they lined the halls telling her goodbye and visit again soon. During her second visit the members who enjoyed my wifes visit increased from 8 the first visit to 41 total after ...

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3way4fun87 31 C
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swingers   9/13/2009

swingers wanna play? love to girls 1 big cock

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3way4fun87 31 C
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my arse   9/13/2009

rate my arse from 1-10

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rm_hornyliku 29 M
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kfdaorekgreopifdsagfdshh   9/6/2009


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Make Up For No Show   9/4/2009

We had quite a few calls from the frat house during the night and in the last few it seemed they were worried something happened which it did but they did not need to find out why we forgot them. I told them we had car trouble and the phone would not catch a signal at the place we stayed so it was morning before I could call which is what we did. It was 8am when I got in touch with Larry and told ...

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vikingluso 65 C
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Fun in Greece - island of Kos   9/1/2009

On a nice summer weekday in a Greek Island (Kos), and after eating breakfast in the restaurant, when Maria was still sleeping I had a conversation with three young guys who joined at my table. Their names were Mark, Rick, and Mike they are from England and Wales, they work together and they decided to take some holidays together.

Since I was alone at the table, they invited me to join ...

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vikingluso 65 C
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A funny week end at a boat   9/1/2009

After having worked overtime and second jobs for years our friend Karl finally was able to go out and buy a small boat, if not "the" boat he wanted but at least a close second.

He wanted something he could go to the middle grounds fishing or just enjoying a good time with his friends. My wife thought he was crazy. Not being into fishing, diving or cruising she thought it was all a waste ...

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Return Visit   8/28/2009

We both took Friday off again so we left just after nine with the intent to stop and enjoy the hour or so drive. My wife ask me to stop about halfway to use the ladies room so the next exit we left the interstate and stopped at a truck stop. Parking in front of the semis lined up I ask my wife to see if my glasses would be easy to get to in my travel case. I popped the trunk as she went back to ...

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Nympo Wife Rumor   8/27/2009

I waited almost an hour before entering the room of the motel which had several locals milling around looking in the direction of room 112 rented by my wife to entertain her 3 black boy toys. With Masons detailed report of the hour before I joined them I will pick up where my last article ended. WHEN THE DOOR SHUT ALL FOUR OF THEM HAD A GOOD LAUGH AT THE LOCALS WHO SEEMED SHOCKED AS THEY MADE ...

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vikingluso 65 C
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Maria's best friends   8/27/2009

My wife, Maria, and I had been married for several years. We have a special way to take our holidays, we always take a few holidays together and each on take a few days alone. We need time to ourselves. Time to think. Time to enjoy our own space!

At this time Maria was taking her holidays alone, so she packed her bags one morning, leaving me alone in our home. I had been alone for a ...

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nippleman1945 70 M
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My next threesome creampie   8/26/2009

The next time that I eat creampie was when I meet a couple for a threesome. He was 65 and she was 42, she was 42 DD chunky but nice shaped body. She had a shaved pussy, I like a big bush the best, but what ever. He wanted to watch as she sucked me off and then wanted me to give her a hard fucking. He said he had a hard time getting it up and he wanted to make sure he was there if she got fucked ...

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nippleman1945 70 M
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My first time eating creampie   8/26/2009

My swinging partner and I was having a threesome when she wanted to do 69 with me on my back and she on top. She was sucking our male friend real hard as she was sucking me also. Then she ask him to fuck her as I was lick en her dripping wet pussy. He went in dogie style and I was lick en and sucking on her clit. She was flowing so hard with her cum. She is also a hard squirter too. Our male ...

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Wife Turned Nympo Rumor   8/26/2009

Jeff left at nine Sunday night and both of us agreed to giving it a rest for several days after I fucked her up the ass using his cream for lube and shot my load inside her ass to join his in her fuck starved body. On Monday she and I heard from Neil, Stan and Jeff again using the same excuse of did not have time to get together. We met after work on Tuesday and went out on a date taking in a ...

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Frat House No Easy Exit   8/25/2009

We had almost left the building before running into Thomas in the lobby. He told my wife that Mason wanted to tell her bye and see about getting our number so he could catch up to us in the future. He went to say his room was around the corner if we would drop in before leaving if we wished to. My wife looked to me for an answer so I told Thomas to lead the way so we followed him down the hall to ...

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kelcon2008 67 C
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This game can be played with three or more people players must strip down to there underwear You need bed restraints for arms and legs plus 3 or more straws depending on the amount of people First you all pick straws from short to long the person with the shortest straw is taken to the bed room by there partner stripped and laid on the bed, so they are comfortable, the restraints are then applied ...

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Poker Tournament Results   8/24/2009

Larry greeted the other five players as they all showed up at once. I was introduced as the dealer for the evening and shook hands while exchanging names as we met. Mitch, Marquan, Mason, Donald and Thomas joined Larry for the championship game winner take all which was one thousand bucks cash. Each player began with one hundred dollars worth of chips a piece. If a player lost all his chips the ...

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uwantme2nite68 111 C
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NEW Local Shemale Hookups FRIEND AND A JACUZZI SUITE   8/23/2009

We had been talking for a few weeks on the internet..harmless flirting that was alot of fun. He lived pretty far away so we would say things we were going to do to eachother if we ever met, not thinking that we would actually ever meet. We talked about getting a jacuzzi suite and playing all night long. Then he (i'll call him cory)had an idea that ...

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vikingluso 65 C
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Fun in a nude beach   8/23/2009

This past weekend my wife Maria and I decided to spend a day at the beach. We both enjoy a local nude beach and decided to go there. Being a weekend it was pretty crowded, but as any of you other nude sun worshipers know, nude beaches are the friendliest ones around.

We spent the day naked and happy watching all the beautiful people and splashing in the sea. Later in the afternoon as the ...

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jus_lookin_4 39 M
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swinging clubs   8/21/2009

hi i was jus wondering if anyone knows of sum good swinging clubs in the london area as i want to go to one but not sure wots good an wots not so any help would b appriecated thanx

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Unexpected fun at a boat trip   8/20/2009

We had a long weekend coming up with a Monday holiday so Gerard and I planned a trip to the middle grounds with the full intent of doing a relaxing trip and enjoying the good weather. Gerard is a good friend of us, which who we already spent some nice times in threesome sessions. He’s married but his wife never went into this games, and she refuse to hear Gerard every time he want to talk ...

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story   8/20/2009

My wife, Hayley, and I are both in our late 30s and had considered the swinging scene for some time. We are both naturists and for some time we had thought of taking our liberated lifestyle that one step further. Despite what you hear, naturism is very sexual and we had often fantasised about swinging with other singles and couples that we met through our visits to clubs and beaches. We had also ...

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Poker Tournement Champions   8/18/2009

My wife returned to the ladies room to freshen up before dressing for the evening activities. Larry finished his phone conversation as he walked back into his bedroom. He began to explaine what the plan was for the night saying the frat house held a poker tournament the past five nights with each nights winner advancing to the final game to crown the champion of the entire fraternity. four groups ...

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cplawesm 47 C
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waiting for similar ppl in bangalore   8/17/2009

hi to anybody visiting from abroad from Local Shemale Hookups we would be happy to catch up with you.pls visit our profile to see our choice of ppl

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nippleman1945 70 M
6  Articles
Eating cream pie mmmmmmm   8/16/2009

I love to swing and I just love to eat creampie. But in my add i'm up front and have a hard time getting couples to swing with me. MY wife can't have sex any more and so i play alone, so what so wrong with couple??. Like I said I love to eat creampie from me or there guy putting into her. I love to lick her pussy just after he cums in her and try to make her cum real hard. Then i like to fill her ...

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oNCE lARRY WAS IN THE SHOWER MY WIFE ROLLED OVER FACING ME AND PROPPED HERSELF UP WITH HER MARM SO WE COULD CHAT BEFORE SHE JOINED HIM IN THE SHOWER. Before I could speak she informed me that he had just fucked her the best he ever had as she reached between her long legs to pat her swollen pussy acting like it needed cooling down a bit. I agreed saying he fucked the hell out of her but it was ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
What a week end!   8/15/2009

Very often we spent the weekend in a house of a friend of us. They are a fantastic couple but his wife have a very possessive family, many weekends they need to travel about 300 Km just to spend the weekend with her family. We are closed friends we have a very good sexual relationship together and our friendship is now based in more than sex. They have a big house with a small swimming pool and ...

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Frat House Visit   8/14/2009

As we drove back to our motel my wife licked her fingers and forearms clean of the two massive loads she had coaxed from their hard cocks.. Her two hand jobs blasted huges loads that covered both hands and arms from the elbows down but her magic tounge licked every last drop from them leaving her as clean as if she had just showered. MY WIFE SUCKED DOWN SEVERAL LARGE GOBS OF CUM FROM HER STICKY ...

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WEEKEND TRIP DAY 2   8/13/2009

I was up early on Saturday morning leaving my wife asleep to check out what kind of entertainment the city had to offer. Not far from our motel was an adult store with everything from videos, toys, magazines and a xxx walkin movie theater beside it. XXX movies began at noon on Saturday until midnight with a charge of five bucks a person to watch from opening to closing. As I rode back to the ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
2 Couples on week end   8/8/2009

My wife and I have been happily married several years or so and still have great sex. Recently I came back from a business trip to Stockholm where I bought couples of sexy magazines, which I hid in my suitcase.

After getting back from the airport, I was having a shower when Maria walked into the bathroom - holding one magazine in her hands and staring at me. Oh God, I thought, I’m ...

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jus_lookin_4 39 M
2  Articles
new to swinging   8/6/2009

hi im new to swinging but i am very eager to experience the whole swinging thing any ideas as to where i shud start or any good swinger clubs that u kno of i wud love to hear from u thanx

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
One night at an adult theater   8/6/2009

My wife Maria has brown hair, and she has a nice ass and great boobs, although after 3 , she does have a few stretch marks. She does exercises with her shaved pussy and she has great control over the muscles in that area that makes it constrict when she wants to. She has always loved sex and never seems to get enough.

We normally have sex every day and she would like it more. Like my ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
The Gang Bang started at the train   8/5/2009

At this time we are living in the suburbs of Lisboa and Maria has been riding the intercity to work a nice train that people from the suburbs use to go downtown every day. There is a very wealthy class of people that ride from the north shore.

One day Maria started telling me about the daily episodes on the train. She was telling me that there was a nice looking and well-dressed guy that ...

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Buddy100560 59 M
25  Articles
My first swing experience   8/5/2009

One of my very first experience was with a younger couple. The wife knew me and we would flirt often. One day she just popped the question - what if my husband hears you say that you would love to fuck me. I said, he would love it and want to watch or maybe participate too and if he was kinky like I am, he may want to taste his wife's cum on me. She turned red and I thought - damn I blew it. Now ...

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Weekend Trip Details   8/5/2009

While she drifted off to sleep quite a frustrating feeling crepted over me after waiting an hour and half for them to finish as I waited as visions ran thru my mind of what was going on inside his sleeper. Instead of waiting for her to take a nap as I pulled back onto the interstate I called over the cb radio for him hoping he would return my call. Asking for the trucker who just had a visit from ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Roadside sex at Friday evening   8/3/2009

It was Friday mid afternoon and I had to go check in some work out of town, so I asked Maria if she cared to join me for a little road trip. I told her we could take turns entertaining each other during the drive. We took my jeep because it has the bench seat which is a more comfortable for the type of entertaining I had in mind.

The setting was perfect as it was a cool sunny day in the ...

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Weekend Trip Continues   8/3/2009

I pulled along side the trucker with my wife lying fully exposed except for her face being behind the garment bag hanging in the window and her stomach because of her dress being bunched up in her mid-section. I rode along side until traffic pushed me by him with his horn blowing his approval as we passed on by. Moments after leaving him behind he came over the cb letting other truckers know who ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Maria takes on three guys   8/2/2009

Maria and I have experienced playing with other couples, some MMF threesomes and even some orgies. I love to watch Maria having sex with other men. One year I decided to take here away for our birthdays. When I was setting up this little getaway and because she is turning 50, I asked her if she would like to have a young stud for her birthday and that I would love to watch her. She said no, that ...

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Weekend Trip Begins   8/1/2009

THE Terminix man had satisfied her for one day but when she crawled out of bed the next morning her pussy was ready for more. It was just over an hour to the university where Larry went to school but our invitation was for Saturday even though he would not complain if we showed up a day early but I had other plans for the trip also. We left out a bit before 9 on Friday morning after both packed ...

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Every day on his spring break Larry had fucked my wife 8 straight but after the second day after he left she was so horny for a good stuffing and it was to be before the weekend. During the past week she had been gangbanged several different times by as many as 7 at one time while doing 3 on several differnt encounters as William and Jason who introduced him to my fuck hungry wife helped out ...

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24play1970 53 C
14  Articles
finally   7/30/2009

I think my wife is finally going to give in and let me set up a threesome. I can't wait! I have been wanting this for so long!

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TO VISIT OR NOT   7/29/2009

My wife after taking 3 vacation days went back to work on Thursday so instead of mornings Larry began dropping by at night. The two of them would use the guest bedroom until 2 or 3 in the morning as I lay in our bed and listen to all the fucking sounds from their room. My wife would climb into our bed bringing the aroma of sex with her as she snuggled up beside me. It was always more than I could ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Another gang bang   7/28/2009

It had been a warm and sunny fall day. As afternoon transitioned to early evening, we decided for a little walking in the nature, so we went to a big park full of trees and not faraway from home; after a few time walking we were both ready for a rest before went back home.

