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Sep 13, 2019Cougar T GirlsHow young is too young to be taken by a cougar?1   
Sep 12, 2019Brittany's Best blowjob clubTgurl Play Party2   
Sep 11, 2019Girl TalkHalloween1   
Sep 11, 2019Diversi-'T'sGo gently into the night1   
Sep 10, 2019Men,women,Cpls for TS/TG/TV/CDNervous2   
Sep 9, 2019Brittany's Best blowjob clubone for the cuckolds...1   
Sep 8, 2019Brittany's Best blowjob clubCondoms for oral ?1   
Sep 7, 2019Cougar T GirlsSwallow or spit?1   
Sep 6, 2019Hosiery LoversToo many shoes: is it possible?1   
Sep 6, 2019Diversi-'T'sHospital Visit1   
Sep 6, 2019Hosiery LoversHow many pairs of heels do you own?1   
Sep 6, 2019Hosiery LoversMy hosiery boutique is almost fully stocked with stockings!1   
Sep 4, 2019Diversi-'T'sWeird postings1   
Sep 3, 2019Diversi-'T'sFetish gear including clothes5   
Sep 3, 2019Diversi-'T' 2Panty hose or thigh highs3   
Sep 3, 2019Diversi-'T' 2Complete the song lyric2   
Sep 1, 2019Cougar T Girlsflavored condoms1   
Aug 30, 2019Diversi-'T'sMilitary Ban1   
Aug 29, 2019Diversi-'T' 2What's On Your Mind?1   
Aug 29, 2019Transgender FriendsHRT and emotional changes1   
Aug 28, 2019T lovers and friends.Is anybody for real on here !!1   
Aug 27, 2019Diversi-'T'sGentle rain this evening1   
Aug 27, 2019Diversi-'T'sFree Gold Membership Seems To Have Stopped1   
Aug 27, 2019Men,women,Cpls for TS/TG/TV/CDWhat do you find appealing about an ASS?1   
Aug 26, 2019Diversi-'T'sNew to group and Scene1   
Aug 25, 2019Men,women,Cpls for TS/TG/TV/CDHow did you overcome your fear of the first in-person meet?1   
Aug 25, 2019Cougar T GirlsWhy Iwant to know Tgirls1   
Aug 25, 2019Men,women,Cpls for TS/TG/TV/CDKimberly George1   
Aug 25, 2019Tgirls that love TgirlsDo you ever notice...1   
Aug 22, 2019T lovers and friends.real meetings1   
Aug 22, 2019T lovers and friends.New Member Introductions1   
Aug 22, 2019Cougar T Girlswhy do men love tgurls?1   
Aug 21, 2019T. - G.I.R.L.S.Do T-Girls ever Top1   
Aug 17, 2019Men,women,Cpls for TS/TG/TV/CDOrgasm Etiquette Cums Into Play1   
Aug 17, 2019Diversi-'T' 2Bath room issue, fact or fiction?1   
Aug 17, 2019Men,women,Cpls for TS/TG/TV/CDWhich role? Top, bottom or switch1   
Aug 17, 2019Cougar T GirlsWhat do you want?1   
Aug 17, 2019T. - G.I.R.L.S.What is your sexiest part?1   
Aug 17, 2019Diversi-'T'sClothing thread1   
Aug 17, 2019Men,women,Cpls for TS/TG/TV/CDLength Vs Girth1   
Aug 16, 2019Diversi-'T' 2PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF!1   
Aug 16, 2019T. - G.I.R.L.S.Tips for preparing for anal1   
Aug 16, 2019Diversi-'T'sIs It JUST ME?1   
Aug 16, 2019Girl TalkAnyone else do this?1   
Aug 15, 2019Diversi-'T'sHaunting stuff1   
Aug 15, 2019T. - G.I.R.L.S.Priorities in clothing1   
Aug 15, 2019Diversi-'T'sNew Members, Please Introduce Yourself HERE!1   
Aug 15, 2019Cougar T GirlsDoes size matter?1