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Jun 16, 2019Cloud NineHappy Father's Day2   
Jun 16, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateFucking by association1   
Jun 15, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateHappy Father's Day!!!!!1   
Jun 9, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateThe Person BELOW Me!!!!!!!2   
Jun 8, 2019Cloud NineThe Person BELOW Me!!!!!!1   
Jun 8, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateI've been changed for the better...1   
Jun 8, 2019Cloud NineHappy Birthday June babies1   
May 26, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateHappy Memorial Day!!!!!1   
May 25, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateIt's all about Me.1   
May 25, 2019Cloud NineHappy Memorial Day1   
May 19, 2019Cloud NineMERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!2   
May 10, 2019Cloud NineHappy Mother's Day!!!!!1   
May 10, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateHappy Mother's Day!!!!!!!1   
May 5, 2019Cloud NineHappy Cinco De Mayo!!!!!!1   
May 5, 2019Cloud NineHappy Birthday May1   
Apr 27, 2019Cloud NineWho's On TOP.....AGAIN!!!!!!6   
Apr 20, 2019Cloud NineHAPPY EASTER!!!!!!2   
Apr 14, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateHAPPY EASTER!!!!1   
Apr 14, 2019Saucy DevilsSaucy Devils: The Rules1   
Apr 7, 2019Cloud NineIt is April ...Happy Birthday1   
Mar 24, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateHmmmm SEX in a Public Place!!!!!!!5   
Mar 24, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateSring has Sprung1   
Mar 24, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateWhat do you prefer?1   
Mar 24, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateNails......1   
Mar 24, 2019Cloud NineNaughty ABC's....Again!!!!!!4   
Mar 24, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateWould you call them back?1   
Mar 9, 2019Cloud NineA Message from Voice.........1   
Mar 9, 2019Cloud NineHappy Birthday March madness1   
Feb 18, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateHappy Valentines day!!!1   
Feb 18, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateA whole new world1   
Feb 18, 2019Cloud NineYAH ...she is back2   
Feb 17, 2019Cloud NineFor kinkyfem1   
Feb 17, 2019Cloud NineFebruary birthday1   
Feb 16, 2019The Valley Of RoyalVOR Valentine's Day Party 2/16/19 8 PM EST1   
Feb 16, 2019Cloud NineVoice send word2   
Feb 16, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateNaughty ABC's....Again!!!!!!1   
Feb 16, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateLets have some silly fun1   
Jan 21, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateFond Memories1   
Jan 6, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristatePLAYER or should I say, "PLAYA"!1   
Jan 6, 2019Cloud NineNew Year's Resolutions!!!!!2   
Jan 6, 2019Cloud NineMerry Christmas cloud nine1   
Jan 6, 2019Cloud NineJanuary birthdays1   
Dec 31, 2018Married, Wanting More-TristateNew Year's Resolutions 2019!!!!1   
Dec 30, 2018Married, Wanting More-TristateHappy New Year 20191   
Dec 30, 2018Cloud NineHappy New Year1   
Dec 23, 2018Married, Wanting More-TristateMERRY CHRISTMAS2   
Oct 27, 2018The Valley Of RoyalVOR Halloween Party....10/27/18..2   
Oct 26, 2018Married, Wanting More-TristateDoes anyone read1   
Oct 23, 2018Cloud NineAsking For Your Prayers!!!!!!4   
Oct 23, 2018Married, Wanting More-TristateAsking For Your Prayers7