Maria, my wife, is a "stone fox", as we called incredibly beautiful women in my day. I consider myself one of the ...

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terry196444 54 M
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BI SEX BLAST MFMM Steve, Eric Mindi and Terry   7/28/2009

What a night with a married couple and their bi male friend I had. Steve and Mindi invited me to their house one night for a little extra fun. They are sex fanatics like I am and when they told me to come over and play with them and their friend I was immediately hard from the thought of tasting Steve and Mindi again and the thought of another cock to play with while we all pleased Mindi. I show ...

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Soulmates   7/26/2009

Before my shocked wife could say a word I smiled while looking her straight in her eyes and told her how much I loved her as she exhaled while falling into my arms. We hugged each other as tight as both of us could for several minutes without saying another word before I helped her over to our bed laying her well fucked soul down with me lying beside her. Looking into her worried looking eyes I ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Maria gang banged   7/24/2009

Me and Maria privately we get pretty wild, publically our behavior is conservative however we do nude sunbath regularly, frequent nude beaches on vacation and enjoy swing clubs and all kind of group sex.

I'd say we were a pretty average couple. Maria and I are both in our 50's with , neither in any rush to remarry. We are both professionals motivated to stay healthy, active, trim and ...

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Surprised But Not Surprised   7/24/2009

It was one hell of a weekend and as we made ourself get out of bed late Sunday afternoon my wife realized just how sore she was. It had her call off work that afternoon for the next day because it would be worse on Monday. I do not think at the time because it hurt so good just how much her beautiful body was abused. PARTS POUNDED, SLAMMED, SPANKED AND BIT ON WHEN YOU ARE OVER FORTY IS HARD TO ...

1 Comments, 1105 Views, 19 Votes ,5.63 Score
Dessert Is Served   7/24/2009

I helped my wife off our bed and led her into our bathroom to clean her up and get her some restful time. As I fixed her bath our doorbell rang once again so she told me to see who it is she could get her on bath ready. I leaned over and kissed her on the lips as the doorbell rang again. I EXCUSED MYSELF TELLING HER HOW MUCH i LOVED HER while backing away and leaving her to clean her cum covered ...

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Hungry Dinner Guest Gets Second Helping   7/24/2009

It took 45 minutes for our guest to have hunger pains again when Jeffs knock on our door told us that not all was finished with dinner. I ask him to enter before she could get off the bed so he caught us as naked as when he left us. Not to my surprise he was the same as when he left because walking in you noticed his mammoth cock swaying between his legs halfway to his knees. I answered his ...

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NJArmySwinger 38 M
6  Articles
Pineapples!!!   7/23/2009

There are two things I think about when I hear pineapples!!

Number One: The flag, a pineapple is the National sign for Swingers!! Did you know this? Is it true?

Number Two: Did you know, if you eat pineapple all day long before sex, your load will be bigger then normal?? Yes it is true, you will have longer ropes and more for all!! TRY IT!!

8 Comments, 386 Views, 12 Votes ,4.04 Score
NJArmySwinger 38 M
6  Articles
Where are the best places to swing in your area??   7/23/2009

The title says it all, for all of us traveling people... Do you have any good swinging clubs or places to go??

And is this true? Clubs and anyone who is a swinger fly's the Pineapple flag outside??

1 Comments, 119 Views, 1 Votes ,1.10 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Three young sailors at the beach   7/22/2009

Last holidays when Maria and I planned an afternoon at the beach, to do nothing more than relax and polish our tans, we had an experience as memorable as any that we have had. The memory of that experience is so vivid in my mind that I will be able to recount every detail in the precise order in which it happened.

Maria had chosen to wear a daring thong bikini that covered only a tiny ...

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DINNER IS SERVED (continued)   7/22/2009

Jason and William gathered their belongings and made their exit telling me as they walked by that dinner was great as I replied if you did not get enough seconds would be available after all had their first helping. My wife would get no rest like she did after the first round because Jeff Neil and Stan followed me into the bedroom telling me they had waited long enough. My wife was still on her ...

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msthing1962 55 F
7  Articles
Sexcapades   7/20/2009


I unlock your door and walk in slowly my hips swaying to the music you already have playing. There are candles lit all of the rooms and your standing there in a black silk robe. I smile at you and tell you how sexy you look and you reply by telling me that I also look beautiful and sexy. You walk up behind me and take my coat off and notice that I only have on a black silk ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
A strip during a stag party   7/18/2009

A long time ago, when were in our thirties, one of my old friends from high school was getting married and his stag party was coming up and Maria would usually pout and try to tell me that we didn't need to have one. The thought of me and a few of my friends drinking and watching x-rated movies didn't bother her, but she was afraid one of them would arrange for a stripper and, worse yet, that ...

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Dinner Is Served   7/16/2009

I told everyone as they exited the room to give her a little time to rest and laid down beside her wrapping my arms around her nude body and held her long after she brought her breathing under control. It was ten minutes until she was able to calm down from her orgasmes as the two of them left her trembling and like she was gasping for breath every so often. Once she gain control over her well ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Holidays at a swing resort   7/16/2009

Our lives got busy and, while we traveled other places, we both forgot her desire to visit a swinger resort. Then last year, we experienced a windfall of some cash and decided to spend it on a very special trip. I remembered her travel fantasy and mentioned it to her.

“I’d forgotten about that. You know, a trip to a swinger resort would be a great getaway from the cold ...

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Dinner Is Served   7/15/2009

My wife was quick to blame me for not being ready when our guest rang our doorbell at 7 on the dot. I accepted blame flashing her a smile as I left her to greet our dinner guest leaving her to finish getting ready so she could join us. I explained to our guest while leading them into our rec room she was running behind but would soon be joining us. While the five of them found a seat I furnished ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
A threesome at home   7/11/2009

My wife Maria and myself have been married several years and have an average sex life. My wife can be quite adventurous about sex what I love!

One night a few time ago and as we lay in bed we started talking about our fantasies and experiences. I told her about sharing her with another man and watching her being fucked, have always really turned me on and she was quite turned on by that. ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Visiting a new swing club   7/10/2009

My wife Maria and I received a flyer for a swing club in the city while we were out for a long week end. We have discussed it at length and I was getting excited hearing how excited she was with the possibility of trying a new swing club. She suggested we try it on the day after so we decided that we would just go and check it out.

That night couldn't go by fast enough. Just deciding to ...

0 Comments, 631 Views, 16 Votes ,5.92 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
A short story at a warm August night   7/9/2009

It was a warm August night. My wife Maria and I were going out on the town to unwind from a hectic week at work. As we were walking out of the door the phone rang. Hesitating to answer it, I did. It was Maria’s best friend Suzanne. She and her husband had an awful fight and she wanted to come and spend the night. I told her that we were about to walk out, but she was more than welcome to come ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Holidays during sept in Marmaris   7/4/2009

We will be in holidays in Marmaris from 3 to 17 September, 2009. We will love to meet some local couples/women or someone in holidays in Marmaris during this period. If someone interested please just contact us. Hope we can find a good time there! Thanks

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Saturday evening with our friends   7/1/2009

Our friends Jon and Trine came round for tea again on Saturday evening. After the last time we mote a few weeks ago, my wife and I could not wait to see what would happen this time, and we had some things we wanted to try out. Jon & Trine arrived and we sat and chatted about what had been happened last time when we got together a few bottles of wine, and we told them that after they left, I took ...

3 Comments, 1090 Views, 26 Votes ,6.80 Score
td1216 49 M
2  Articles
What does it take   7/1/2009

What does it take to convince others that one is here for the fun and not looking for an opportunity to migrate to the USA or money? I ask this because my fellow Ghanaians seem to be gaining notoriety everywhere and its not in the interests of the fun seeking fellows.

0 Comments, 91 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Holidays in Rhodes   6/27/2009

Last holidays in Rhodes in rent an apartment in a hotel with bedroom, living room with an extra bed, a small kitchenette and a large veranda. Saturday evening we went to the local Adult video store and purchased a swinger video to watch together at the hotel. The guy working there (his name was Dimitrius ‒ we think that’s the correct way to spell it) was very kind to us, he helped ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Three in the bed   6/26/2009

A couple of years ago when we moved to Norway my wife and I lived in a one-bedroom apartment. A friend of hers whom she hadn’t seen for quite some time called to visit us. She stopped quite late and as she lived some distance away my wife asked her to stop over. I suggested the two ladies slept together in the bed and I would settle down on the sofa.

So Maria and her friend Anna ...

3 Comments, 1796 Views, 42 Votes ,7.85 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
A good surprise   6/26/2009

While this occurred nearly 20 years ago I still get a hard-on when I think about it. I decided it is time to share it with the rest of the world. This story is true. Sorry there are no monster cocks, but I think the truth is hotter anyway.

My wife, Maria, was 29 when we married and I encouraged her to seek her own sexuality and for while she resisted. After two years she got into it and ...

3 Comments, 1085 Views, 13 Votes ,6.33 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Meeting at a private party   6/26/2009

We responded to an invite from a couple into the Local Shemale Hookups site and we arranged to meet for a coffee. When we got there we met this nice couple. They explained that they liked to check out people before they arrive to make sure everyone is a participant. They told us that they host at a private home parties between 10-12 couples attend as well as 6 single men and that the men are very carefully ...

6 Comments, 938 Views, 27 Votes ,7.76 Score
classynsensuous 51 F
2  Articles
Why I want a FMF   6/21/2009

A FMF has been my fantasy for a long time. The thought of being with another woman in front of a lover really turns me on. It makes me so wet. I imagine kissing her, working down her neck to her breast. Licking and kissing her nipples as only a woman would know how to. Then progressing down her stomach, then to her thighs and finally to her clit. Knowing just what a she would want and how ...

3 Comments, 915 Views, 26 Votes ,6.58 Score

Its been a while since my last article so its catch up time because the fucking never slowed down it kepted me to busy to write. Picking up where I left off I was awakened by my cell phone so as I answered while getting focused from waking up quick I gazed around the room finding a clock that told me it was a bit past 5. As I cleared my head enough to see who was on the other end to find it was ...

0 Comments, 804 Views, 13 Votes ,3.98 Score
bimainecouple 63 C
31  Articles
Kate’s First Threesome   6/19/2009

My name is Kate. I am 45 years old with black hair and blue eyes. My husband’s name is Bill. We have been married for twenty five years and have two daughters; both are out of the house and on their own.

Bill and I have managed to stay in pretty good shape. I am 5’3” tall and weigh about 130 lbs. I have small breasts with sensitive nipples that grow quite hard ...

17 Comments, 9871 Views, 184 Votes ,9.14 Score
Hotbiguy360 51 M
3  Articles
TV Times   6/18/2009

One evening I was online when someone wanted to start a chat with me. It was a bi guy who enjoyed cross dressing and having viewed his online profile I said “Hi” and we got to talking.

He was married guy named Mike and he had a very understanding wife who allowed him to meet men and allow him to explore his feminine side by dressing up. His wife did not participate with him ...

3 Comments, 1242 Views, 25 Votes ,8.00 Score
bimainecouple 63 C
31  Articles
Deb's story (Continued)   6/17/2009

“It’s as if someone has flipped a switch. Now that I have done it I do not want to stop. It is so titillating” I told Rob after we had made love. I had just returned home after my encounter with Dave. “I can see it turns you on too” I added laughing as I massaged his erection. “Let’s get some sleep we can continue tomorrow.” We kissed ...

2 Comments, 3193 Views, 76 Votes ,8.92 Score
New lover   6/16/2009

After finding a wonderful partner on Local Shemale Hookups to join my wife and I, we felt it was time to look again. Terry's work schedule was taking him out of town more, and are time together was getting harder to arrange. Or at least meeting when it worked for all of us. So Michelle and I started to peruse the many e-mails that we got from guys looking to join a couple for some MFM fun. This is what we ...

3 Comments, 1671 Views, 39 Votes ,7.39 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
From Portugal to Tunisia   6/4/2009

My wife Maria and I were both second time around married, we were both very highly sexed and I knew that she'd had a life of great sexual variety before she met me. No complains at all I was exactly in the same situation! At this time we are still living in a small town in the north of Portugal. We both worked, me in a big company and I always had a lot of reports to do at home, and Maria, at ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
After our threesome with David ........ Louise!   6/3/2009

The next morning of our meeting with David, I awoke at about 12:00 from a great night's sleep, and still remembering the events of the evening before with David and Maria.

Maria awoke earlier and she told me she need to go to the supermarket and she will be back soon, what gives to me a few time alone to remember the amazing time we spent with David. But I couldn't get Louise out of my ...

2 Comments, 695 Views, 15 Votes ,5.43 Score
voyeurs69in2003 69 C
107  Articles
Twins from two men possible   6/3/2009

Happy Mia Washington after having sex with two men, had twins in 2008, who were only half brothers. Sperms of each men, were hanging out, waiting in her reproductive tract, until the egg was released. That proved that MFM is perfectly natural. Sometimes sperms from two men deposited at the same time, fight each other for an access to the egg. That proves that Mother Nature predicted such ...

3 Comments, 1135 Views, 16 Votes ,6.21 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Advice: In Rhodos from 10 to18 June 2009   6/2/2009

Follow up of our holidays planning We will be in Rhodes from 10 until 18 June. Anyone there? We hope to meet some friends there! If not .. ok greek men are very hot, we will be safe! Cheers

0 Comments, 73 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
First Impressions - Frustrating!   6/2/2009

I am 59 and my wife is 39. We have been married for 19yrs and just recently became active on Local Shemale Hookups. Its taken this long to overcome our cultural programming and accept our sexuality without the religious taboos and other inhibitory influences.

Now confronted with the task of finding another couple or two to play with, we turned to Local Shemale Hookups as a hook-up resource. All I can say is: "What a ...

3 Comments, 881 Views, 8 Votes ,3.71 Score
couple_sexi1000 40 C
2  Articles
Sex club in Lexington/Louisville/Cincinnati   6/2/2009

We would love to attend a club or party where there is music and dance and people go there for NSA sex. Yes, we know about BlueGrass Secrets in Louisville but we are looking for single males mainly and that is strictly controlled there. And it is too structured for us.

We are really looking for something where you could go, get a little drunk, dance with people if you liked them and ...

1 Comments, 777 Views, 9 Votes ,3.85 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Our first threesome with David   5/31/2009

My wife is a brunette with a slim, firm body, her breasts a good handful with smallish nipples and a lovely shape, she had a flat stomach which showed off a prominent mound that she was very proud of and a long lipped cunt. She was shaved of course and had great legs. She always attracted male eyes in the street.

One Friday evening, when we were making love, taking our time with the ...

1 Comments, 1161 Views, 23 Votes ,6.40 Score
Up4You80014 43 M
6  Articles
I think he had been setting me up   5/30/2009

We had been meeting with other men off and on for some time, It was kinda feel good nasty, It was fun to let go letting them satisfy my need for cock. I loved watching them get off you see I have never had a problem getting a cock off in my mouth, I actually turned it into fun for me and my boyfriend I would control them cuming and not til i was ready for them to shoot huge loads. I remember ...

2 Comments, 2644 Views, 34 Votes ,5.58 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Introducing our friends in a gang bang   5/29/2009

It was that our time and we were holding our regular party with some friends at home. Only our closest friends were invited to this affair as it was special and we had to be very selective so it would live up to expectations.

My wife Maria had been shopping earlier in the week for her outfit and it was very sexy. I couldn’t wait to see her walk out in front of everyone in her ...

3 Comments, 1361 Views, 24 Votes ,6.42 Score
A MMFM   5/27/2009

During the next couple of days Sharon admitted the the thought of having a different man fucking her was very exciting and that him being black made it more exciting. I ask if she would be interested in having three men fucking her. She said she would think about it. Friday Morning I called Craig and told him we would be at the Hilton and would be checking in around 2:00PM saturday afternoon. I ...

1 Comments, 4567 Views, 94 Votes ,8.25 Score
Another Threesome   5/27/2009

I had arranged for Craig to meet Sharon and I a couple of weeks earlier at a xxx movie. Craig and Sharon enjoyed each others body all night giving Sharon her first taste of black cock. Craig called my office and arranged to come in for a sales call. When Craig arrived we talked business for a while and I invited him to dinner. Since it was mid afternoon Craig went to make another call and was to ...

0 Comments, 1258 Views, 20 Votes ,6.83 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
A gang bang with friends   5/27/2009

A few years ago ..... one day when we are talking and playing about our fantasies Maria told me her most intense fantasies, was being firmly handled by 5 or 6 men at one time, being fucked by each one, and having a couple of them expert in oral sex.

Maria imagined holding erect cocks in each hand while another guy was fucking her, and she imagined sucking big hard cocks.

Maria ...

0 Comments, 1048 Views, 27 Votes ,7.45 Score
bimainecouple 63 C
31  Articles
Julia   5/27/2009

We submitted this a while ago unde another name.

My name is Julia. My husband Charles and I have been married for 6 years. During this time he has introduced me to this lifestyle. At first it bothered me that he wanted me have sex with other men. I questioned his motives. I thought he was just using it as an excuse to be with other women and I was hurt and jealous but now I ...

1 Comments, 4518 Views, 73 Votes ,8.20 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
A get together with some friends   5/22/2009

Last Saturday, my wife Maria, our best friends Julia and Tom and our mutual friends Gaby and Jamie decided to have a get-together. We have known each other for about 5 years now and regularly go out together. They are good friends, sex never happens before even sometimes the theme of conversation seems much spiced

As usual, we had a very enjoyable dinner. We polished off several bottles ...

0 Comments, 910 Views, 29 Votes ,6.05 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
A long time ago! The story of our beginig   5/22/2009

This story is from our beginning in the world of sex with others, and how some years ago we made our lives exciting and our sex life was dull at best. At this time ( oh oh … long time ago … Maria was not very open about sex when I tried to talk about it and give her ideas, to get her to open up a bit, she would get mad and accuse me of not loving her the way she was.

One ...

2 Comments, 457 Views, 11 Votes ,5.04 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
sex in a car parking   5/21/2009

This story starts with me and my wife making love in our car stopped in a small parking area on a small road. That’s something we do quit often either to get a chance of being watched for some voyeurs either to found someone to join us. Maria was making the usual loud moans of excitement while I was shoving my cock into her. So we didn’t hear anything but just as I cum in her love ...

0 Comments, 458 Views, 9 Votes ,4.28 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Wife playing alone and husband watching!   5/21/2009

Usually we don’t play alone but sometimes it happens, either because we got separated holidays time or the situations went to that. This story was about one of these situations when Maria was playing alone when I just watch what she was doing. We were at a country fair on summer and we did the usual things people do at these events, eat, drink and wander around ridiculously expensive trade ...

3 Comments, 792 Views, 13 Votes ,5.16 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
My wife and I got into a fantastic sex party   5/18/2009

My wife and I got into a fantastic group sex about two months ago when we went to a party of a friend we had not seen due to them moving away about a year ago. We arrived at the party and as we were making it a long weekend and were staying over I did not have to worry about having too much to drink. At about 2 in the morning most people had left there was only myself and my wife, our friends ...

2 Comments, 1549 Views, 27 Votes ,7.24 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Exbitionism at the motel   5/14/2009

My wife, Maria, got an invitation to go out to dinner with some old good friends, from her previous marriage, and so she went. We plHeleneed to get together around mid-night so was drinking with some friends in a pub close to our house. However, she called to tell me she'd gotten back and she told me to come back home, I drove over (we lived only about a 3 minute drive away), and she came out of ...

2 Comments, 864 Views, 13 Votes ,5.32 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
24 hours   5/11/2009

About 3 years ago my wife’s best friend from school asked if she could come up and visit us for a few days. As we had not seen her in nearly 10 years my wife Maria thought it would be a great idea. To be honest her friend Paula is just not someone I like and we have NEVER seen eye to eye.

Paula is the same age as Maria and has never married although she is never short of male company. ...

2 Comments, 1253 Views, 32 Votes ,8.49 Score
gene914 55 C
3  Articles
Our First Group Swing   5/9/2009

We had gotten into swinging slowly, first letting a guy video my wife and I making love without any participation on his part. Then several soft swing encounters with other couples. So far everything was great and we were enjoying ourselves. Then the next step. We met Tom & Diane. They were a really nice couple and Tom was the first guy I saw fuck my wife and Diane was the first woman I ...

10 Comments, 4004 Views, 103 Votes ,8.37 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
The old friend   5/8/2009

I have always considered my wife, Maria, to be a very sexy woman. At 54 years old, with shoulder length brown hair, she has kept her body in great shape. Maria loves to wear clothes that allowed her to take full advantage of her figure; 'crop tops', low cut shirts that showed ample cleavage, muscle tees, tight sweaters and very sheer fabrics! Along the years Maria adopted a new attitude towards ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
A night out on the town   5/8/2009

My wife had decided to join a few friends in a night on the town. She knows these little 'adventures' really excite me. Watching Maria get dressed up, knowing she's going out without me is stimulating. The image of the sharks and hounds that make up the local club scene, circling her like starving animals around their prey.... ...all the while I sit at home watching a flick, and having a couple ...

2 Comments, 444 Views, 7 Votes ,5.33 Score
louis956 43 M
1  Article
hard20cm cock   5/7/2009

For the horny ladies in needxxx

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
4 couples in holidays   5/5/2009

It was mid July when Maria and we had rented one remote cabin that could be rented for a two week period during the summer in a naturist resort. The cabins were only rented to adults and each cabin featured a bedroom with a mirrored ceiling. Strategically placed mirrors also allow anyone on the canopy beds to watch themselves from just about any angle. There was a well stocked bar and a small ...

0 Comments, 742 Views, 19 Votes ,5.37 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
It was early evening as we drove back   4/30/2009

It had been a good meal out, Maria had just landed herself a promotion at her job, and I had picked her for a drink to celebrate. Maria had drunk more wine than she should have done so I was driving home.

It was early evening and still light as we drove back along the dual carriageway, Maria was dressed with a thin cotton shirt and pleated black skirt; I was more casual with jeans and ...

2 Comments, 416 Views, 15 Votes ,4.51 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
I was tired that saturday night   4/29/2009

Maria and I had decided to go out a Saturday night, so we went down to a local bar to have a few drinks and a laugh with our friends. Maria put on her a short top, with no bra, along with a pair of jeans and headed out. Once at the bar we started drinking like the rest of the city. I had a really hard week and I told her before we go that I didn’t want to stay longer because was really ...

3 Comments, 759 Views, 21 Votes ,7.58 Score
Luvs2Excite 62 C
1  Article
nudist resorts   4/27/2009

Do you feel that nudist resorts have changed over the years? Are they still naturalist or are they swingers looking for other swingers? Or maybe a mix??

1 Comments, 748 Views, 10 Votes ,3.19 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
My birthday   4/24/2009

My birthday could only be called fair until my wife gave me the best present. Maria handed me an envelope and said this is your special gift. I couldn't wait to look inside. As I opened six small pieces of paper fluttered out. On each paper was written, "Coupon for one blow job anytime, anywhere." I looked at her and I asked if she really meant it. She happily yes, with a very large grin on her ...

4 Comments, 1541 Views, 41 Votes ,8.10 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Funny cruise   4/21/2009

It was during one of our regular cruises to Denmark, on Color Line ships.

The first night at sea after dinner we go to the dancing saloon as usually. Look around relax with a few drinks and get to know some possible partners. We sat with in the same table with one couple alone, both wives dressing in a sexy way, and I knew, as soon as we sat down and passed around our names the chemistry ...

1 Comments, 867 Views, 21 Votes ,5.97 Score
anyon want some fun in the day   4/21/2009

i am in leicester uk looking for a single lady or a couple wanting a straight threesom

0 Comments, 46 Views, 3 Votes
westtxscpl4fun 57 C
2  Articles
black wife and white husband from west texas for bbc   4/20/2009

we are from west txs amarillo txs area we are only looking for black men that has 9 to 10 inch cock to play with us bi or straight its all good. holla back and let the fun begain...

1 Comments, 983 Views, 7 Votes ,4.06 Score
rm_fineblkcpl07 33 C
3  Articles
The Mysterious Wife   4/19/2009

Ok. We met this couple about 4 months ago on another site. Both me and my wife have them YIM. We've both talked to him a lot but have never spoken to the wife. He said in the beginning that she's not a computer person so we were like ok. Now the crazy thing is they've been wanting to meet up with us for quite sometime so we don't doubt that there is a wife. The problem we have is, we've played ...

16 Comments, 1850 Views, 26 Votes ,3.78 Score
Fun   4/19/2009

I had a blast my first time tell me about yours

0 Comments, 194 Views, 3 Votes
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Swinging holidays   4/18/2009

Both of us enjoy travel and, not long after we were married some years ago, we had talked about places we wanted to travel together. Maria told me she wanted to visit a swinger resort, so I asked her why. She said that one of her fantasies was to have several men caressing and sucking on her breasts while she relaxed on a beach. She thought than a swinger resort could be much more exciting than ...

1 Comments, 755 Views, 16 Votes ,6.51 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
A short story ... with Mick!   4/18/2009

Approx. 3 weeks ago my wife and I went out to dinner and for a few drinks afterwards. We are do not usually dress up to go out, but this time we were looking for fun. We booking a room in a hotel in the center, and we went to a restaurant closed to the hotel. Maria was wearing a short skirt, black nylons and a red lacy thong. Her blouse was a silky button up, with a red lacy bra underneath. After ...

1 Comments, 641 Views, 15 Votes ,5.43 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Swinging with neighbors   4/14/2009

My wife Maria and I wanted to unwind, so we called up Roger and Jenny, our next door neighbors. They were more than neighbors, they were our closes friends. Roger and Jenny were from Greece, and they had been in Norway since they were preteens, when their parents moved here. They met here in college and got married.

Jenny was a strikingly beautiful woman, very intelligent. She worked as ...

3 Comments, 1965 Views, 56 Votes ,8.76 Score
njnicecouple1111 43 C
2  Articles
Couple looking for other like-minded couples...   4/13/2009

Just wanted to start an article for couples looking for couples. Seems there has been a slow down on parties for couples looking meet others and it is extremely hard to find REAL couples to meet, was wondering if people would be interested in putting together a "meet and greet" for like-minded couples and to help couples find others in the Tri-State Area who would be interested in meeting up. For ...

0 Comments, 381 Views, 5 Votes ,3.80 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
How to spice up our week end   4/12/2009

Maria and I were planning about what to do during a week end and I started talking about spicing up our week end.

I suggested an idea about a couple of very good friends of ours who are living closed to us. She had thought I was crazy and maybe it would put a damper on our friendship because this is something we never talk together before; I was not sure either, but I did not seem to ...

2 Comments, 703 Views, 25 Votes ,7.34 Score
rm_ToynHubIA 59 C
2  Articles
Toy's dirty little suprise pt. 1   4/12/2009

Recently chatting on Local Shemale Hookups with a man who we had MFM with...Toy remarked how much she had liked his last visit and what a nice person he was. After chatting for a bit she went to take a shower n relax.

That’s when I got the idea...to really surprise her... Toy had remarked earlier how much she liked him...so I thought what the hell... I asked our friend Dave if he'd like to ...

3 Comments, 1516 Views, 27 Votes ,6.29 Score
Lunch Is Served   4/10/2009

Once Neil arrived a bit before noon my wife was almost ready to serve all three of them lunch with her being the main course. Jeff and Stan had already been served breakfeast and brunch but she had showered and revived herself for her third guest and after hearing the other two describe the action from early on he had to restrain himself from jumping her bones as soon as she walked into the room. ...

4 Comments, 1078 Views, 32 Votes ,6.24 Score
Poetbyday 31 M
9  Articles
Freedom in Swinging?   4/9/2009

I have this image in my head that when their are large groups of people of the opposite sex in one big room that their is a certain sense of freedom and liberation just knowing everyone is naked and unashamed of their bodies must truly be a liberating experience.

0 Comments, 113 Views, 6 Votes ,1.66 Score
NewToThis48034 37 C
2  Articles
What is Swinging?   4/9/2009

What is swinging? Is it the act of getting together with your partner for a night of wild sex with people you just met, or is it something much more than that?

To some, swinging is all about sex; to others, it’s about socializing with non-judgmental people who are more open-minded about their sexuality.

Let’s see if we can break down the many things that this word ...

2 Comments, 342 Views, 19 Votes ,6.42 Score
stayhrrd 56 C
12  Articles
ready and hot   4/8/2009

You have so much passion. I want to see you enjoy it much more than your circumstances Have allowed you so far I will … you will see

I’m glad I excite you because you excite me

Oh baby you keep me in a constant state of excitement I would love to put on a show there and really have you as the centerpiece If you are up for it..since you love the exhibitionist ...

3 Comments, 447 Views, 10 Votes ,1.19 Score
stayhrrd 56 C
12  Articles
daring stories that are true   4/8/2009

I’m fairly daring when it comes to location I need to work on the other stuff … but I will get there What kind of other stuff- sex in front of/with other people

Just what you are wanting … two guys … to have sex in front of someone I think I can do although I would get more pleasure out of the thought of being discovered ... like at hedo where they said the ...

0 Comments, 530 Views, 6 Votes ,0.52 Score
stayhrrd 56 C
12  Articles
getting her wet and ready   4/8/2009

I never knew that and I don’t remember how I was dancing. I just remember having a good time and was thrilled when we went back to the room Couldn’t get enough of you

I remembered you were really hot that night I pounded your pussy for hours

Yes you did and I loved every moment … mmmm

I’ve often wondered was ecstacy was like but I ...

0 Comments, 182 Views, 5 Votes ,0.53 Score
stayhrrd 56 C
12  Articles
ready for a 3some or more   4/8/2009

You have the sexiest striptease moves I have ever seen.. You really have the passion and lust to back it up, and it shows I love that

I will … you will see Soon I hope.. Not rushing anything though Savoring excitement is a great thing to do

Baby with you by my side there won’t be a next partner Just like there hasn’t been in over 4 years And that is where I ...

0 Comments, 179 Views, 6 Votes ,2.51 Score
stayhrrd 56 C
12  Articles
DP thoughts and other raunchy thinking   4/8/2009

Yes DP has to fit the circumstances and time

I’m sure it will happen eventually … it isn’t something I am opposed to but it is something that I wouldn’t force I would just let it happen … I know me, if I had to think about it then I wouldn’t do it Yes I think so too You have the perfect companion in me to try something like that I would love to ...

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stayhrrd 56 C
12  Articles
ready and wet   4/8/2009

I am curious how it feels to have 2 cocks in the same woman Have you ever thought about that happening Yes and no … I would have to really trust the person from behind … if not done right I have a tendency to tear … we would have to somehow get me used to the feeling so I wouldn’t think about it then tense up

It is something to think about.. I have heard it ...

0 Comments, 155 Views, 4 Votes ,2.47 Score
stayhrrd 56 C
12  Articles
ready to do it   4/8/2009

I am really surprised you are still around I am so glad you are …

Why surprised You keep me delighted all the time And I constantly lust for you and want to fuck you All I am thinking right now is how much I want you to lick and fuck me … And lick until you are dying for me to slip my hard cock slowly into you I love when you go slowly … I can feel every inch and you ...

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stayhrrd 56 C
12  Articles
almost there   4/8/2009

I am totally confident you will break out a lot more I saw a big difference in you at Caliente after you had the surgery You looked so good, and you had a different feel about yourself The breast surgery will really put the topping on the cake, so to speak I can’t wait to see you shine You deserve it so much Really , ,, I didn’t think I was that different If that is the case then ...

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stayhrrd 56 C
12  Articles
getting closer to swinging   4/8/2009

I want to go to the places where you can express yourself like you never could With the environment you have been in…controlling enraged jealous spouses, sole responsibility for raising 2 , a bible quoting mother who cannot show feelings, a father who died so early-all of these and you held the course so well

Now, after the corrective surgery and the upcoming enhancement surgery, ...

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stayhrrd 56 C
12  Articles
getting prepared to swing   4/8/2009

I think men in general detach themselves emotionally when they have an encounter Women tend to do less, although in this day and time, I am not so sure I am pleased to be encountering with you.. I think you are right Even in this day and time I think it is hard for women to detach … The ones that do have something to prove ‒ I don’t think in general sex is recreational ...

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stayhrrd 56 C
12  Articles
talking up swinging..   4/8/2009

You don’t get less desirable except in your own mind

True my perception of myself is probably a little off I love you

I love it when you flirt and nasty dance with others It makes me excited and want to fuck you to see you do it I want you to really open up that part of yourself It is a wonderful talent-definitely not something to suppress So few women can match ...

0 Comments, 96 Views, 5 Votes ,1.19 Score
stayhrrd 56 C
12  Articles
getting started   4/8/2009

I have wanted to take you ever since we went to caliente and desire last year Now even more..since you are more free to express yourself

I am looking forward to Caliente ‒ I had a good time last time I hope I look like you imagine I will … smoking hot??? I just want to be the one you desire mister sexy

You are definitely the one I desire the most.. I want you to ...

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How I Set Up A Surprise For My Wife   4/8/2009

If you have read any of our stories you already know that Dev and I keep nothing from eachother. It has been this way from the day we met. From the time I introduced Dev into the lifestyle we have enjoyed many wonderful encounters with others, both male and female, singles and couples. If you need reminding, let me briefly describe my amazing wife. Dev is 5'5" / 115 / Quite Long Blonde Hair / ...

3 Comments, 3044 Views, 48 Votes ,8.15 Score
kapoho1 68 C
18  Articles
What happened next   4/7/2009

I mistakenly put part one in Magazines Articles instead of Swinging. So check out that story first under the next step. As I had mentioned my wife had set up a date with her gentleman black lover for today at his home in another city as I stayed home. My only stipulation was a video of her going down on him before they were left alone to enjoy their time together. This is what she told me... As ...

1 Comments, 1270 Views, 21 Votes ,5.23 Score
rm_hnghllblly 44 M
1  Article
wife doesnt understand husbands desire for her to fuck other men.   4/5/2009

i love to watch my wife getting a big thick cock pounded n her tight little pussy! i love hearing her moan i love seeing her facial expressions etc... my wife also has enjoyed the experiances but has become totaly resistante to any part of it. my wife is a total knock out. 5'0" tall and 105# 34b tits shaved tight little pussy! still virin bubble shaped ass. im 35 and shes 32. she couldnt take ...

3 Comments, 2541 Views, 31 Votes ,5.73 Score
secretblklover 34 M
9  Articles
being a rookie   4/3/2009

does anyone has any tips for someone that wants to get into the swinger lifestyle? the do´s and donts. hints on how to get started?

0 Comments, 110 Views, 4 Votes ,0.14 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Christmas New Year holidays   4/3/2009

For several years we had thought about going somewhere totally different for the Christmas New Year holiday period, somewhere where the snow glistened and log fires created a romantic glow. Fortunately, last year we managed to secure a chalet in a little hamlet up in the mountains. We flew direct and hired a 4 wheel drive to our fantasy home for a week.

The agent had provided us with the ...

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Friends Part2   4/1/2009

Friends………….. (Part 2)

The rest of the afternoon was spent talking and accepting the fact of our mini orgy with each other and looking and checking each other out. Everyone promising the actions wouldn’t interfere with the cruise or our friendship. We cleaned up and proceeded to make plans for the excursions and activities on board the ship. After dinner Frances and Jim ...

0 Comments, 879 Views, 20 Votes ,6.32 Score
In Between Breakfeast And Lunch   4/1/2009

My wife made her way toward the bathroom while her two fucking mates was trying to catch their breath. I surprised her as she entered the hallway on her way but after she found out I was there she ask if I had enjoyed the show which goes without saying. I walked her to our bathroom beside our bedroom so we could talk with her also surprised by Jeff bringing a friend along but I was quick to ...

1 Comments, 1516 Views, 30 Votes ,7.65 Score
Two For Breakfeast And Three For Lunch   3/31/2009

Once she arrived home on Thursday night she was drained from her week long trip and the fucking her truck driver had given her the past few hours. After calling to tell me she was on her way home it was less than twenty minutes when she arrived home so it was the truck stop 3 exits away where she had joined him in his truck fucking him in the sleeper of his peterbuilt. I helped her bring her bags ...

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tongue802 52 M
8  Articles
My mate, his wife and our 3sum   3/30/2009

I had a 3sum with my best mate and his wife the other night and this is the story. Names changed etc but it’s all true…

I am 42, 5ft 7in average build but carrying a few extra pounds. My mate Graham, 45, 5ft 10in, average build with a few extra pounds and I have known him for around 8 years now. We’d meet up every so often, have a few drinks and talk about anything ...

3 Comments, 3000 Views, 48 Votes ,7.87 Score
bimainecouple 63 C
31  Articles
Deb's story   3/27/2009

My name is Deb. I am forty five and my husband Rob is fifty. I am 5’4”tall and about 145 lbs with bright red hair, blue eyes and freckles. My breasts are small and firm with sensitive nipples and I have a nice shaped ass, so I am told. Rob is 6’2 about 225 lbs. with dark hair, blue eyes and a salt and pepper beard and a nice cock that is about 7 inches and fairly thick. ...

4 Comments, 5478 Views, 122 Votes ,9.14 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Swinging in Cuba   3/24/2009

A long time ago we are having plans to travel to Cuba during our holiday’s time. Ok now it’s done we spent a really nice time in Cuba. We had met a Cuban couple on Local Shemale Hookups and started chatting with them over a period of about a few months before travel. We met personally in Cuba, and they look really great, very kind and friendly. We made a few tours together through ...

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Role Playing Leads to fun with a stranger   3/24/2009

My wife was to be out of town the week after our fuckfest which left her two fuck buddies bummed out a bit but she needed some distance so her sore body could recover. Leaving Monday she would be returning Thursday and called me that morning when she left for home. It was a four hour drive from home with her leaving at nine. Once we disconnected it popped in my head this was a perfect time time ...

3 Comments, 1758 Views, 34 Votes ,7.19 Score

Jeff stood beside her stroking his huge hard on as I wiped Neils hot jism from her face and tits before letting him have her again on this reunion evening. It was easy to see that all three of them had missed fucking like animals over the past five weeks. They always fucked long and hard for several hours or more during these past gatherings but this night had a different feeling about it like ...

0 Comments, 598 Views, 13 Votes ,5.83 Score

All four of us lay trying to catch our breath from the fucking we had given each other. I looked around the room that had Jeff lying on the sofa on his back with my wife who he had rolled off the top of him sprawled beside him on the floor. Neil was lying on the floor by my wife while I sat on a stool viewing the aftermath of the wildest sex any of us had ever been involved in. Looking down at my ...

2 Comments, 930 Views, 21 Votes ,6.84 Score
LESSON LEARNED BY BOTH [Part 2]   3/22/2009

I am sorry for it taking so long for the conclusion of my last article so lets pick up where we left off. It was seven on the dot when our doorbell rang and I left my wife to finish getting ready to greet her two horny fuck buddies at our door. I opened the door to be greeted by two smiling eager younger men way past ready to enjoy my wifes hungry pussy for the next several hours or more. I mixed ...

0 Comments, 853 Views, 19 Votes ,6.42 Score
Discreet69plus1 27 C
1  Article
Just alil of what on my mind...   3/20/2009

Why is there some female on here looking for couples to have relation. And when a nice, down to earth couple come a long they act like that a couple isn't what they wanted.Don't be scared of what you want. Just go for it. Not all couple are going to mistreat you. And i have heard that so many time from the other race. "Black couples are too rough or they dominate or forceful." Not all black ...

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A day at the office   3/20/2009

I work at an up and coming ad agency. We recently went through a restructuring process. My boss was given a promotion, so now he's one of the execs. To celebrate, he through a party at his house. I am one of two black females in the office, and the only young woman in her twenties. Everybody else in the office is forty and over. There is a total of ten of us, four women and six men. My boss is an ...

7 Comments, 4384 Views, 119 Votes ,8.32 Score
Another trip to the XXX Movie   3/19/2009

Knowing how much my wife had enjoyed our first threesome and how much I had enjoyed watching another man fuck her. I knew that I wanted to go to the XXX Movie again. I just wanted to find someone that one of us knew. I talked with Sharon but she didn't know of anyone that she was ready to trust. She was scared that if we got someone local our secret might get out. I agreed because we do live in a ...

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wecoyote121959 56 M
1  Article
wanting to play   3/12/2009

tities48dd and wecoyote121959 are a couple now and looking to play with other couples and females. Check out our profiles on Local Shemale Hookups and drop us a line and lets meet and see what happens. Big tities like hers where can you go wrong!!!!!! And what a tight pussy you guys don't no what you are missing so get a female and drop us a line and lets meet. Or if you are a female send a line and we can meet ...

0 Comments, 225 Views, 8 Votes ,1.39 Score
First Threesome   3/12/2009

Sharon and I had been married for about eight months when I started talking to her about having sex with others and how much I would like to watch another man fuck her. Several weeks went by with us talking about it from time to time. She had also been talking to a coworker about how much she enjoyed going and watching XXX movies. When Sharon told me about the the conversations with her coworker. ...

3 Comments, 3798 Views, 65 Votes ,4.85 Score
rm_server888 47 M
2  Articles
Who is involved?   3/12/2009

Are 'professional' people involved in this activity?

2 Comments, 198 Views, 3 Votes ,1.96 Score
rm_hotduo9 56 C
9  Articles
Lori's Story   3/11/2009

My name is Lori. I am 45 and my husband Tim is 50.. I am 5’7 inches tall with bright red hair, and blue eyes and lots of freckles. I am very trim and have small breasts with very sensitive nipples that get very hard and stick out nearly an inch when I am excited. Although I am 45 most people think I am in my early 30’s. I think it’s because I protect myself from the sun. ...

8 Comments, 5370 Views, 122 Votes ,8.94 Score
sussi1028 59 F
8  Articles‚ Score 4.4
MFM and more is a great play to Me :)   3/8/2009

Having had some awesome play time with Conny&Co., some of my boy toys and friends wanted to know more about it, so I wrote down, what I could remember. Here is a link to it, if you like multiple people play you will love to read it I suspect

This is what happened at the Bel Air

[group_post 2309728 What an exciting weekend, what an awesome ...

0 Comments, 1669 Views, 11 Votes ,3.92 Score
rm_Phibez 50 C
1  Article
What a woman wants...   3/8/2009

What a woman wants…

Well whatever it is they want I wish they would just say it!

Some ladies have an easy time communicating what they like and do not like during sex, they are good at “nudging” you into the places and ways that work best for them, to these ladies, I wish to thank you on behalf of all the men you have been with.

However a lot of ...

0 Comments, 309 Views, 9 Votes ,3.43 Score
93274swingers 39 C
1  Article
MFM   3/7/2009

Being the female on the end of a MFM let me tell you what we like.

For one we like to be listened to. And when we say what we want then that is exactually what we want regardless of what our male companion says. It's basically our call.. Yes you have to ask of certain ok's and not ok's in advance. But other than that it is the womans call. I mean come on after all we are getting two ...

3 Comments, 1725 Views, 17 Votes ,6.66 Score
couple4couples0 54 C
3  Articles
Fun & Games   3/6/2009

Hi folks,

Just after ideas from those out there who like to swing with other couples.

As an ice breaker/get naked and into the dares fun rather than just stripping naked and having sex, what games do other swingers play? We like to play a version of 'Strip Jack naked'where the deck is dealt between the players (add more decks for more players)players take turns to turn cards ...

0 Comments, 380 Views, 6 Votes ,2.51 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Holidays with our friends ......   2/28/2009

This story started several years ago when my best mate George and I were out having a quiet drink while our wives, Maria and Lucia, were on a hen night. The conversation always turned to sex as we both moaned that we never got enough. Our wives used to take our moaning in good spirit as “typical men’s moans”. Anyway the conversation this night centered on our drooling over a ...

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1 Comments, 1185 Views, 16 Votes ,4.01 Score
Reinstatement From Sex Probation   2/28/2009

With the fourth week passing since she had cut Jeff and Neil off our sexual lives had come to a standstill also. During dinner one night I brought up how life seemed bored once again and I was craving some excitement and by now she should be also. My wife confessed to feeling a bit different since our friends had their way with her that evening but she also owned up to her feelings changing ...

0 Comments, 541 Views, 11 Votes ,4.10 Score
Buddy100560 59 M
25  Articles
Excitement of Cukolding   2/27/2009

Its very normal and natural. Most men fantasize about their wives fucking others. But not many speak or talk about it openly. My wife comes from a very conservative background but I have encouraged her to make friends. She is strikingly good looking and I know most men when they see her went to pound her. She had a friend who came over and we got busy entertaining him. After the kitchen was done ...

10 Comments, 4790 Views, 109 Votes ,8.33 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Fun wiith poker games   2/27/2009

It was a late Saturday morning, I slowly opened my eyes and noticed that the sun was shining through the partially closed curtains. It was a great morning. I got to sleep in. I looked over to the other side of the bed and noticed Maria was partially still asleep, with a grin that went from ear to ear. "Isn’t it grand that we got the weekend to ourselves?" I asked Maria who was slowly ...

2 Comments, 1088 Views, 17 Votes ,6.10 Score

After her episode with the two of them while they thought I was out of town it took her four days to get the soreness out and the passion marks to fade away. After her body got back to normal the bitch came out for almost two weeks before she began to soften a bit. During this time her two fuck buddies tried everything they could think of to get into her panties but to no avail. It got worse for ...

0 Comments, 832 Views, 13 Votes ,3.31 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Fun with poker   2/24/2009

This story began when I and my friends on the occasion get the urge to play a game of poker, nothing big but a small buy-in that makes the game worth playing and exciting. This particular night I happened to be hosting the game and Maria was doing her usual around the house as me and my buddies played. After a few beers I had to go to the bathroom, only to find Maria waiting for me upstairs. I ...

0 Comments, 1246 Views, 20 Votes ,6.70 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Our friend Anna and us!   2/22/2009

It all started when I was driving home late from work and I got a call from Maria. She wanted me to come to a bar with her because a good friend of hers was working there that night and she promised to go. I was tired but I knew what the consequences of not attending would be so I agreed.

I arrived to our apartment around eight and I took a shower and changed my clothes. We took a small ...

0 Comments, 843 Views, 21 Votes ,6.22 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Dogging!   2/22/2009

About four years ago my Maria and I were returning home from a pretty wild party held by some friends of us. Maria had drunk quite a lot and was feeling as randy as hell. As we drove towards home she pulled down her knickers and began to taunt me, I was feeling pretty horny myself so I suggested that we head to a little country park not far off our way home. We were both keen on outdoor sex, and ...

0 Comments, 1516 Views, 25 Votes ,6.23 Score
THE AFTERMATH   2/22/2009

I WAS GLAD TO GET OUT OF MY LITTLE NOOK AND WALK AROUND A BIT AFTER NINE HOURS OF BEING IN THERE. Iwent straight to the kitchen to get a cold drink and when I got back to the extra bedroom my wife was now sitting up against the headboard still naked. My wife was pissedabout the two of them tying her to the bed for the last four hours and for being so rough during that time also. She had cum all ...

2 Comments, 1000 Views, 18 Votes ,4.08 Score
Watching Without Them Knowing [PART 2]   2/22/2009

THE MORNING FLEW BY BECAUSE AT LITTLE BEFORE THREE OUR HOME PHONE RANG WITH JEFF ON THE OTHER END INFORMING MY WIFE THAT THEY WOULD ARRIVE IN ABOUT TEN MINUTES. My wife catching him saying they told him no one else could be invited without my huusband being there he had agreed to our rules. He replied it was only Neil and his intentions was to just watch the two of them. Before my wife replied I ...

5 Comments, 1305 Views, 20 Votes ,4.66 Score
nodatingrequired 37 M
5  Articles
My funniest swinger encounter.   2/19/2009

While living in D.C. I used to frequent a club called Entres Nous with my then girlfriend.

Entres Nous is an upscale off premises couples/single females only lounge. And it was one of the better overall lounges in the city.

My partner at the time, K, was relatively inexperienced in swinging and had only a handful of encounters that fateful night. She picked a couple that caught ...

3 Comments, 998 Views, 13 Votes ,4.32 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Thank you sweeties   2/18/2009

As a deep sleeper I will often be oblivious to the outside world while I'm tucked up in bed. All sorts of catastrophes can take place outside the bedroom window and I would be none the wiser, indeed they could happen inside the bedroom and the same would be true. This particular day was no different to any other. I was probably aware that Maria had left for work earlier in the morning or she may ...

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rm_Wildfunguy72 46 M
2  Articles
looking for female   2/16/2009

we'r looking for female to explore and sharing wild fun....we'r from kk sabah malaysia....any horny wild gals if interested dont be hesitate to drop us few lines......c ya gals

1 Comments, 205 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Mars 2009 - holidays in Cuba   2/15/2009

Hola a todos Somos un matrimonio de Portugal que vive en Noruega Vamos a estar de vacaciones en Cuba del 3 hasta el 18 de Marzo Nos encantaria conocer a otros matrimonios o chicas solas para amistad e convivio A nosotros nos encanta el convivio con gente local e conocer los sabores e culturas dun pueblo Se te interessa dicenos algo Muchas gracias

Hello to everyone We are a ...

1 Comments, 92 Views, 3 Votes ,4.41 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
The lucky driver   2/14/2009

As usual, Maria and I decided to go for a drink on a Saturday night on a pub around Oslo. So we headed for a pub Maria had one or two vodka and as I was driving I decided to drink coke. It was a lovely bright evening so we sat outside on the seats. After a while and a few vodkas Maria told me she felt horn; I asked her if she wanted to go to the car and found someone to join us. Maria with a soft ...

0 Comments, 626 Views, 11 Votes ,5.04 Score

After arriving home that evening my wife took a hot bath and went straight to bed falling asleep in just seconds. I knew right off I was to wired to sleep so to calm myself I popped our video in for a private screening. Even with Neil and myself operating the camcorder it as shot in perfect lighting and seemed to always be on the action with quite a lot great zoom in or close up shots of my wife ...

1 Comments, 3299 Views, 52 Votes ,5.82 Score
Friends........   2/12/2009


We had been on several cruises with Jim and Mary, but this was the first where we shared a suite. The suite was a two bedroom divided by a shared living space, couch entertainment unit ect. When we arrived, we unpacked and started exploring the ship and got the schedule for excursions available during ...

1 Comments, 3171 Views, 79 Votes ,7.82 Score
WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND [part 2]   2/12/2009

Jeff ask Neil to help him set up the video equipment so as soon as they left the room my wife ask why I did not refuse making a video you remember how the last one ended up or have you forgotten. Instead of firing back at her I decided to calm her a bit by saying its not to late if thats what you want I will go tell them we do not want to be on video having sex. My reply took her by surprise ...

2 Comments, 1342 Views, 25 Votes ,7.78 Score
twoforone100 49 C
10  Articles
a wedding story   2/10/2009

Well as most of you know we got married in vegas last year. Only the couple we were with was there along with Elvis. Once we arrived home we planned a big party. We wanted everyone to be there ( family, old friend, new friend, swing friends). The group was an ecletic mix..From grandparents to new borns.

So I over heard this. Rob said. " honey this is the first wedding where I have slept ...

1 Comments, 1793 Views, 25 Votes ,1.80 Score
jesse1jrready 47 M
1  Article
swinging at thads   2/10/2009

This is a true story that i've been wanting to share for a long time. I was seeing this blonde horny slut that i had met at thads swing club. One night we were out drinking at a bar and decided we would go to thads swing club after and we did. As soon as we arrived we were turned on and headed towards the back by the pool bathroom where she went down on her knees and started sucking on a young ...

0 Comments, 1898 Views, 38 Votes ,6.81 Score
rm_Wildfunguy72 46 M
2  Articles
wild sex   2/10/2009

love to enjoy wild sex with wild gals....just to explore our life, life is short.....what r u waiting for???

0 Comments, 182 Views, 7 Votes
rm_kilo360z 29 M
12  Articles
Seekin Swingers   2/9/2009

I'm seeking swingers in the South Carolina area. Race and age do not matter, but i don't wanna be hittin grandma from the back!! Someone who don't mind gettin down with a 23 yr old black male. Encounter with a Vet pt2 coming soon

0 Comments, 87 Views, 5 Votes
Swinging experience near Amsterdam   2/9/2009

I thought that it would be great to share my first experience in a swingers club as I am sure many couples or singles would like to visit such place but are not sure about it ... I went to Fata - Morgana in Muiden and the evening I've enjoyed in the club has left a big smile on my face and helped me to get rid of the "stereotype thinking" about clubs. I was surprised when I saw many "young", very ...

1 Comments, 1087 Views, 13 Votes ,3.31 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
A crazy night out   2/8/2009

Maria loves to be the centre of attention and the more she gets the hornier she is and she just loves to roll play! Summer time is when she felt more warm and ready to play! We decided to take a night out in Oslo, so we booked a hotel, and after a good meal in a classic restaurant we went back to hotel to change the clothes and go for a drink .. and whatever can happen! “I want to be a ...

0 Comments, 929 Views, 27 Votes ,7.03 Score
havingfun2niteru 49 C
2  Articles
Getting caught last fall   2/8/2009

Last fall my wife and I had to go to a wedding in her family. It was out in the country and a cold evening. Weddings always make me horny. I teased and flirted with my wife all day and did it only when I thought only she could see us. We had rented a mini-van for the trip. Anyways at the reception after the bride and groom had done the cake thing and the music started we were dancing. It was to a ...

2 Comments, 3065 Views, 38 Votes ,3.57 Score

On our drive to Jeffs apartment the following afternoon my head was full of different things as I kepted trying to figure out how I had let the two of them play me like they did. I decided it was useless to beat myself up over the situation that I had started by my own choice as long as my wife was enjoying herself that I needed to just go with the flow. In a matter of minutes it became clear to ...

2 Comments, 1382 Views, 24 Votes ,5.29 Score
havingfun2niteru 49 C
2  Articles
Our first swing experience.   2/6/2009

We have talked about do this for over five years. We always chickened out in the end. A few weeks ago we did it. We had two guys we had been talking to for a couple of months and one day the schedule matched up. The wife and I both work retail and have so finding the time with our schedules to match someone elses was hard. So anyways we text this guy back and forth and agreed to meet at his ...

5 Comments, 3514 Views, 63 Votes ,7.92 Score
Tables Are Turned As Plan Backfires   2/6/2009

Neal slapped my wifes naked ass as he walked by her still bent over the arm of the chair with his hot cream leaking from her fresh fucked pussy stopping to inform us he would see us in a few days for another piece of my wifes fine pussy. Before either of us could utter a word he was out the door leaving the two of us to figure out how he invited himself back for more. we agreed to discuss what ...

2 Comments, 2196 Views, 32 Votes ,6.43 Score
Plan Works Without A Problem [ PART 2]   2/5/2009

Its been a week since part 1 was written and I am sorry for the delay but had to tend to a family matter so I will recap part 1 before starting with the conclusion. My wife and her young hung fuckmate has been fucking steady for the past year from at least twice and as many as five times a week they meet in various ways. I help them connect some times and at other times the two of them meet alone ...

0 Comments, 1232 Views, 23 Votes ,5.81 Score
Plan Works Without A Problem   1/29/2009

My last article ended with my wife spending the night in a separate bedroom with her younger stud and their first time alone after four other meetings in past weeks. This began a steady streak of the two of them getting together in the next year an average of two to five times a week to pleasure each other. Twice a week I would help them get together for an hour or so for what they called a ...

1 Comments, 2028 Views, 32 Votes ,6.90 Score
twoforone100 49 C
10  Articles
these are not my pants   1/29/2009

Ok... A story from a couple of years ago. So we were out having a great day with a couple we know. The four of us having some vanilla fun... So after we got all worked up we went home and started playing..... I'll skip all of those details but mfm, fmf, and some swap.. just to give you an idea...right in the living room. Well it was dinner time and we decided on pizza.. We figured we would have ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
The voyeurs   1/27/2009

Maria and I finished both our dinner and the jug of margaritas we ordered, deciding that we would walk around the city. Several streets away, we come across an adult bookstore and I kidded about going inside. The store was rather crowded with about a dozen men and two other couples. Everyone looked fairly normal. Most of the single men were looking at magazines and hardcore movies.

We ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Our friend Jim   1/25/2009

Maria and I had seen Jim occasionally over the last year and we had sex together where and whenever we could. On this evening at Jim’s house it was a very warm day, I was in white shorts, Jim attended to the barbeque and Maria wore a very summery in not a little long printed dress that showed she had no bra on and in certain light could see the outline of her legs beneath it.

The ...

1 Comments, 1072 Views, 17 Votes ,6.66 Score
sexybettyboopy 45 F
1  Article
Swinging in SGeneva, Switzerland   1/25/2009

My boyfriend and I will be going to Geneva, Switzerland end of Feb, for 1 week. We are looking for a good swinger club in Geneva. If anybody know a good place, good crowds, where we can do on/off premise swinging, please let me know. We also would like to meet up with other swinger couples...

0 Comments, 162 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
Rick's Turn   1/23/2009

You have read about my wife Katrina’s adventures into this world, something I had prodded her to try for years. We have been married for sometime now and I really felt that she needed some change and needed to feel good about herself. I am glad that she has taken up a lover and he has turned out to be exactly what she needed ‒ or at least it seems so since she has gone back for ...

3 Comments, 3309 Views, 54 Votes ,7.24 Score
imluckytim2 57 M
4  Articles
Another threesome   1/22/2009

A little background from my 1st two stories, a late night hanging out at my best friends house led to me receiving one of the most incredible blowjobs of my life from my friends hot wife in her bathroom while her slept upstairs, and then a few weeks later my best friend, his wife and I got together at a hotel and fulfilled a fantasy we all had of a wild threesome. Tim, Carrie and I all agreed ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Bianca and Peter, first time swinging!   1/20/2009

As you may have read, Maria and I have a strong relationship and some amazing sexual experiences.

Sometimes Maria just started to play with my cock in full daylight, eventually going down on me and forcing me to find the nearest lay-by where; I promptly got her onto her knees, and fucked her hole until we both unloaded huge orgasms, cars passing were sounding their horns as could ...

1 Comments, 944 Views, 26 Votes ,6.91 Score
Lifestyle is no place for jealous feelings   1/17/2009

This lifestyle can be awesome for many people, it seems as tho there are alot of people with jealous feelings of their significant other being with someone else. We have been told/asked etc...that we are to into each other to be in this lifestyle , u have to be. We have to know where the other persons heart really is. This is adult fun, its no place for jealous feelings that will cloud the fun. ...

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rm_AhotDelhicpl 49 C
11  Articles
Rule of Wife Swapping   1/17/2009

Wife swapping has no set rules. It is entirely up to you and your partner to decide the boundaries and limitations. Being in wife swapping, couples need not to be married. They should at least have some history of being together and familiar with each others' needs and emotions. Here are some general rules if you are considering entering into wife swapping: Good Communication - This is very ...

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Taking The Next Step [Part2]   1/16/2009

It seemed like forever to get finished with our dinner engagement but we arrived home at nine thirty giving us 30 minutes before our guest was to arrive. My wife went straight to our bedroom to get ready once more for her new playmate . I joined her several minutes later so we could chat before his arrival knowing he would be on time. I told her how beautiful she was and how much I loved her with ...

1 Comments, 1893 Views, 43 Votes ,7.85 Score
Taking The Next Step   1/16/2009

When we arrived home it was almost 5pm and we had a dinner engagement at 7 that we did not need to miss. Jeff was waiting as we pulled kin the drive so I reminded my wife of our date and went on to say do what you wish just be ready to go in time in which she agreed as we waved for Jeff to come in as we climbed from our van. As the three of us went inside he told us if he was imposing any at all ...

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Sex Is Different Than Making Love   1/15/2009

My wife and I stayed in bed until afternoon sharing the last hour to chat about our feelings. We agreed on most things and the most important thing was we still was very much in love with one another. Shre told me that sex had been the best of her life since Jeff joined us and by no means did that mean anything other than she loved his thick cock and how it felt stuffing her sensitive pussy. I ...

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cplawesm 47 C
5  Articles
hi cpls and sgl guys above 40 especially foreigners   1/13/2009

hi hot cpl frm blr looking for cpls and sgl guys above 40 visiting blore.we would love to meet up and have some fun under the sun.waiting to hear frm you asap reagrds ...

2 Comments, 435 Views, 5 Votes ,2.16 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Do we want to change the supplier?   1/13/2009

Maria and I are ready to take a night out in the city. We made an appointment in our usually restaurant with a couple of friends to take a light meal and a few drinks before going to their home for an expected great night together. Maria smoothed her skirt and admired her cleavage in the mirror, thinking to herself that he would love this outfit. The black skirt was just long enough to be ...

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Best Of Times   1/11/2009

I was awakened the next morning with my wife sucking my cock while looking me in the eye to see what kind of look she would get from me. Like most men it was a quick wide smile she received so I received a wink from her and then she began giving me the blow job of all blow jobs. She would lick up and down my cock like it was a sucker all around then she would twirl her tounge round and round the ...

1 Comments, 1417 Views, 22 Votes ,4.45 Score
Can Not Get Enough   1/11/2009

There is something and you have to find out what it is that when you do find it you will want to do it again, again and again. I thought my wife had found hers when she let Jeff drill her pussy with his massive cock but she loves something even better and I discovered it in my last article. My beautiful wife loves her pussy licked after a good fucking. This sets her off like a rocket with a thick ...

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nastytease4U 41 F
12  Articles
How to make watching football more interesting......   1/11/2009

Hosting a Superbowl party? Perhaps just the playoffs?

Here are some tips to make it more interesting.....

Ideal costumes: For the petite lady, you can obtain cheerleader outfits on ebay and some teams even sell sized cheerleader outfits. There also exists a naughty referee costume (spankings for every bad call?) and if you are playing hostess...the french maids ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
The new neighbors   1/10/2009

Maria was late. The doors to the tube train closed and it began to move. Maria stood in the middle of the train surrounded by people taking the 5:30 train home from work. There was no room to sit but she preferred to stand. The reason for this is that she knew people would stare at her figure and nice taught little ass, not only the men but the women as well. She loved it. She liked to be ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
3 couples on week end   1/8/2009

This story happens before we move to Norway! We decided to spend a week end with some of our friends in the house of one of them in Lagos, Algarve. As we are coming from several places, we are arriving later Friday night and with so many Kilometers on the road we just felt in the bed! It was a nice group of friends, Joao and his wife Ana, Gustavo and his wife Luisa and myself Luis and my wife ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
A long time ago   1/7/2009

Well... it happened shortly after we got married. For some strange reason, that December night, my innocent and sometimes socially anxious wife Maria was feeling very free, and she suggested we go to a strip club. This was at a time in my life when I would go to such establishments every six months or so with friends, and usually confess to a very angry wife. For her to offer to go was something ...

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Worth the wait   1/5/2009

The night was all set to meet with our friend Terry, and both Michelle and myself were excited as it had been a long time since our last meeting with him. With his work taking him out of town, our work schedules, and the holidays we just couldn't seem to find time to make things work. So with the going off to the in laws, the night was going to be exciting.

I was to take the to my in ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
One night dogging   1/5/2009

We like dogging for some time, and one night we decided to go and chance it with nothing arranged. We went to our usually park, and were the first car there. Almost immediately anther car with an older male in arrived, drove up to our car and shined his lights right on us for 30 seconds or so - not too impressed so far! Anyway, he moved away and parked up, then kept moving after a couple of ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
The bi sexual night of my wife   1/5/2009

Me and my friend Chris always had a particular fantasy in lesbians and asked our wives, mine Maria and Chris’s, Julia if they would ever be interesting in performing a lesbian act for us because we felt it might be the ultimate turn on. Don’t get me wrong our relationships were very strong, based on trust but we wanted to take it to the next level respectively. Me and Chris ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Great time in Holland   1/4/2009

On this time my wife Maria and I were in our late forties. Maria is very attractive and has dark hair, brown eyes and has retained her great figure even after having three . She has a beautiful pair of breasts and a sexy backside. A very sexy person, but who doesn’t know it. Our daughters were away staying with friends for some holidays and I suggested that we go to Holland for the ...

3 Comments, 753 Views, 24 Votes ,7.45 Score
sxylatinos4u 44 C
3  Articles
Kiss or not to kiss   1/3/2009

Question for all the swingers... My wife and I are learning the ropes of the life stile and my question is if people that just meet to swing kiss in the mouth? Do you do do it? I don't mind seen my wife sucking other guy's dick or seeing her being fuck every other way, but I am not sure how I feel about seen another man kissing her. I don't fell jealous but I can say that I enjoy it either. This ...

6 Comments, 747 Views, 24 Votes ,5.29 Score
imluckytim2 57 M
4  Articles
Our first threesome   1/3/2009

You may have read my first story “My Best Friends Wife Blows Me”. After that first encounter the three of us had many exciting conversations about that adventure and what future encounters we could create. The reality of a threesome was on all of our minds and our conversations made it very obvious that we all wanted to make it happen. We made a decision that to make the most of ...

2 Comments, 2355 Views, 55 Votes ,8.17 Score
militarymhard 51 C
2  Articles
Swinging Food??????   12/31/2008

Got a question for all you Swinging Veterans out there! When you’re the host, what do you serve or have for your guests?

We were hosted by a couple who had us for dinner. Not just the sexual way LOL, they did do that. We arrived, had a few drinks and the games began. After awhile we took a break and had dinner.

Dinner was awesome. Our host provided us with a home ...

5 Comments, 540 Views, 5 Votes ,5.75 Score
the rid ebeck   12/31/2008

we had been horny all weekend.so the two hour ride back was all about sex, he told me he had a large dick.so thinking he was bs in me, i told him if it was really seven inches like he said, i would suck it.well after more sex talk and bragging on his part as to women like his cock, i again said i would suck it and if it really was that big i was sure my wife would fuck it.well he finally said he ...

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Ready For Fun   12/29/2008

When the two of them had finished Jeffs garage had closed and I had run out a half tank of gas. Since he could not get his car it was on to his apartment so he could find the number to call and see if it was possible for someone to meet him later so he could. Once we reached his place Jeff invited us in while he found the number to call. Jeff went on in as my wife needed a minute to get herself ...

0 Comments, 1022 Views, 30 Votes ,5.49 Score
ONCE SHY WIFE NO MORE [conclusion]   12/29/2008

My wife scrambled to get in her seat before the patrolman seen what she was doing but did not quite make it. Since he walked up on the passenger side he seen her come up from the floor from the other side of the van. He asked for all my paperwork right off while looking back toward my wife and her playmate who was trying to cover his hard on without much luck. The officer handed my papers back to ...

1 Comments, 2412 Views, 51 Votes ,6.39 Score
Once Shy Wife No More   12/29/2008

It took less than a day for my wife to ask about meeting Jeff once again. I was somewhat surprised after the fucking they had enjoyed the previous night but as I was about to discover these two wanted to fuck each other most everyday. My wife ask over dinner the night following their third encounter if we could take our van and pick him up around noon so he could get his car from the garage. I ...

0 Comments, 1677 Views, 21 Votes ,4.24 Score
Good things cum to he who waits, Part 2   12/27/2008

For background, see my original post on 12/9/08.

In the days following my incredible luck of hooking up with Maria and Sean, I found myself wondering if it was all a wonderful dream. I waited a few days a called Maria to thank her for inviting me into their bed. I also asked her what Sean’s review was on our little tryst. She said he was thrilled and spent the next couple of days ...

1 Comments, 621 Views, 28 Votes ,7.14 Score
uwantme2nite68 111 C
7  Articles
ROAD TRIP   12/27/2008


2 Comments, 1985 Views, 51 Votes ,7.18 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Swinging night with Carla & Igor   12/23/2008

I thought I’d write to you with an update of my wife Maria’s sexual adventures. Following our first encounter with Igor, Maria told me she wanted to try a threesome and taste Igor wife’s cunt and she had an idea about how to make it happen. Between us we hatched a plan with Igor and had a real good fuck after working out the details. So it was that a couple of weeks ago Igor ...

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2 Comments, 1926 Views, 39 Votes ,7.47 Score
Wife Invites Him Back For Dinner And Desert   12/23/2008

When Jeff finished Desert after his third helping it was almost 3am. He thanked us again for a great time and told me how lucky I was to have such a fine women. I joked that it was him who had her the past 6 hours and I was sure he would have her again soon. He jumpd at what he considered an invite but I replied for the two of us give her a week to see if she would be bold enough to ask to fuck ...

0 Comments, 1391 Views, 27 Votes ,5.13 Score
Her Trip Alone to Houston   12/21/2008

The Trip to Houston It had only been a year after we started swinging that Suzy had to go on a business trip to Houston. Coincidentally the very first love of my life (Silvia) lived there at the time with her husband and family. Suzy had met them a few times before and since they were so much fun to hang out with she let them know she was on her way. In fact they were so happy to hear she was ...

0 Comments, 2041 Views, 41 Votes ,7.55 Score
Going Straight For The Desert   12/21/2008

I knew after their first encounter it was sure not to be their last but it took a week longer than I thought for her to get the urge to have her pussy filled to the max like Jeff had done 3 weeks before. My wife started after she fucked the big cock contest winner giving him an extra prize for him winning that she would never do him again saying it felt like he was splitting her into and also ...

1 Comments, 1233 Views, 32 Votes ,7.93 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
A funny night   12/20/2008

Well, this is it! We decided to go out of town and find a good night spot, close to a hotel, with a young crowd.

We found a hotel with a great sounding night club not faraway from home and checked in. After we got into our room, Maria started getting ready for the evening. She put on her black garter and panties set, a knee length skirt with a slit up one side, a tight fitting sweater, ...

1 Comments, 800 Views, 18 Votes ,5.99 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Our friend Andy again   12/18/2008

It’s been a couple of days since I have written to share how our swinging experiences are working out with our friend Andy. Please read our last story about deep throat to get a background of our friend Andy and how we got together. Let me start by saying that since we started getting with Andy on occasions our sex life has never been hotter. Maria is more affectionate and loving than she has ...

1 Comments, 654 Views, 12 Votes ,4.92 Score
hot2trotwithyou 52 C
6  Articles
hot time in cuba   12/17/2008

We just got back from a fabulous vacation...one that turned out a little better than expected. My wife and I were out at the pool bar where she spotted a hot local who worked there. On vacation we have a totally open relationship, so she went over to see about setting something up. At the same time a very attractive blond in a tiny bikini came over to get a drink. I started chatting with her, ...

1 Comments, 2864 Views, 64 Votes ,8.01 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Deepthroating my friend   12/16/2008

Let's start out with a little history. My wife's name is Maria. She often attracts stares from other men and is always getting hit upon. This is a good thing for me since I love to watch her flirt and sometimes suck off other men. She had this way of sucking dick that could not be beat; deepthroating until you would shoot it down her mouth.

My friend Andy and I were out on the town and I ...

4 Comments, 1864 Views, 47 Votes ,7.60 Score
Wife Living Large And Loving It   12/15/2008

After our first encounter with Jeff had just concluded he thanked me telling me my wife was something else. While My wifes new playmate dressd he went on talking about other women in his past and how very few of them could handle his large cock that handjobs where more common than pussy for him in the past. Just before leaving our room we exchanged with his last comment not surprising after ...

4 Comments, 2032 Views, 39 Votes ,6.09 Score
krismina 49 C
0  Articles
Fight with Mina   12/14/2008

"You'll never change, " I said. "You're about as exciting as weak iced tea!" Mina burst into tears and grabbed her pocketbook and dashed off to the ladies room. For about the millionth time.

So much for this night. And this marriage. We'd had a decent run as husband and wife. Most marriages founder on the same rocks - bad communications, , outside interference, money, sex, bad ...

3 Comments, 2156 Views, 55 Votes ,8.48 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
That’s one of the stories from our beginning!   12/14/2008

That’s one of the stories from our beginning! My wife Maria has always been very friendly towards my long time friend Bernard. This has only fueled my fantasy of watching the two of them in bed together. But because he lives out of town, the opportunities have been limited. On one night about 5 years ago, Bernard made a surprise visit to our house. Knowing he was there Maria surprised me by ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
My friend's fetiche   12/14/2008

Adam a close friend of mine came to visit one Saturday afternoon, he had agreed to help me set-up the garden with a gazebo and seating for a BBQ party that we were holding later. Maria my wife was out picking up some party food at the time. As we were setting out the garden furniture, Adam noticed a pair of Maria's panties on the washing line, his eyes nearly popped out of the sockets at the site ...

1 Comments, 678 Views, 21 Votes ,6.59 Score
Second Time Around conclusion   12/13/2008

When my wife came from our bedroom before leaving to meet our soon to be sex partner I was stunned to see the attire she had decided on. She looked sexey and on the verge of slutty and always classy. My wife had a black dress with red trim that length wide came to the top of her knees. The chosen dress then had a slit up her inseam that reached just below her crotch area. When she turned a ...

5 Comments, 2585 Views, 73 Votes ,8.44 Score

If you read our profile then you understand the title. Playing with others for 15 years before agreeing to stop and stayed idle for just over ten we found it as hard to get started as it was the first time 25 years back. she did not feel a comfort zone with any idea that I laid out for her until I decided to give my last one a try. I told her of a contest on a local radio station that might be of ...

0 Comments, 811 Views, 15 Votes ,3.90 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Started to play cards!   12/11/2008

Maria and I joined a couple for a night of drinking and cards. We went to visit Carlos my best friend and Rosa his wife, who are living very close to us. Rosa has a blond pixie haircut with small tits.

We sat down to play a game of spades with Rosa being my partner. The rule was, whoever lost a hand, that team had to do a shot of Tequila. It didn't take long before everyone was feeling ...

2 Comments, 1238 Views, 36 Votes ,8.50 Score
kapoho1 68 C
18  Articles
New Experience   12/10/2008

My wife and I have always played together in the same room. The last couple times my wife's black lover has been with us I have left them alone while I was in the next room or at the door listening coming in for brief intervals and watching and taking her when he and she was done. Cleaning up so to speak. My wife is beautiful. 5'6", 36C Permed, curly, brown hair and eyes with muscular thighs ...

0 Comments, 2883 Views, 64 Votes ,6.66 Score
Beginnings...   12/9/2008

I honestly have never been part of a swinging environment. I have only had sex with one person at a time. I did for a while have several fantasies about group sex and swinging.

Which brings me to the question that has been burning at the back of my mind. How do you become a swinger? and if you and your spouse get into the lifestyle then at what point would you consider it adultery? ...

3 Comments, 922 Views, 11 Votes ,4.10 Score
Good things cum to he who waits!   12/9/2008

I’m like many of the married men on Local Shemale Hookups who are hoping to convince their wives to join in a MFM threesome. Before I got married I enjoyed a number of MFM threesomes over the years and I’ve been trying to re-create the experience over the last five years. The closest I got was to arrange a chance meeting with another Local Shemale Hookups member at a local nightclub. My wife was unaware of the ...

0 Comments, 2677 Views, 56 Votes ,8.64 Score
rm_hotduo9 56 C
9  Articles
The Seminar   12/9/2008

Last weekend I had to attend a nursing seminar just outside of Boston. The seminar was held at a hotel and most of us were from out of state so we stayed at the hotel. I was going to bring my husband, Frank but he could not get away for the weekend so I had a room to myself. Before I left he told me to enjoy myself. This was his way of telling me it was ok to play around. One of our fantasy ...

5 Comments, 3045 Views, 83 Votes ,8.35 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Dirty Dance at the sw club!   12/8/2008

One night we decided to go to swinger club. As it was almost around midnight, almost everyone was already in full swing. Couples of all ages were dancing seductively in groups of two, four or even more. Pairs of woman were humping each other wildly on the dance floor. One oriental woman was down on her knees licking another woman’s pussy as the woman’s husband was kneading her ...

0 Comments, 542 Views, 13 Votes ,6.33 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Watching my wife!   12/8/2008

It was in the middle of the summer, Maria and I had decided to get away one weekend. We had chosen a seaside town and on a warm evening, we left the motel and walked to the bar. When Maria walked in every man in the place just looked in amazement. Maria was easily the sexiest woman around. We had a drink then sat for our meal. I could tell the waitress was very pleased to be serving us; from ...

1 Comments, 1300 Views, 26 Votes ,7.66 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
My wife and her girlfriend...   12/8/2008

I guess I’m no different from 90% of blokes out this site in that I’ve always fancied having a threesome with 2 women, I’ve mentioned it to my wife during sex a few times before and it always seemed to get her quite horny, but when it came to discussing it at any other time it was always a closed door so I left it to when we were having our intimate moments in the bedroom. Any ways, Maria ...

1 Comments, 780 Views, 27 Votes ,7.66 Score
Asianhotwyfe3 51 C
12  Articles
She Notched 3 New Guys In One Day   12/8/2008

She Notched 3 New Guys In One Day

I had gone to Florida to spend Christmas at my brothers. My mom and other brother were there as well. My girlfriend stayed up in NoVA to be with her family, mostly because her wanted to split time with there dad and her. If you have read any of my previous articles you will know we have something of an open relationship, mostly her ...

3 Comments, 2500 Views, 38 Votes ,8.30 Score
anyone else   12/8/2008

I have been swinging for a while.The only problem in the lifestyle its all about sex and i like to have more.I can't totally give a 100% because i know its just sex and its a quick fix between to people.I guess i need to feel special and wanted and not just another dick for pleasure to give myself totally and anything less then a 100% isn't worth it.Am i alone in these feelings?

1 Comments, 105 Views, 4 Votes ,0.53 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Saturday night with some friends   12/6/2008

I want to relate a story concerns a night I spent with Maria at a party with some friends. We went to a flat of one of my friends for a party one Saturday night. We spent most of the night drinking, so by 2AM we were feeling a little drunk! One of the guys said they were going to be showing porno videos upstairs and I asked Maria if she wanted to go up. As Maria had no inhibitions whatsoever, and ...

3 Comments, 1134 Views, 38 Votes ,8.47 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Fun on the road   12/5/2008

A few years ago in Portugal we had the habit especially during week ends, or anytime just to relax, to walk through the parks and found some nice places and enjoy some quickly sex on the nature before return home. We remember an especial day, I was finishing my work and I decided to call Maria for a walking. Maria, already at home and taking a bath, heard her phone announce the arrival of a ...

1 Comments, 286 Views, 8 Votes ,4.41 Score
rm_hotduo9 56 C
9  Articles
The Seminar   12/5/2008

Last weekend I had to attend a nursing seminar just outside of Boston. The seminar was held at a hotel and most of us were from out of state so we stayed at the hotel. I was going to bring my husband, Frank but he could not get away for the weekend so I had a room to myself. Before I left he told me to enjoy myself. This was his way of telling me it was ok to play around. One of our fantasy ...

4 Comments, 2010 Views, 68 Votes ,9.02 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
It was a warm July   12/3/2008

It was a warm July evening and Maria and I decided to drive out to a local lover’s lane not far from where we live. We were both feeling hot and horny so Maria decided to come dressed prepared. Maria wore a light summer dress, the kind that buttons up the front, with only a white cotton thong and a sheer bra underneath. Maria have brunette hair and her firm tits were looking pretty good in ...

0 Comments, 494 Views, 18 Votes ,6.26 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
2 Stranges in a Adult Arcade   12/3/2008

Maria and I have passionate sex but we are always looking for new ways to spicy our sex life. So one night we were coming back from the bar after having a few drinks when we passed a 24-hour adult arcade. Seeing Maria in her black, form-fitting dress showing off the cleavage of her breasts made me so horny that I turned around. Maria asked what I was doing but I only replied that we were going ...

2 Comments, 1780 Views, 47 Votes ,8.66 Score
TwoHots4u2 65 C
9  Articles
An MFM with a Bi Twist   11/28/2008

For quite a while, Tina's birth control pills have zeroed her libido, and she does not desire or enjoy sexual penetration. However, she is one of those very unusual women who wants to make sure that her guy stays sexually satisfied. As for me, she is the ultimate in sexiness, and really all that I desire. After all, she is a gorgeous, fit, Asian woman, with a very tight pussy and ass, and a ...

7 Comments, 4082 Views, 73 Votes ,8.20 Score
alldayride 67 M
2  Articles
Teaming up just to swing   11/27/2008

Anybody out there ever team up with someone just to create the appearance of being a couple so you could swing? Maybe it's an illusion (and I unfortunately have no experience whatsoever) but it seems that swingers are pretty easy to hook up with whereas (again maybe it's just me) single guys, particularly old non-six pack ten inch guys, have a hard time hooking up. So if there are any single ...

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rm_ckft333 49 F
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I want to swing but my husband doesn't. Go figure.   11/25/2008

My husband and I have been married for 15 years and have a very active and adventurous sex life. Recently, we have made some friends who are swingers and spend time together but no sex. I have no problem with my husband being with other women. In fact, I have encouraged it. Him being with another woman turns me on. But, he doesn't want me to be with any other men. Only other women and him. ...

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yamaha5457 65 C
2  Articles
At Last   11/14/2008

My wife and I always talked about adding another male to our sex life. I talked to many men online and through emails but could not seem to find the perfect match.One night a couple of years ago I was talking online to a young married guy who said his wife was always going away on business trips.

Every now and then I saw he was online at this site and I would message him or he would send ...

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sexydallas3 55 C
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My girlie night in   11/13/2008

I often used to go out with girlfriends on a friday night, but this particular friday night, my friend Janice asked me if I would like a night in with her as her hubby was working lates. We hadnt had a good chat in what seemed ages so I said why not, so I grabbed a bottle of pinot grigio from my fridge and called a taxi at 7pm. I arrived and Janice opened the door in her dressing gown with nice ...

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A0ECY 54 C
2  Articles
Am I the only one?   11/12/2008

Friends, I have question….a little more than a question and not quite an article it is more that we would like to share an experience and find out if anyone one else has experienced the same, especially the couples. However members, we appreciate all comments… This is long, but I need to include some details....thanks for indulging me if decide to read this through So this is a ...

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getting attached to a hotwife   11/12/2008

I met a couple on another site about 2 years ago and have a good relationship with them. I have had sex with the wife on about 8 different occasions. Some times hubby is present and joins in but I've had sex with her alone once (with his approval). The thing is I find myself become more and more attracted to the wife and actually having feelings for her - not sure what to do.. Any advice would be ...

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sexydallas3 55 C
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My first swinging encounter   11/12/2008

I had always wanted to go to a swingers party, but always too shy to actually go. Until last November, a couple me and my hubby had chatted to for a while invited us along and said just watch and see what we think. In the Voyeur room, I couldnt help but get excited watching men and women touching each other in front of me. It got me very excited and in the mood, so i pulled my short skirt up a ...

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Our 1st Time Swinging   11/12/2008

This happened before Local Shemale Hookups and before computers were up and running. My wife was in a beauty shop that was a one chair in a home shop. She was a regular customer and got to be good friends with the beautician. One day she saw a magazine behind the counter and grapped it and it was a "Swapping" magazine with pictures of people in that state who either we into swapping or interested in trying it. She ...

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rm_hotduo9 56 C
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Karen's Threesome   11/11/2008

Friday came and I was so excited. Frank and I were going to meet Julia’s friend Manny for drinks. I really loved my rediscovered sexuality. Until last week I had never been with another man other than my husband. I had often fantasized and wondered what it would be like. Had I known that it would be this much fun I never would have waited so long. Frank enjoyed it too. We have never ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Before ..... driving home!   11/10/2008

Many friends asked us about what happens before driving home, our last article! Ok here he goes what’s happen that day! But first a short introduction about us and that meeting! Thanks to all for the interest! My wife Maria and I had been married approximately 5 years when we were introduced into the swinging scene. We both had been married once prior to meeting and I was quite surprised when ...

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blondeonbrunete2 44 F
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threesome frustration   11/5/2008

After nearly four years of trying to find a suitable guy to join my fella and me for an evening of no strings threesome fun, I've lost all hope in ever finding anyone.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

16 Comments, 1130 Views, 18 Votes ,4.35 Score
Quida's request   11/4/2008

Ouida’s Request Ouida and I have been friends for all my life. She was the one who taught me about sex and what to expect from men. She came over to the house to talk and try to get into my pants again. Since I’ve been married I have refused her time and time again. We talked for about an hour; about everything and then she hit on me, not to go to bed with her but to ask my husband if ...

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virgoleolibra 44 C
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At last, both of us agrees & ready to swing.   11/2/2008

It took us umpteen years to gather courage to do this.

We are in the process of looking for suitable couple/s to make our first swing encounter come true.

We are always on live webcam on Local Shemale Hookups, nude and playing with each other. The excitement of strangers watching and making comments really excites us both.

At first, we were uncertain whether to try MMF or MFF, but after ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
What a drive home!   11/1/2008

We were visiting some friends in another city, and after spent a funny time together, lots of sex and fun ‒ we will tell you after ‒ it was time to return home! I was exhausted, a few hours of sex marathon was enough for me, but Maria was still in a very adventurous mode! We were driving home and about 100 Kilometers out of town on a four-lane highway fairly deserted early in the ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
A funny week end ... in Goteborg!   10/28/2008

A few years ago my wife Maria and I decided to take a weekend city break. As we booked at the last minute there were few flight destinations with any availability left. In the end we chose Goteborg as neither of us and we left Oslo early on Saturday morning. Most of the first day was spent sight seeing and shopping and then on the Saturday evening after very nice dinner in the hotel we decided to ...

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wotsthebuzz 56 M
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What to do.....   10/28/2008

Is it a good idea to explore with another couple that, like you, is new as well ? Or, is there too much uncertainty, and general fumbling involved.... Experience vs non experienced ?

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vikingluso 65 C
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A short visit to Stockholm!   10/27/2008

Last August we are very exhausted, and we decided for a weekend away from the family and the business to have a good fuck and romance. So we choose a short visit to Stockholm and spend the night in the hotel where we usually stay! Around 5pm on the Saturday, after a few drinks, we moved to the Spa. The steam room was already occupied by a couple of young guys (Johan and Ralph) in their mid 20's. ...

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vikingluso 65 C
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A few years ago ... hot holidays in Tunisia   10/24/2008

A few years ago, during September, Maria and I booked a last minute holiday break to Soussa in Tunisia; after the flight, we were taken to our accommodation which turned out to be a small apartment next to the beach. As we were shattered we unpacked the basics and dived into bed and we fell fast asleep. We awoke the following morning to the sound of waves tumbling onto the beach, on getting up ...

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vikingluso 65 C
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Shaving a girl friend!   10/24/2008

Maria and I decided to spend the weekend in a popular clothing optional "Lifestyle Friendly" of what we hoped to be erotic, with some soft swinging fun together and hopefully with other soft and hard swinging couples. It was mid-afternoon and we were "dressing" for our first walk to the pool area of the weekend. Maria was finishing her small gin and juice intended to help her relax and enjoy her ...

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extadeepintruder 51 M
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Soft swing Sooo Hot   10/24/2008

My wife and I are still pretty new to the swinger's scene. We have had a couple of fun experiences. This last one was one I will never forget. My wife Beth and I had met Bob and Sue before and had a fun experience. This time was even better. We met at a local bar for some drinks. As time passed we agreed we would head back to our place for some time in the hot tub. It was very relaxing in the tub ...

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extadeepintruder 51 M
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Neighbors Helping Neighbors   10/24/2008

We're R and K. we entered into the lifestyle and the first two couples that enriched our lives.

We later got involved with an on-premise club in San Diego and developed several good friends from there. Our club scene really didn't last very long as we found it to be just too large of group with us preferring the home parties of seven to ten couples. One of our very favorite couples, ...

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1  Article

Many couples say swinging, but this always seems to be the female doing all the work and all the swinging, so this leads me to the question i(IS IT REALLY SWINGING)? Men seem to wanna have the fun but only when it's female on female and no male to male contact, I can undeerstand but then is that really swinging? I look forward to all your comments and opinions if you like to feel free.

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Early in our married life ...   10/21/2008

Early in our married life, we would attend a number of parties. These were nothing more than just a bit of fun and drunken behavior. However we were once invited to party by a couple that I had worked with. We both went along with the normal, six-packs of beer, wine and munchies. The early evening was still fairly warm and muggy from the heat of the day. The music was loud and we were doing a lot ...

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vikingluso 65 C
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One night in the swinger club   10/19/2008

We received that story from a friend (couple), and we cannot resist to share this fantastic experience with all our friends:

Look, we are still excited for that unbeliveble night. And we want to share this night with you, So, saturday night my husband and me have been to a swing club of XXXX. It has been a crazy night !! We drunk definitly too much, and my husband saw me to do ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
First time at the Swinger Club   10/19/2008

Since finding out our fantasies were similar, we had both been trying to pluck up the courage to attend the swinger club on a Friday night. My fantasy was to watch as Maria was pleasured by as many cocks as she could take and at the same time she had a similar fantasy in that she wanted to dominate a load of guys or be treated as a slut and allow many guys to have their way with her as she could ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
The stag night! - Our first exeprience!   10/19/2008

Like many men, I am turned on by the idea of my beautiful wife, Maria, getting it on with other men. And if the mere idea of it is enough to turn me on, imagine what the reality of it does! I'm not sure exactly why I enjoy this fantasy so much. It may be because I find my wife extremely sexy, and her sexuality and self-confidence is exciting to me. When other men find her incredibly sexy as well, ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
dogging lucky   10/19/2008

Once, a long time ago, in a summer night, we decided to take a few fresh air, so we left our house got in our car and when, as I was driving I remembered about dogging, and some stories telling from a friend of mine, we spoke on this when we are driving and we agree that could be funny, so I drove to a picnic area near our house. It was very dark and we didn’t see any cars at first, so we ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
A boat trip in Thailand!   10/19/2008

Maria and I had been in the Thailand for 3 weeks when we were sitting beneath a blue and white striped sun umbrella at an outdoor lounge. We were talking with the couple that was long known to me and Maria but since we didn't come there together and didn't know were there they'd allowed us to join them at the last available table. We were attired as typical tourists: they were in swim wear; I was ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Fun in a car park   10/19/2008

One night on Maria’s Birthday , we had gone out for a meal at a Restaurant a little faraway of our home! Maria was dressed sexy nice skirt short but classy and a white button top which just showed enough of her tits. Maria had a few glasses of wine and a few spirits so she was very laid back and relaxed and looking quite sexy but I knew she want go home nightly on and asleep. On the way home I ...

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vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Problem on the road   10/19/2008

We were driving home from a party one Saturday night when we passed a car pulled over to the side of the road with the hazard lights on. My wife Maria told me to pull over and see if everything was okay and make sure nobody was hurt. I slowed down and stopped and could see only one person in the car. It was a young woman who we would find out was named Lily. It had started to rain pretty hard and ...

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akfunlovers 52 C
2  Articles
Why no pic's of men?   10/17/2008

I want to know why when I am searching on here for couples, there are no pictures of the men. I understand that women are sexy...but so are men and I want to see the couple...meaning the men too!

1 Comments, 134 Views, 9 Votes ,5.56 Score
cplawesm 47 C
5  Articles
welcome to bangalore   10/17/2008


1 Comments, 265 Views, 6 Votes ,3.65 Score
Hot chocolate pussy   10/16/2008

Two months ago, I took a trip to the dessert for some much needed rest and relaxation. I was gambling at one of the casinos when I met an older white couple. Bria was a red head in her early fifties and Brian was a tall blond God in his late sixties. They were traveling with of all things a church group from Alabama. Bria sat next to me at the black jack table. We began bonding over our mutual ...

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rm_msmcple 47 C
1  Article
i am looking for couple (m_ f) to have sex togather   10/15/2008

how can i find a nice cple in montreal

1 Comments, 405 Views, 6 Votes ,1.94 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
Back to the game!   10/13/2008

Until 3 months or so back it had been several times since I last managed to persuade my darling wife Maria that she is in fact attractive enough to get into sex games with others… After last summer holidays (last year) Maria got it into her head that she was no longer attractive enough to play naked sex games with other people… This was a load of balls in truth, because Maria is a ...

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x_ib_xatyah00com 35 M
19  Articles
Scientific reasons for having sex   10/8/2008

The reasons for not engaging in sex include transmission of diseases, heart attack due to exertion, and many others. The reasons for engaging in sex are numerous. Among these are:

* Sex helps boost the immune system. According to Dr Carl Charnetski of the Department of Psychology at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, people who reported one or two sexual ...

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hot4uinga 41 F
5  Articles
Equal time   10/5/2008

We love to swing, but I feel like the way he wants it always over powers what and how I want it... I want to see him getting pleasure as well as he goes crazy watching me.. how can we meet in the middle with out him feeling like I am pushing him

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hot4uinga 41 F
5  Articles
Why do you swing and feel guilty after   10/5/2008

Why feel guilty about something you agree to do together.... The best way to look at the other person in your bed is to not think of them as a "person" they are a living SEX TOY for ya'll to have fun with... its easier, and can keep your relationship in check, but ya don't ever disrespect the person you bring in your bed then that is just un-cool

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Snow Bound   10/4/2008

Snow Bound My wife Frances works for a hospital, and is over customer service. Her department has someone at the hospital 24/7. Well two years ago we had a snow storm that shut the city down. Frances and her assistant ended up being the only ones to get there before the storm hit. They managed to get a hotel room next to the hospital. They would work their shift and go to the hotel using their ...

1 Comments, 1361 Views, 28 Votes ,2.62 Score
vikingluso 65 C
823  Articles
A few years ago, we ......   10/2/2008

Now I'm a very open person with quite a lot of unusual experiences in my life. My wife Maria is a wonderful lady, but for the most part, "vanilla sex" is more her style. She manages to surprise me a few times a year when her hormones get the better of her. Nothing too severe though. My greatest weaknesses are voyeurism and exhibitionism, so when she does something along these lines, it’s ...

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